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Loadingscreen Aftermarket.png
Type Collection
Start date Oct 06 2020
End date Oct 20 2020
Duration 14 days
During Season 6.svg Season 6
Gamemode Flashpoint
Heirloom Set Caustic

Aftermarket was a Collection Event for Season 6.svg Season 6 of Apex Legends that ran from October 6th, 2020 to October 20th, 2020.

Cross platform play[]

The beta of cross platform play (cross-play or crossplay for short) is introduced with the event featuring all the available platforms at the time (Playstation Icon.svg PlayStation 4, Xbox Icon.svg Xbox One, and Origin Icon.svg Origin). It is enabled by default.

Console players play together and PC players play together; parties with a PC player and a console player are sent to PC matches.


Modeselect Flashpoint.png

The centerpiece of this mode are flashpoints, massive zones dotted around towns in Kings Canyon, that regenerate your health and shields over time. Flashpoints have fixed locations. Flashpoints are crucial to helping you stay alive since healing items do not spawn in this mode; however, you’ll be able to craft Phoenix Kit.svg Phoenix Kits at Replicator Icon.svg Replicators. MapIcon Respawn Beacon.png Respawn Beacons are removed from the map as well, but you’ll still be able to respawn your teammate(s) with Mobile Respawn Beacon.svg Mobile Respawn Beacons.

The circle in this mode works the same way as in Always Be Closing - it never stops closing, and it will always close on a Flashpoint.


This event continued to utilize the LTM challenge CosmeticIcon Badges.png Badge system from the Lost Treasures Icon.svg Lost Treasures event.

Challenge Reward
Deal 10,000 damage in flashpoint zones in Flashpoint CosmeticIcon Badges.png Badge - Aftermarket Dealer
Kill 100 enemies in flashpoint zones in Flashpoint CosmeticIcon Badges.png Badge - Aftermarket Assassin
Win 10 Flashpoint games CosmeticIcon Badges.png Badge - Aftermarket Professional
Earn all other Flashpoint badges CosmeticIcon Badges.png Badge - Aftermarket Master

Challenge rewards[]


Prize Track[]

Aftermarket Prize Track

This event continued utilizing the Prize Track system, and the maximum amount of points you could've gotten was 5000.

Points Reward
0 [note 1] CosmeticIcon Music.png Music Pack: Aftermarket
250 CosmeticIcon Badges.png Badge: Aftermarket
500 CosmeticIcon Charms.png Weapon Charm: High Steppin
1000 Bangalore skin: Blue Chipped
1250 CosmeticIcon Loading Screen.png Loading Screen: Aftermarket
1500 Octane CosmeticIcon Stat Tracker.png Stat Tracker: Kills
2500 Rampart CosmeticIcon Stat Tracker.png Stat Tracker: Wins
3000 XP Boost Icon.png XP Boost[note 2]
3500 Octane CosmeticIcon Stat Tracker.png Stat Tracker: Wins
4000 Rampart CosmeticIcon Stat Tracker.png Stat Tracker: Damage Done

Prize track rewards[]

Legend Skin[]

Weapon Skins[]

Weapon Charms[]


Loading Screen[]

Music Pack[]

Aftermarket Collection[]

The Aftermarket Collection is a set of 24 cosmetics exclusive to the event. The collection cosmetics can be obtained by:

  • Purchasing event-exclusive Aftermarket packs for Apex Coins 700 which will give out one collection cosmetic and two cosmetics from the normal loot table.
  • Unlocking using Crafting Metals 2,400 for Legendary items and Crafting Metals 800 for Epic items.
  • By direct purchase from the Store: Apex Coins 1,800 for Legendary items and Apex Coins 1,000 for Epics.

Completion of the Aftermarket Collection allows the player to unlock Caustic's Heirloom Set before it is included in the normal Apex Packs loot table.

Collection cosmetics[]

Legend Skins
Weapon Skins
Weapon Charms
Banner Poses
Skydive Emotes

Run the World

Recoil Control

Store special offers[]

Main article: Store


This bundle costs Apex Coins 5,000.

Legend skins
Event Packs

This bundle costs Apex Coins 2,500.

Legend skins
Event Packs

This bundle costs Apex Coins 1,800.

Weapon Skins

This bundle costs Apex Coins 1,500.

Weapon Skins

Store Items[]

Legend Skins
Weapon Skins
Weapon Charms
  • Big Block - Apex Coins 500
  • Night Vision - Apex Coins 500


  1. All players who logged in during the event received this reward.
  2. 2.0 2.1 XP Boost: 10% bonus to Top 5 and Win XP. Boosts stack and apply to everyone in party (+300% max).