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Located on Kings Canyon
Loot Tier Mid Tier
Supply Bins Yes
Respawn Beacons Yes

Airbase is a location found on Kings Canyon with Mid-Tier loot.

Gameplay[ | ]

Airbase is an aircraft landing bay on the westmost end of Kings Canyon separated from the rest of the map with a large wall, the top of which is considered playable space. There is an empty tower in the centre of the wall which is not playable space, and while the location has some small rooms filled with loot, it is mostly an open-space location. A cosmetic respawn ship and three bins are placed on each landing pad with loot inside, and the southern pad also has a Respawn Beacon and a cosmetic artillery weapon present. The two landing pads are connected with one zipline and one broken bridge.

Airbase can be accessed primarily from the large entrance on its Eastern side, but also has two side small entrances from Gauntlet and Runoff. No jump tower is present inside the walled off area, but 3 are available in nearby map locations.

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