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Airdrop Escalation Icon

Airdrop Escalation is a Limited Time Takeover introduced in Season 7 Season 7's Fight Night Fight Night Collection Event.

Due to being a Takeover, Airdrop Escalation directly affects the Play Apex game mode rather than being in a separate mode selection.

Availability[ | ]

  1. Fight Night January 5, 2021 - January 19, 2021

Details[ | ]

Instead of standard Care Packages, each Round calls in a high number of Care Packages that may contain Helmet Helmets, Body Shield Body Shields, and Fully Kitted Weapons, whose rarity is increased as the Rounds increase. If a Fully Kitted Weapon is spawned, it also comes with two full stacks of its ammo type. Depending on their beam color, these are the items a Care Package may contain:

Blue Purple Yellow Red
Helmet Helmet Helmet Helmet Helmet Helmet Evo Shield Evo Shield
Evo Shield Evo Shield Evo Shield Evo Shield Body Shield Body Shield
Knockdown Shield Knockdown Shield Knockdown Shield Knockdown Shield Knockdown Shield Knockdown Shield
Backpack lvl2 Backpack Backpack lvl3 Backpack Backpack lvl3 Backpack
Alternator SMG Icon
Alternator SMG
EVA-8 Auto Icon
EVA-8 Auto
Devotion LMG Icon
Devotion LMG
Supply Drop Weapon
Charge Rifle Icon
Charge Rifle
G7 Scout Icon
G7 Scout
Hemlok Burst AR Icon
Hemlok Burst BR
HAVOC Rifle Icon
R-301 Carbine Icon
R-301 Carbine
Longbow DMR Icon
Longbow DMR
Mastiff Shotgun Icon
Mastiff Shotgun
Triple Take Icon
Triple Take
R-99 SMG Icon
R-99 SMG
M600 Spitfire Icon
M600 Spitfire
VK-47 Flatline Icon
VK-47 Flatline
Volt SMG Icon
Volt SMG
Wingman Icon

Maps[ | ]

The only available map for Airdrop Escalation is Olympus.

Badges[ | ]

These are all the badges associated with Airdrop Escalation.

History[ | ]