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Amélie Paquette
Amelie Paquette
Real Name Dr. Amélie Paquette
Gender Female
Relatives Luc Paquette (son, deceased)
Natalie Paquette (granddaughter)
Pathfinder (creation)
Occupation Geologist
Status Deceased
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Unknown
Appearances Fight Night
Pathfinder's Quest

Dr. Amélie Paquette was a geologist who worked for Project Iris.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Dr. Amélie Paquette was born somewhere in the Outlands. At some point she had a son, Luc, who grew up to be an esteemed electrical engineer.

Paquette grew famous for her work in the field of geology. Eventually, she was called by Lilian Peck to join a group of scientists under the name of Project Iris to avert an impending energy crisis. After Dr. Ashleigh Reid returned from the ergosphere of a black hole with a newly-discovered element known as Branthium[1], the group set to work trying to find a way to use it to stop the energy crisis. Paquette and Reid often clashed during their work.

Work remained challenging but steady until January 2, 2658, when intern Newton Somers hypothesized that their setbacks thus far were the result of their branthium refinery requiring constant recalibration - a task that was impossible for them, as the conditions inside were inhospitable to human life. While brainstorming a solution, Reid proposed the use of a custom-built MRVN to calibrate in their stead. The group agreed, and they set out to begin planning and gathering components.

Development of this MRVN lasted just over a month, and was completed on February 4. They gathered materials and support from various sources, including reinforcement materials from Hammond Robotics, surgical equipment from the IMC, tools from SARAS, and financial support from Chevrex and Silva Pharmaceuticals. Later that day, the MRVN, christened as Pathfinder, powered on.

On December 25, the Group had completed the refinement of their first batch of branthium and prepared to distribute it through a phase runner. As the Group celebrated, Reid betrayed the group, entering with a contingent of Apex Predators soldiers and rendering her fellow scientists disarmed and bound - though not before Paquette locked down the site’s security systems. Reid struggled to break through, as activation required the handprints of two staff members. Paquette bravely stood up to her former colleague, though Reid responded by brandishing a sword and slicing off her hand.

Breaking away, Paquette was able to reach Pathfinder, declaring her belief that he represented hope for the Outlands and activating his failsafe mechanism, allowing him to access combat training programmed into him from Dr. Armen Fletcher. Though Pathfinder fought well, he merely served as a distraction to Reid and the Apex Predators - enough of a distraction for Paquette to stab Reid with her own sword.

After redirecting the phase runner throughout the Outlands and distributing the branthium, Paquette and the other scientists said their farewells to Pathfinder, perishing when the phase runner overloaded and exploded.[2]

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