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Amer Singh
Amer Singh
Real Name Amer Singh
Gender Male
Occupation Scientist
Status Deceased (main dimension)
Unknown (Wraith's original dimension)
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Unknown
Appearances Voidwalker

Amer Singh is a scientist under the employ of the IMC's ARES Division.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Amer Singh was a scientist working on Project Wraith with Dr. Renee H. Blasey. After the two failed to find any willing test subjects for their phase experiments, Blasey volunteered herself. After the experiment resulted in her amnesia, Singh revealed his cruel side. Rather than helping his colleague, he restrained her and continued to conduct brutal experiments on her.

Voidwalker[ | ]

In 2727, Singh was visited by a mysterious interdimensional warrior revealed to be an alternate version of Blasey, who had sought revenge on him due to his cruelty in her original world. After she freed Blasey, Singh appeared, ecstatic that his experiments had paid off. The Voidwalker then sent Blasey through a portal to her own dimension, staying behind to fight Singh. Both of their fates remain unknown.[1]

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