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Angela Fazia
Angela Fazia
Angela in The Legacy Antigen
Real Name Angela Fazia
Gender Female
Occupation Reporter
Status Unknown
Real-world Info
Appearances The Legacy Antigen

Angela Fazia is a reporter for the Outlands Journal tabloid newspaper.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Angela Fazia is a reporter for the Outlands Journal, writing sensationalized articles about the competitors in the Apex Games. At some point, she wrote an article about Anita Williams' past,[1] and she attempted to interview Mikhail Caustic about a jailbreak he was suspected to be involved in.[2] Both threatened her if she were to continue.

The Legacy Antigen[ | ]

In 2734, Fazia arrived on Olympus to investigate a mysterious ship that had docked at the floating city. Inside, she noticed scratched-off serial numbers, fresh paint, and a massive amount of mysterious vines. She soon found herself to be patient zero of the Medusa outbreak.[3]

Appearances[ | ]

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  • Season 2 Icon Blackheart's Rage (mentioned)
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