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Arena Status[]

Round one prep
  • "Focus. Fight. Win."
  • "Go. Prove you're worthy."
  • "Let us begin, Legends."
  • "Put your opponents in their place."
  • "You have limited time to impress me, Legend. Now go."
Round one, begin
  • "Round 1. Achieve victory at all cost."
  • "Round 1. Do not bore me."
  • "Round 1. Fight."
  • "Round 1. Your goal is simple. Win."
Next Round prep
  • "Always be prepared. Never let your guard down."
  • "Arm yourselves, Legends."
  • "Begin round preparations."
  • "I hope you are ready. Don't let them get the jump on you."
  • "Prepare or die."
  • "The victorious fighter is well-prepared."
Tiebreaker prep
  • "Tiebreaker. Focus, fight, win."
  • "Tiebreaker. Interesting. Let us see how this ends."
  • "Tiebreaker. It all ends now."
  • "Tiebreaker. Now the worthy will emerge."
  • "Tiebreaker. They are equally skilled."
Round two, begin
  • "Round 2. Do not falter."
  • "Round 2. I hope you have discerned their weakness."
  • "Round 2. Kill your marks."
  • "Round 2. You have your targets."
Round three, begin
  • "Round 3. Do not relent."
  • "Round 3. Expose their imperfections."
  • "Round 3. I'm beginning to enjoy this."
Round four, begin
  • "Round 4. Do not hesitate."
  • "Round 4. Push forward."
  • "Round 4. You're fighting smart. Maintain your strength."
Round five, begin
  • "Round 5. You all have some fight in you."
  • "Round 5. You do not fall easily. Good."
  • "Round 5. Victory beckons… for some of you."
Round six, begin
  • "Round 6. Earn your reward."
  • "Round 6. I enjoy a close fight."
  • "Round 6. Your enemy does not succumb easily."
Round seven, begin
  • "Round 7. This is not over yet."
Round eight, begin
  • "Round 8. One slip… and that's the end."
Final round prep
  • "Final round. Finish this."
  • "Final round. Take them down."
  • "Final round. You are still very close."
  • "Final round. This is what I've been waiting for."
Final round, begin
  • "Round 9. How resilient."
Match point prep - Winning
  • "One win stands between you and victory."
  • "Victory draws near. But nothing is assured."
  • "Victory is close. Achieve it at all costs."
  • "Victory is within reach. Take it."
  • "Victory nears. Concentrate and finish this."
  • "Your enemies are on their knees. End them."
  • "You near victory. Do not let it slip away."
Match point prep - Losing
  • "Defeat draws near - But it is not imminent."
  • "Defeat is breathing down your neck. Force it back."
  • "Lose once more, and it ends."
  • "The enemy closes in. This round could seal your fate."
  • "The enemy nears victory. Do not give in to fear."
  • "The enemy's boot is on your neck. Remove it."
  • "The match nears its end. Do not surrender."
  • "Your enemy is about to win. Will you go quietly?"
Care Package Dropping
  • "Care Package arriving. Choose your next move quickly."
  • "Care Package inbound."
  • "Care Package. Could turn the tide for you. Could turn the tide for them."
  • "Care Package. I hope this makes things interesting."
  • "Sending a Care Package."
    • "Sending a Care Package. Now impress me."
Double Kill
Triple Kill
Round Lost
  • "The enemy rounded you. Don't let it happen again."
  • "How it's disappointing."
  • "This round is over. You lost."
Round Win
  • "This round ends in your favor."
  • "Well done. The round is yours."
Round Win - Clutch
  • "Numbers mean nothing against a true fighter. Well done."
  • "One of you overcame the odds. I'm impressed."
  • "Well done. You have proved your worth."
  • "Yes. The superior fighter is clear."
Round Win - Flawless
  • "A coordinated assault. Perfectly executed."
  • "This team stands together. Well done."
  • "Very impressive work, Legends. You have earned this."
  • "You all still stand. The mark of a superior Squad."
Round Win - Perfect
  • "It seems you are untouchable."
  • "Powerful. I've met Pilots with less skill than you."
  • "Not a single scratch. Your skills are unparalleled."
Match Won
  • "I do hope you planned this from the start."
  • "Hmm. We must find you some worth adversaries."
  • "Impressive. Their blows meant nothing."
  • "Toying with your prey? I recognize the appeal."
  • "You gave no quarter. Well done."
  • "Not a single loss. You have my attention."
  • "Impressive recovery… or you were having too much fun."
End of Match
  • "Inspired. You stand to rise above the rest."
  • "Our winners have been chosen. Who will face them next?"
  • "The winner is decided. I'd almost call this… impressive."
  • "The winner is decided. You may impress me yet. Legends."
  • "Well done, winners. Now, repeat."
  • "We have a winner. But this is just a beginning."
  • "We have a winner. Enjoy this, Legends. You'll have to earn it again tomorrow."