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Intro[edit | edit source]

  • "Mad Maggie here, you tried to take over Salvo, now we're gonna take over your games. Time to get rowdy."
  • "Hey Legends, your games are mine now, should have given me Wally when you had the chance."
  • "It’s Mad Maggie, I’m done waiting, it's time to bring a little mayhem to these games of yours."
  • "It's Maggie, you’re taking your sweet time turning on Wally, so let's turn the heat upon you."
  • "Mad Maggie here, don't want to name names, but someone went and messed with that ring of yours."
  • "Tick-Tock legends, all this time on my hands I decided to tinker with that ring of yours."

Before champion announcement[edit | edit source]

  • "Welcome to my games, mind your mullets ladies, I’m about to start some fires."
  • "Look at this lot, you don’t know what you're in for."
  • "Name’s mad Maggie, and these little games of yours, they’re mine now."
  • "All you had to do was bring me his other arm, bet you’re regretting those morals now."
  • "Looking quite confident now are we? Well, Maggie’s got a lot of tricks up her sleeve."
  • "Time for some Salvo hospitality. How do you like your tragic ends, quick or slow?"
  • "You like to call yourselves heroes eh, if you survive what I got in store, then you will."
  • "How do you like your skin, extra crispy or burnt to a crisp?"
  • "The heat is on legends, and you only have yourselves to blame."
  • "Oi hotshots, let's see you shoot your way out of this one eh."
  • "Things are a little too predictable around here, let's see what Maggie can do."
  • "You mantas better put on your sunnies, it’s about to heat up around here."
  • "Look at this lot, yeah, Nah, gotta kick the bucket someday eh."
  • "You lot better stretch, you’re about to run for your lives. Kia kaha folks."

Arena Status[edit | edit source]

  • "This is your champion. Looking about as spry as my eighty-year-old mum. That's a compliment."
  • "Introducing your champion. Ace mate, let's see you do it again."
  • "Got ya champion here, the one to look out for."
  • [when the champion is Fuse] "Here’s your champions, what are you standing around for, he is right there take his arm."
  • [when the champion is Fuse] "Here’s your champions from last match. Watch yourself with that Fuse one, just sayin'."
  • "Here's your champion. Not bad, not bad, for a Syndicate dog."
New kill leader
  • [when the kill leader is Fuse] "That old man you call Fuse? He's the kill leader now. Watch your back. He'll stab you in it.
  • "Hold onto your knickers ladies. New kill leader appointed."
  • "Got a new kill leader. Let's see how long this lasts."
Kill leader eliminated
  • "Attention. Your kill leader's kicked the bucket."
  • "Your kill leader's dead. Disappointing effort mate."
First blood
  • "First Blood. Let's keep the good times rolling."
  • "Attention. First blood. Gettin' rowdy."
Champion eliminated
  • "Champion's dead. R.I.P mate."
  • "Attention all, your champion's carked it."
  • "Aw, your champion's dead. I'm gutted."

Ring Status[edit | edit source]

Ring countdown
  • "Alright. Round 1. Beginning ring countdown."
  • "Round 2. Let's get that countdown going."
  • "Round 3, tick-tock, here we go, son."
  • "Round 4. Ring countdown starts now."
  • "Round 5. Times are whizzing by."
  • "Ring's moving, run, run, run."
  • "Ring's moving, better run for it."
  • "Ring's moving. Let's see some movement, shall we?"