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Apex Chronicles are miniature, interactive lore-based events. They were introduced in Season 10 Season 10.

Overview[ | ]

Apex Chronicles a series of gameplay challenges called chapters. Chapters unlock every 3 days. The challenges only apply to non-Ranked Battle Royale matches, and the player must use the lore-specific Legend on lore-specific map. Rewards include Challenge Stars Battle Pass Stars for completing the chapters and three Legend-themed Apex packs for completing the whole Chronicle.

However, in the case for The Williams Send-Off, the rewards for completing each chapter is a Transition. When the Chronicle was active, clicking the text blurb button on the bottom right of each chapter would give audio plays of the Transitions with partially animated art drawn by community artist VON.

List of Apex Chronicles[ | ]

Season Chronicle Legend Map
Season 10
Season 10
Old Ways, New Dawn Portrait Bloodhound full
Transition World's Edge MU3
World's Edge
Season 12
Season 12
The Williams Sendoff Portrait Bangalore full
Transition Firing Range
Firing Range

Trivia[ | ]