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Apex Predators
Apex Predators
Leader Kuben Blisk
Services Military services
Founded Prior to 2658

The Apex Predators are a mercenary unit that is a member of the Mercenary Syndicate. One of the Syndicate's most elite, the Apex Predators gained widespread notoriety during the Frontier War under the employ of the IMC.

They are the namesake for the Syndicates' Apex Games.

History[ | ]

The Apex Predators are a group of mercenaries that is a part of the Mercenary Syndicate. They are its most elite outfit, with a particularly sinister reputation and unshackled by moral constraints, able to be contracted by the highest bidder regardless of ideology, which, more often than not, is the IMC. They are known to be active as far back as 2658 and was involved in the Phase Runner accident on Olympus, where they were under the command of Ashleigh Reid.

During the Frontier War, they are usually hired by the IMC. After the Battle of Demeter, they were then contracted by the ARES Division to secure transportation of the Ark to the Fold Weapon and oversee security operations on Typhon.

After the war, its name was used by the Syndicate for their spiritual successor to the Thunderdome Games of old, the Apex Games.

Known Members[ | ]

  • Ash - Originally known as Ashleigh Reid before becoming a simulacrum.
  • Kuben Blisk - Leader during the Battle of Typhon. Unknown if he still leads the outfit alongside being the commissioner of the Apex Games Commission.
  • Kane
  • Richter
  • Slone
  • Viper