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April Fools Day was a minor event during Season 16 Season 16 of Apex Legends. While not officially announced as an event, Battle Royale had a few gameplay changes for the duration of April 1.

Gameplay changes[ | ]

  • Pinging a weapon on the ground will replace it with a special version of the Mozambique Shotgun corresponding to the ammo type of the weapon pinged. Special Mozambiques cannot take any Attachments except for Optics (except for Ol' Nessie which takes no attachments).
    • The Light Rounds Mozambrrr is an automatic weapon with inverted (downwards) recoil.
    • The Heavy Rounds Mozamburst is a burst-fire weapon.
    • The Energy Ammo Mozambeam fires three charged beams at once.
    • The Sniper Ammo Mozamblam fires a single, powerful shot, but only has 1 round per magazine.
    • Pinging a regular Mozambique does nothing, but pinging any other Shotgun gives a fully-kitted Mozambique.
    • Ol' Nessie can also be obtained on rare occasions.
  • Pinging a door, zipline, and neutral/friendly Trident will instantly destroy it, and drop a special Mozambique in its place.