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Arenas is a formerly permanent Game Mode, introduced in Season 9 Season 9 and removed at the end of Season 15 Season 15.

Overview[ | ]

Arenas rounds

The scoreboard as shown on the HUD.

Arenas feature two teams of three battling each other over multiple rounds. The objective for each round is to eliminate all members of the opposing team. There is no respawning in this mode, but downed players can still be revived. Players drop all their loot when eliminated. The announcer of Arenas is Ash.

Rounds begin with each team enclosed in their respective spawn areas on opposite sides of the map; these areas switch every round. Players are given 30 seconds to buy weapons, abilities, and consumables from the shop. After that period ends, the shields enclosing the players drop and the two teams can traverse the map as they please.

Spread across the map are two extended supply bins with 2 Shield Battery Shield Batteries, 1 Med Kit Med Kit, and 1 Phoenix Kit Phoenix Kit inside (plus 8 Shield Cell Shield Cells in their extra compartments); and several canisters where players can collect Materials200 for their team. A single Care Package drops every round that contains 3 weapons (and ammo if applicable). The weapons go up in tier as the rounds progress.

Main article: The Ring

Finally, the Ring also exists in Arenas.

To win, a team must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Win at least 3 rounds; and:
  • Win 2 more rounds than the opposing team.

In other words, if the score is 2-2 and one squad wins, the game continues until one side leads by 2 points. A team must win twice in a row for this to happen.

Round 9 is the final round. If a winner has not been decided yet, round 9 is "sudden death" where the victor of that round wins the game.

There are 4 different ways to win a round: Clutch (only 1 teammate left), Normal (anything besides the aforementioned condition and the next two), Flawless (no one was knocked or killed), and Perfect (no one took damage).

If matchmaking only filled one team, the game will be over in 20 seconds, and be considered a win for the filled team.

Abandon penalties[ | ]

Unlike Play Apex, Arenas has abandon penalties, which are applied if a player leaves a match before it is over, including during character selection. If a player disconnects due to either server issues or client end, there is a 2 minute grace period to reconnect. Players will be warned via the menus if their leaving may trigger abandon penalties; if the warning does not show up, players are free to leave, subject to the server's calculation.

A player can leave without getting penalized if a teammate abandons the game, even if the player is partied with the leaver. (Only the initial leaver will receive the penalty.) If a team is already missing player(s) at the start of the match, the remaining player(s) can also leave without getting penalized as long as they stay until the initial buy phase. If a teammate is disconnected but their character is still in the game or is otherwise AFK, the player will still get a penalty.

Penalized players are locked out from all game modes, including Firing Range and Training, for at least 10 minutes.

Buy Menu[ | ]

Arenas Shop

Arenas shop. (Note that the prices are from the first season and do not reflect current prices.)

Unlike Battle Royale, weapons and abilities need to be purchased with Materials Crafting Materials. At the start of each round, players are given materials to buy consumables, weapons, and abilities. The amount depends on the round. Any unused materials are saved for future rounds, though the maximum amount a player can have is 3500. Materials can also be earned during a round:

  • Materials75 per kill a player gets.
  • Materials200 for the entire team by interacting with a Material Canister.

Gear is given for free. The levels of the Helmet Helmet and Body Shield Armor depend on the round, but the Knockdown Shield Knockdown Shield is always Level 1 and the Backpack lvl3 Backpack is always Level 3 (and can be upgraded to Level 4). Survival items do not exist in Arenas.

The buy menu also lists the weapons found in the Care Package of that round. These weapons are free but players must open the Care Package to obtain them.

Round Base Materials Helmet & Armor Care Package
1 Materials550 HelmetBody Shield LV. 2 1 Fully Kitted, 2 Fully Kitted
2 Materials800 2 Fully Kitted, 1 Fully Kitted
3 Materials1150 HelmetBody Shield LV. 3 3 Fully Kitted
4 Materials1500 1 Fully Kitted, 2 Fully Kitted
5 Materials1750 2 Fully Kitted, 1 Fully Kitted
6 Materials2000 1 Supply Drop, 2 Fully Kitted
7 Materials2150
8 Materials2300
9 Materials2500 Helmet LV. 3 | Evo Shield LV. 5

Weapons[ | ]

Players can purchase up to two weapons. The weapons do not carry over to the next round. Players can upgrade weapons to fully kitted weapons with Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 attachments. Upgrading also allows the weapon to have access to more advance optics and potentially Hop-Ups; the optic is swappable.

Weapon Class Base cost 1st upgrade Cost 2nd upgrade Cost 3rd upgrade Cost Reserve ammo
P2020 Icon
Pistol Materials0 50 Materials50 50 Materials50 Materials150 200 Materials200 Materials500 700 Materials700 Light Rounds 120
Mozambique Shotgun Icon
Mozambique Shotgun
Shotgun Materials0 Materials100 Materials100 Materials200 300 Materials300 Materials500 800 Materials800 Shotgun Shells 48
EVA-8 Auto Icon
EVA-8 Auto
Shotgun Materials150 Materials150 Materials300 Materials250 550 Materials550 Materials300 850 Materials850 Shotgun Shells 64
RE-45 Auto Icon
RE-45 Auto
Pistol Materials150 Materials100 Materials250 Materials200 450 Materials450 Materials400 850 Materials850 Light Rounds 180
Peacekeeper Icon
Shotgun Materials350 Materials150 Materials500 Materials250 750 Materials750 Materials300 Materials1050 Shotgun Shells 64
Alternator SMG Icon
Alternator SMG
SMG Materials400 Materials150 Materials550 Materials250 800 Materials800 Materials300 Materials1100 Light Rounds 240
Prowler Burst PDW Icon
Prowler Burst PDW
SMG Materials400 Materials150 Materials550 Materials250 800 Materials800 Materials300 Materials1100 Heavy Rounds 240
R-99 SMG Icon
R-99 SMG
SMG Materials450 Materials150 Materials600 Materials300 900 Materials900 Materials300 Materials1200 Light Rounds 240
Wingman Icon
Pistol Materials500 Materials150 Materials650 Materials200 850 Materials850 Materials250 Materials1100 Heavy 060 Heavy Rounds 60
C.A.R. SMG Icon
SMG Materials550 Materials200 Materials750 Materials250 Materials1000 Materials350 Materials1350 Heavy Rounds 240
HAVOC Rifle Icon
AR Materials400 Materials200 Materials600 Materials250 850 Materials850 Materials400 Materials1250 Energy Ammo 240
Devotion LMG Icon
Devotion LMG
LMG Materials450 Materials200 Materials650 Materials350 Materials1000 Materials500 Materials1500 Energy Ammo 300
Hemlok Burst AR Icon
Hemlok Burst AR
AR Materials450 Materials150 Materials600 Materials200 800 Materials800 Materials300 Materials1100 Heavy Rounds 240
Rampage LMG Icon
Rampage LMG
LMG Materials500 Materials200 Materials700 Materials300 Materials1000 Materials350 Materials1350 Heavy Rounds 300
VK-47 Flatline Icon
VK-47 Flatline
AR Materials550 Materials200 Materials750 Materials250 Materials1000 Materials350 Materials1350 Heavy Rounds 240
LMG Materials600 Materials150 Materials750 Materials200 950 Materials950 Materials300 Materials1250 Energy Ammo 240
R-301 Carbine Icon
R-301 Carbine
AR Materials600 Materials200 Materials800 Materials350 Materials1150 Materials350 Materials1500 Light Rounds 240
M600 Spitfire Icon
M600 Spitfire
LMG Materials600 Materials200 Materials800 Materials250 Materials1050 Materials350 Materials1400 Heavy Rounds 300
Longbow DMR Icon
Longbow DMR
Sniper Materials300 Materials200 Materials500 Materials250 750 Materials750 Materials350 Materials1100 Sniper Ammo 48
30-30 Repeater Icon
30-30 Repeater
Marksman Materials400 Materials150 Materials550 Materials300 850 Materials850 Materials200 Materials1050 Heavy Rounds 180
Sentinel Icon
Sniper Materials400 Materials250 Materials650 Materials300 950 Materials950 Materials350 Materials1300 Sniper Ammo 48
Triple Take Icon
Triple Take
Marksman Materials500 Materials200 Materials700 Materials250 950 Materials950 Materials300 Materials1250 Energy Ammo 144
Bocek Compound Bow Icon
Bocek Compound Bow
Marksman Materials500 Materials150 Materials650 Materials200 850 Materials850 Materials250 Materials1100 Arrows 64
Charge Rifle Icon
Charge Rifle
Sniper Materials600 Materials150 Materials750 Materials150 900 Materials900 Materials400 Materials1300 Sniper Ammo 64

List of weapons by cost
Cost Weapon(s)

Consumables[ | ]

Regen items, grenades, and the Level 4 Backpack lvl3 Backpack (with the Guardian Angel perk) can be purchased. They do not carry over to the next round.

Item Cost Free charges Charges per buy Maximum charges
Syringe Syringe 25 Materials25 2 2 8
Shield Cell Shield Cell 75 Materials75 2 2 8
Med Kit Med Kit 50 Materials50 0 1 4
Shield Battery Shield Battery Materials150 0 (R1–2) – 1 (R3–9) 1 4
Backpack lvl3 Backpack Materials300 0 1 1
Frag Grenade Frag Grenade 75 Materials75 0 1 3
Thermite Grenade Thermite Grenade 75 Materials75 0 1 3
Arc Star Arc Star Materials125 0 1 3

Each player can only carry up to 3 grenades, regardless of type. Fuse (thanks to Grenadier Grenadier) can carry up to 6 and he can also carry up to 6 of the same grenade.

Abilities[ | ]

Legend abilities are limited in the Arenas. Legends get their Passives and a set number of Tactical charges for free; however, additional Tactical charges, and any Ultimate charges, must be purchased. Unused ability charges carry over to future rounds.

Potent ultimate abilities have restrictions placed on them where players must wait for 1 or 2 rounds before they can be purchased at the start of the match, or repurchased after use.

Legend Abilities Cost Free charges Maximum charges Rounds before purchase
Portrait Bloodhound full
Eye of the Allfather Eye of the Allfather Materials150 1 3
Beast of the Hunt Beast of the Hunt Materials450 0 1 1
Portrait Gibraltar full
Dome of Protection Dome of Protection Materials200 1 5
Defensive Bombardment Defensive Bombardment Materials600 0 1 2
Portrait Lifeline full
D.O.C. Heal Drone D.O.C. Heal Drone 75 Materials75 1 3
Care Package Care Package Materials400 0 1
Portrait Pathfinder full
Grappling Hook Grappling Hook 50 Materials50 2 7
Zipline Gun Zipline Gun Materials150 0 1 1
Portrait Wraith full
Into the Void Into the Void 50 Materials50 1 4
Dimensional Rift Dimensional Rift Materials150 0 1
Portrait Bangalore full
Smoke Launcher Smoke Launcher 50 Materials50 2 5
Rolling Thunder Rolling Thunder Materials500 0 1 2
Portrait Caustic full
Nox Gas Trap Nox Gas Trap 50 Materials50 3 6
Nox Gas Grenade Nox Gas Grenade Materials400 0 1 2
Portrait Mirage full
Psyche Out Psyche Out 50 Materials50 2 7
Life of the Party Life of the Party Materials350 0 1
Portrait Octane full
Stim Stim 50 Materials50 2 7
Launch Pad Launch Pad Materials300 0 1 1
Portrait Wattson full
Perimeter Security Perimeter Security 50 Materials50 5 9
Interception Pylon Interception Pylon Materials200 0 1 1
Portrait Crypto full
Surveillance Drone Surveillance Drone 50 Materials50 1 3
Drone EMP Drone EMP Materials500 0 1 2
Portrait Revenant full
Silence Silence 50 Materials50 2 6
Death Totem Death Totem Materials500 0 1 2
Portrait Loba full
Burglar's Best Friend Burglar's Best Friend 50 Materials50 2 5
Black Market Boutique Black Market Boutique Materials200 0 1
Portrait Rampart full
Amped Cover Amped Cover 50 Materials50 3 9
Mobile Minigun -Sheila- Mobile Minigun "Sheila" Materials400 0 1 1
Portrait Horizon full
Gravity Lift Gravity Lift Materials100 1 4
Black Hole Black Hole Materials400 0 1 2
Portrait Fuse full
Knuckle Cluster Knuckle Cluster Materials100 2 5
The Motherlode The Motherlode Materials400 0 1 1
Portrait Valkyrie full
Missile Swarm Missile Swarm Materials200 1 3
Skyward Dive Skyward Dive Materials150 0 1 1
Portrait Seer full
Focus of Attention Focus of Attention Materials100 1 3
Exhibit Exhibit Materials500 0 1 1
Portrait Ash full
Arc Snare Arc Snare Materials200 1 4
Phase Breach Phase Breach Materials300 0 1 1
Portrait Mad Maggie full
Mad Maggie
Riot Drill Riot Drill Materials100 1 4
Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball Materials200 0 1
Portrait Newcastle full
Mobile Shield Mobile Shield Materials200 1 5
Castle Wall Castle Wall Materials300 0 1
Ability modifications

Most abilities work the same as in Battle Royale. However, there are exceptions:

Some abilities are given additional effects to compensate for restrictions placed in Arenas:

Maps[ | ]

Arenas have six unique maps specially designed for the mode. There is only 1 map available at a time, but it rotates every 15 minutes. Currently, the five available maps are Drop-Off, Habitat 4, Encore, Party Crasher, and Phase Runner.

Unlike in Battle Royale, only 5 seconds can be spent out of bounds.

Map Unique features Overview
Transition Party Crasher
Party Crasher

Party Crasher
Transition Phase Runner
Phase Runner
  • Phase Runner

Phase Runner
Transition Overflow

Transition Encore

Transition Habitat 4
Habitat 4

Habitat 4
Transition Drop-Off


Lore[ | ]

During the early days of the IMC-run Thunderdome Games, alternative combat leagues and competitions began to pop up throughout the Outlands. Some run by small-town crime organizations, some by competing companies as a new source of income, and some just for the love of the fight—the latter known today as Arenas. Founded by a group of former mercenaries, soldiers, and ‘off-the-grid’ individuals, Arenas focuses on the personal fight. No cameras. No fans. No autographs. These fighters join for one reason and one reason only: to win.

More recently, the philosophy of Arenas has caught the eye of the Apex Games commissioner Kuben Blisk, who has openly supported the competition and enlisted his former colleague, the simulacrum Ash, to assist in its expansion. Arenas matches can be found in various abandoned, unsanctioned, or “legally” obtained areas throughout the Outlands by off-the-books deals. Some pop up overnight, some in preparation for weeks, but the only way to find them is to know someone connected. Arenas are only for the worthy.[1]

History[ | ]

Gallery[ | ]


Trivia[ | ]

  • Arenas was originally "best of 7" while it was in development. However, when games were one-sided, the developers thought it felt horrible for the losers and boring for the winners. The current system allows one-sided matches to end faster to prevent them from dragging on, and it also makes more competitive games last longer while giving the losing team more room for a comeback.[2]

References[ | ]

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