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Armed and Dangerous, also called Armed & Dangerous, is a Limited Time Mode introduced in Season 2 Season 2's Voidwalker Voidwalker Themed Event.

Availability[ | ]

Details[ | ]

Players[ | ]

  • Twenty teams of three Legends compete against each other.

Gameplay[ | ]

The goal of Armed and Dangerous is surviving, killing enemy players if necessary.

  • Gameplay is the same as Battle Royale Battle Royale.
  • Only weapons categorized as Shotguns or Snipers can spawn.
  • Only attachments compatible with the available weapons can spawn.
  • Loot sources that aren't Supply Bins spawn items less frequently.
  • Weapons and Syringe Syringes spawn more frequently.
  • Fully Kitted versions of the available weapons may spawn in High Tier loot zones.
  • If there are Supply Drop Shotguns or Snipers in Battle Royale Battle Royale, these may also rarely spawn as ground loot in Armed and Dangerous.
  • Evo Shield Evo Shields, Body Shield Body Shields, and Helmet Helmets cannot spawn.

Depending on when Armed and Dangerous was available, there were some additional changes.

Dressed to Kill Dressed to Kill
  • Rather than spawning in place of other weapons, Supply Drop Weapons may rarely be found instead as bonus loot inside Supply Bins, popping up similarly to Treasure Pack Treasure Packs.
  • The Charge Rifle cannot be found as ground loot. However, a Fully Kitted one may be crafted in a Replicator Replicator for Materials100.
  • Level 3 Helmet Helmets may be crafted in a Replicator Replicator for Materials30 when available.
Gaiden Gaiden
  • Supply Drop Weapons can only be found in Care Packages. However, during Saturday and Sunday, they (Kraber and Mastiff) may be crafted in a Replicator Replicator for Materials150 each as well.
September Soirée September Soirée
Lost Treasures Lost Treasures
Grand Soirée Grand Soirée and Voidwalker Voidwalker

Winning[ | ]

  • The last team that survives wins.

Badges[ | ]

These are all the badges associated with Armed and Dangerous.

History[ | ]