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Arsenal Launch Trailer
YTtn s17 launch
Watch here
Release date April 26, 2023
Length 2:40
Promotes Season 17

The Arsenal Launch Trailer is an animated short released on April 26, 2023, to promote Season 17 Season 17.

Synopsis[ | ]

As "Somewhere under the sea" played in the background, Ballistic recorded his will for his son, Nathaniel Phua, while enjoying a glass of Whisky. He picked up a picture of himself and Kit Shang and reminisced about his youth, where his hunger to prove himself led him to Thunderdome, and the match that ended with Kit Siang's death. He tried to explain why he decided to join Apex Games after all these years, and listed out what was stated in gossips - how he's tired of being forgotten, and he wanted to go out with a bang. He admitted that while he did miss the excitement of fighting, that is not the real reason he joined the game. Instead, he did so in the hope that Nathaniel could be a better man than he is, and that Nathaniel would not hate him for enjoying fighting in a bloodsport.

In one of the Apex matches in the present, he surveyed the battlefield from the top of the Fragment Train Station, while his teammates (Newcastle and Wraith) were pinned down behind the Castle Wall. He then dropped down and made quick work of Fuse, Bangalore, Loba, and Octane, but found that both his Wingman and CAR ran out of bullets. He was caught by Mirage, but he quickly pulled out a P2020 from his Sling and shot the real Mirage, much to the annoyance of Crypto. In another match, his team was caught from behind by Ash, but he quickly utilized Whistler to knock her down. Yet in another match, he activated the Tempest, skillfully dodged Mad Maggie's Wrecking Ball, and utilized Octane's jump pad to launch himself into the air and rained bullets upon the opposing team.

He ended his recording by reiterating his love for his son and advising him never to go through his things, before turning off the camera.

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