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Artillery Battery
Obliterated Kings Canyon Artillery
Artillery as of Season 8 Season 8.
Gamemode Battle Royale, Arenas
Location Kings Canyon

Artillery Battery is a location found on Kings Canyon. It was also used as a standalone map in Arenas in Season 9 Season 9.

Gameplay[ | ]

Artillery Battery is a large symmetrical base found towards the north end of Kings Canyon. The area contains two large, multi-story buildings, surrounded by wide open concrete yards with little cover. There is a hangar built into the mountainside on the north end, which was partially destroyed in Season 8 Season 8, opening a passageway north towards Crash Site. There are also connecting tunnels on the west and south side, both leading towards the southwest, and a large wall on the southeast corner facing the forest around the Two Spines Outpost. The area contains one Respawn Beacon on the south side of the base, as well as a Jump Tower just outside the southeast wall.

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