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Real Name Artur
Gender Male
Relatives Johann (brother, deceased)
Brigida (sister-in-law, deceased)
Blódhundr (nibling)
Homeworld Talos
Status Deceased
Real-world Info
Appearances The Old Ways
Nei, young one. Nei. I lived to see you pass the test. It was not the gun that protected them. It was you... Perhaps there is more to the old ways, than the weapon we chose. A beast none has slátra. You... will be the first... Blothhundr...
— Artur's last words.

Artur was the uncle of Bloodhound and a hunter living on Talos.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Artur was the brother of Johann, a technician who was set to move to the city of World's Edge to work on the coolant systems. Sometime before Johann and his wife, Brigida, moved to Talos, Artur began to shun electricity.[1] He and his village eventually began to follow a Norse-based religion known as the Old Ways, which embraced the hunt and traditional ways of life instead of modern technology.

After a critical system failure in World's Edge resulted in the deaths of Johann and Brigida, Artur took in their young child, Blódhundr, as his own and began to train them in the Old Ways.

The Old Ways[ | ]

After ten years, Artur assigned Blódhundr one final trial to earn full acceptance into the tribe. Armed with nothing more than a small axe and the Old Ways, they were to hunt a prowler. Artur sent them off and awaited their return, additionally sending his raven companion to follow them. The raven watched as Blódhundr downed a Goliath using forbidden technology instead of the Old Ways.

As Blódhundr returned, they presented the Goliath’s horn as a trophy. An enraged Artur rejected this offering, telling his protégé that they had rejected the glory of the hunt for a quick kill. He then exiled Blódhundr from the tribe. As they walked away, the same enraged Goliath arrived at the village and began to attack. Despite the best efforts of Artur and his tribe, he and many others were mortally wounded. Blódhundr fended the Goliath off using the unstable core of their destroyed Charge Rifle. With his dying breath, Artur recognized that Blódhundr had used the wisdom of the Old Ways to succeed, rather than relying on technology.

Artur's body was burned in a Viking funeral. Blódhundr was named chief in his stead, and his raven, christened Artur in his memory, joined Blódhundr as their companion.[2]

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