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Ascension Launch Trailer
YTtn s07 launch
Watch here
Release date Oct 28, 2020
Production The Mill [1]
Length 3:07
Promotes Season 7

The Ascension Launch Trailer is an animated short released on October 28th, 2020, to promote Season 7 Season 7.

Synopsis[ | ]

On World's Edge, Mirage tries to film himself while the Arcadia is launching. Rampart reprimands him for putting her stuff on that ship[2], and the duo are forced to follow the Arcadia with Pathfinder piloting a goblin dropship to warp into Psamathe, where they stumble on the floating city of Olympus. However, the automated defense systems opens fire on them; the Goblin's hull is torn apart, and Mirage and Rampart are flung out of it while the dropship hurtles towards the Rift.

As Mirage lands in Olympus' Golden Gardens, he stumbles to a Trident where he sees Horizon as the driver and Pathfinder as a passenger. As the dropship arrives and the match starts, Horizon tosses Mirage a Flatline, and the trio fight together against many squads, including a squad made of Crypto, Bangalore, and Bloodhound whom they eliminate using Horizon's gravity lift.

Still traveling on their trident, Mirage sees Rampart charging a Sentinel, evidently assigned to another squad. The shot she fires damages the Trident, so the trio are forced to get off to take on a squad composed of Octane, Wraith, and Wattson by tackling them off their trident and using Horizon's Black Hole ability to eliminate them. After fending off the squad, Horizon tells her squad she loves field research and rubs a leaf from Mirage's face and continues their match.

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