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Ash's voice actor is Anna Campbell, speaking English.

Character Select[ | ]

  • "See your imperfections in your enemies, then crush them."
  • "True mastery can't be programmed."
  • "You're fortunate. I have much to teach you."
  • "Fortunately for you, you are not my target today."
  • "Victory is assured so long as you follow my lead."
  • "Rest assured I will accept nothing less than perfection."
  • "Another chance to train. Good. We don't want to get rusty."
  • "Do not falter. The weak will be excised."
  • "No breath to steady, no heart to calm. (exhales) Perfection."
  • "Perceptive, resourceful, relentless. You must be all these things and more."
  • "You show promise. I hope you can deliver."
  • "Something's whispering in your ear, distracting you. Silence it."
  • "Clear your mind. Let nothing distract you."
  • "Focus. Fight. Win."
  • "Keep your friends close and your enemies under your blade."
  • "Hone your mind to a razor's edge."
  • [GLITCH] Leigh: "Listen, you don't know what she's--" Ash: "--capable of? I will show you."
  • [GLITCH] Leigh: "Hello? Are you--?" Ash: "--paying attention? Good."
  • "The body corrodes, but a polished mind gleams."
  • "Revenge is merely an opportunity for improvement."
  • "Follow me. I will cut a path to perfection."
  • "That little voice holding you back? Kill it."
  • "Cleave through weakness... and the weak."
  • [GLITCH] Leigh: "You can't trust her, she'll kill--" Ash: "--anything that gets in my way."

Intro[ | ]

  • "Your death will come with speed and precision. That is the skill of a Pilot."
  • "Do not cross me. Or my blade will cross you."
  • "Do you fear me, Legends?"
  • "I am the master of my fate. And yours."
  • "I see my reputation precedes me."
  • "Let us see how impressive you truly are."
  • "A Pilot stands before you. Respect is due."
  • [GLITCH] Leigh: "No, no, no, no, not this agai--" Ash: "Begin. Let us begin."
  • "Cherish the lesson you're about to learn, if you survive it."
  • [GLITCH] Leigh: "Listen to me! Whatever you do, don't--" Ash: "--don't get in her way."
  • "Good luck, Legends."
  • "I have crushed far more impressive fighters than you."
  • "Let nothing distract you from the fight. That would spoil the fun."
  • "Let us begin."
  • "Many have made the mistake of crossing me. Many more will make it today."
  • "Pay attention. Taking notes of my techniques will benefit you."
  • "Pilots fight differently. Observe"
  • "The best revenge is cold as steel."
  • "The competition is lacking. I've had no choice but to step in personally."
  • "What you attempt to do to me comes back to you tenfold."
  • "You have a rare opportunity to see a Pilot at work."
  • "You have limited time to impress me, Legends."

Kill[ | ]

  • Season 12 "Only once have I failed to kill a target. Never again."
  • Season 15 "Your mind should be as sharp as your blade. It's clear you lack both."
  • Season 17 "Blades, bullets, or bare hands - one was always going to find you."
  • Season 18 "Consider yourself lucky. There are more creative ways to die."
  • "A mind is like a blade. Mine is honed, yours was dull."
  • "And you had an opportunity to impress me. What a waste."
  • "Another precise execution."
  • "Mmmmm… ashes to ashes."
  • [GLITCH] Leigh: "Can't any of you--" Ash: "--stop me? Unlikely."
  • "I don't know what the Commission saw in you."
  • "I never forget. I wait for your inevitable misstep."
  • "I see you came unarmed."
  • "I will crush everything that stands in my way. Everything."
  • "My former colleagues would've eaten you alive."
  • "Pathetic."
  • "Perhaps my rat will feast on you. Then you will be worth something."
  • "Pitiful. Even my rat knows its place."
  • "Rats can be taught. You are something… lesser."
  • [GLITCH] Leigh: "She's going to gloat about this all day."
  • "Some of us are too weak to persist… without a pulse."
  • "Someone had to show you your place."
  • "Hmmm… take this as a mercy finish."
  • "That may have felt like overkill. It was."
  • " Think carefully about what brought you to this moment… very carefully."
  • "This is the best the Syndicate can field? How far they've fallen."
  • "Hmm… Too many mistakes, Legend."
  • "What a sad little creature you are."
  • "What a terrible time to get lost in thought."
  • "You are lucky.. I know of far worse ways to die."
  • "You are welcome to try again… and again."
  • "You call yourself a Legend? How… unwarranted."
  • "You clearly have not been training for this moment."
  • "You did your best… unfortunately."
  • "You faced a Pilot. Bold… and foolish."
  • "You fight without honor. Strategic… but you also fight without skill."
  • "You have received a lesson in proper form. You should be grateful."
  • "You knew how this would end when you took on a Pilot. At least… you should have."
  • [GLITCH] Leigh: "You let her get you! You made her stronger!"
  • "You might have lived… if you had fought smarter."
  • "You represented a training opportunity. That made you worth… something to me."
  • "You should've paid more closer attention to your betters."
  • "You should've scurried away while you had the chance."
  • "You're not the first blemish I've cut away. You won't be the last."
  • "You served the Syndicate well… as entertainment."
  • "Your will to fight is admirable. But in this case, pointless."

Gameplay[ | ]

I'm Jumpmaster
  • "I'm the Jumpmaster. Stand by for freefall."
  • "I'm the Jumpmaster. The path to victory begins with me."
  • "I'm the Jumpmaster. Focus. Fight. Win."
  • [GLITCH] Ash & Leigh: "I am the Jumpmaster."
Here we go/Dropping as jumpmaster
  • “Show no mercy.”
  • [GLITCH] Leigh: "Again?" Ash: "Again."
  • “Follow me to victory.”
Opening fire on the enemy
  • "Opening fire."
  • "Shooting."
Hit an enemy from far
  • "Shot connected."
  • "Perfect hit."
Downed an enemy
  • "Cut down an enemy."
  • "Enemy down."
Downed another enemy
  • "Another enemy falls."
  • "Another taken down."
Many enemies downed
  • ”Many enemies killed. I’m happy to provide more.”
Enemy killed
  • "One less enemy."
  • "Enemy killed."
Whole Squad down
  • "What a pitiful squad. Even killing them was dull."
  • "That was all that remained of a pitiful squad."
  • "We routed that squad. Hardly a challenge."
  • "The entire squad falls."
  • [Solo] "I crushed the entire squad."
  • [Solo] "I crushed the entire squad. They were hardly worth the effort."
  • [Solo] "An entire Squad's gone. How pitiful."
Another Squad attacking
  • "Another squad is on us."
  • "A second squad. Adjust your strategy."
Taking damage
  • "I'm under fire."
  • "Taking fire."
  • [GLITCH] "Taking damage."
  • "Taking hits."
I'm down
  • "I'm down."
  • "I'm… down." [GLITCH] Leigh: "Help me."
  • "I've been downed. Unacceptable."
Successful Self-Revive
  • "They can't cut me down."
  • "My body may break, but never my will."
  • "Others succumb, but [GLITCH] Ash & Leigh: I survive."
Throwing ordnances
Incoming grenade
  • "Grenade."
  • "Grenade incoming."
  • [toHorizon Icon] "Is this why you woke me? To account for your obvious shortcomings?"
  • [toHorizon Icon] "Judging by this, your survival decades ago was a scientific anomaly."
  • [toHorizon Icon] [GLITCH] (Garbled sounds as Leigh tries to break through) "I'm not sure which of you is more of a headache."
  • [toRevenant Icon] "Your pathetic efforts diminish simulacra."
  • [toRevenant Icon] "Weak. Your prime has passed, simulacrum."
  • [toPathfinder Icon] "Rise, MRVN. Our current offense is insufficient."
  • [toPathfinder Icon] "No. You are not this pitiful. Get. Up."
  • [toGibraltar Icon] "Weakness extends through generations, I see."
  • [toGibraltar Icon] "Seems you cannot escape the weakness of your predecessors."
  • "This fight isn't over. Get up."
  • [GLITCH] Leigh: "Come on, get up! Don't let her get me killed!"
  • "Focus. Do not let them best you again."
You're Welcome for Reviving
  • "Do not make me regret my choice."
  • [toGibraltar Icon] "The failure I see before me says enough."
  • [toGibraltar Icon] "Observe your inability to stay on your feet."
  • [toPathfinder Icon] "Do not forget: your task is to direct fire away from me."
Healing up/Recharging shields/Phoenix Kit
  • [GLITCH] Leigh: "Heal, heal, heal."
  • [GLITCH] Leigh: "Come on, heal, heal, heal."
  • "Repairing damages."
  • "Healing."
  • "Recharging shields."
  • "Shields are depleted. Recharging."
  • "Putting a Phoenix Kit to use."
  • "Using a Phoenix Kit. Cover me."
  • [GLITCH] "Using a Phoenix Kit."
Let's recover their banner
  • "Secure their banner."
  • "You have a new mission. Secure the banner."
  • "Secure the banner. We must reinforce our weakest link."
Teammate banner collected
  • "I have the banner. We must correct their failure."
  • "I've secured the banner. They get a second chance."
  • "They tried to destroy me, but I keep coming back."
  • [GLITCH] Leigh: "Quit trying to get us ki--" [GLITCH] Ash: "Skill. Well done. Your skills have proven useful."
  • "I took a moment to sharpen my blade."
Squadmate gets a kill
  • "Skillful. You were the superior fighter."
  • "Good kill. Your training is paying off."
Squadmate scattered
  • "We're scattered. Do you want to die that way?"
Squadmate killed
  • "Our squadmate fell. Avenge them."
  • "Our squadmate was weak. Now it's only us."
  • [With Pathfinder Icon] "Our Squadmate has perished. It seems you couldn't save them, MRVN."
Entering Trident, driver
  • [Solo] "A machine controlling a machine."
  • "The enemy won't know what hit them. We will know it was a Trident."
  • "Yes. I can think of many ways to put this Trident to use."
Entering Trident, passenger
  • "Keep us steady. I'd like to enjoy some target practice."
  • "I will evaluate your driving performance from here."
Exiting Trident
  • "We will be quieter on foot."
  • "Ejecting."
  • "Exiting the Trident."
Finisher (Ratted Out)
  • "It seems you cannot be taught. Disappointing."
Deploying Mobile Respawn Beacon
  • "Calling down a Respawn Beacon."
  • "One moment. I'm crafting."
  • "Wait. I have crafting to do."
Loot MRVN arm attached
  • "MRVN repaired."
  • "Repaired a pathetic specimen otherwise known as a MRVN."
  • "I've fixed this MRVN. It's looking at me strangely. I might break it again."
  • "This MRVN, it's…" [GLITCH] Leigh: "A cold, emotionless machine--" [GLITCH] Ash: "It's fixed."
Activating Phase Driver
  • "No matter what we get, I will turn it to our advantage."
  • "I'm a Pilot. Whatever comes, I'll kill with it."
Enemy shield broken
  • "I shattered an enemy's shield."
  • "Enemy shield cracked."
Squad landed nearby
  • "An enemy landed near me. Their final mistake."
  • "Target landed near me. Bold move, and fatal."

Ring Status[ | ]

Far ring
  • "The next ring is far. Do not get caught outside of it."
One minute before ring closure
  • "One minute. We have time to strategize."
45 seconds before ring closure
  • "45 seconds. Can you reach the Ring in that time?"
  • "45 seconds and a nearby ring. We strategized effectively."
  • [Solo] "Forty-five seconds until Ring's close."
30 seconds before ring closure
  • "We have thirty seconds. Prepare."
10 seconds before ring closure
  • "We have ten seconds. Move with purpose."
  • [Solo] [GLITCH] Leigh: "Come on, there's only ten seconds."
Inside next Ring
  • "We're already in the next ring. Now we wait."
  • "We're inside the next Ring. Superior positioning."
  • [Solo] "I'm inside the next ring. Now to plan my next steps."
Outside Ring
  • "The ring is coming. Reposition. Now."
  • "We'll be caught outside the Ring if we don't move."
  • [GLITCH] Leigh: "You're outside the ring. Get going!"

Pings[ | ]

Pinging location in Dropship
  • "An intelligent fighter would land there."
  • "That is an ideal landing place."
Pinging location
  • "Moving here. Follow me."
  • "Marked my next location."
  • "Meet me here."
  • "Let's regroup here."
Cancelled Ping
  • "Never mind."
  • "My attention is needed elsewhere."
Defending over here
  • "Defending here. They can attempt to move me."
  • "Defending this spot."
  • "Holding this position."
Attacking here
  • "Attacking. Direct your fire here."
  • "Moving on them there."
  • "There. That's where we'll hit them."
  • "That's the perfect spot to begin our assault."
Watching here
  • "Focused here."
  • "I have line of sight to this spot."
  • "Watching here. Nothing will get past me."
Location Compromised/Someone's been here
  • "Our enemies already swept this place."
  • "Enemies have passed through here. They might still be close."
  • "Enemies have been here. We may be able to track them."
  • "Enemies have disturbed that area."
Looting over here
  • "Looting here. You legends are blessed with abundance."
  • "Searching for loot here. Something to give us an edge."
  • "Collecting loot here."
  • "Sweeping that location for loot."
  • "The enemy stands before us."
  • "The enemy is here."
  • "Target spotted, far off."
  • "Target acquired. There."
  • "Target acquired here."
  • "Our target is here."
  • "Enemy at that location."
  • "Enemy, far off."
  • "The enemy is moving in."
  • "Eliminate the enemy."
  • "The enemy is in striking range."
  • "Enemy there. Don't let them slip away."
Enemy taking off with Skyward Dive Skyward Dive
  • "That enemy Squad is launching. Clever, Little Viper."
  • "That enemy is launching."
Enemy Black Hole Black Hole
  • "Enemy Black Hole here." [GLITCH] Leigh: "Nothing returns from the event horizon."
  • "Enemy Black Hole there." [GLITCH] Leigh: "If it takes hold it won't let you go."
  • "A useful tool."
  • "Dibs."
  • "I can make use of that."
  • "Ideal."
  • "Yes."
  • "Perfection."
  • "Good."
I'll Join / Me too
  • "Wise. I will join you."
Help / Bleeding out
  • "You need me!"
  • [GLITCH] Leigh: "Help me!"
  • "Assist me!"
Coming to help
  • [GLITCH] Leigh: "Come on, you can't go down that easy."
  • "Coming to retrieve you."
  • "I will assist you."
Thanks for the respawn
  • "Thank you for the assistance." Leigh: "You should have let her stay down. She'll be unbearable now."
  • "It was smart of you to respawn me."
Ultimate [Phase Breach Phase Breach]
0~84% charged
  • "My ultimate isn't ready. Perfection requires time and attention."
  • "My ultimate isn't ready yet. Prepare for it."
  • "My ultimate isn't ready." [GLITCH] Leigh: "Pathetic."
85~99% charged
  • "Prepare yourselves. My Ultimate is almost ready."
  • "My ultimate is nearly ready. Soon I can cut us a path."
100% ready
  • "My Ultimate is prepared. Do not slow me down."
  • "My Ultimate is ready. We move on my mark."
  • "My Ultimate is ready. Prepare to move."
Arc Star Arc Star
  • "Arc Star here. If your aim is true, your enemy can only accept their fate."
Thermite Grenade Thermite Grenade
  • "Thermite grenade here. Ideal for burning your enemies alive."
Helmet Helmet
  • "Helmet here. Don't lose your head."
Knockdown Shield Knockdown Shield
  • "Knockdown shield here. When skill fails you."
Request Knockdown Shield Knockdown Shield
  • "Find me a knockdown shield. Prepare for even the most unlikely scenario."
MapIcon Care Package Care Package
  • "A Care Package has touched down over there."
  • "Care Package here. The Syndicate wants to make this more entertaining."
Death Box
  • "Death box here. Their slayer left us a gift."
  • "Death box here. The victor may still be limping."
Respawn Dropship
  • "A dropship. Its cargo is weak."
Extended Supply Bin
  • [Opened, but Secret Compartment Closed] "Open Extended Supply Bin here. It has not been picked clean."
  • "That Extended Supply Bin still holds valuable supplies."
  • "Open Extended Supply Bin here. Hidden supplies remain."
  • "That Extended Supply Bin has not been fully scoured."
Opening Weapon Supply Bin
  • "Extra supplies here. Use them to your advantage."
  • "Additional supplies here."
Survey Beacon
  • "Survey Beacon here." [GLITCH] Leigh: (snarkily) "What a friendly reminder."
  • This Trident could provide a strategic advantage."
  • "Loot MRVN here. Pitiful."
  • [Looted] "Don't bother. This loot MRVN is empty."
  • [Looted] "That loot MRVN has been drained of everything that makes it worth noticing."
Boxing Ring
  • "Boxing Ring. A place of pure, unsullied combat."
Pathfinder Icon Pathfinder's statue
  • "Pathfinder." [GLITCH] Leigh: (irritated) "Pathfinder?" [GLITCH] Ash: "An utterly average MRVN."
  • "Hmph. Statue here."
  • "Statue here. And an inscription... Ahh... Hello, old friends."
  • "Statue here. And an inscription... Newton Somers. Hmph."
  • "Statue here. Paquette... Gibraltar... Interesting."
  • "MRVN statue there."
  • "Pathfinder. His kindness proved useful. Almost as much as his stupidity."
  • "Pathfinder. Awarded for his great feats as a delivery drone."
  • "Statue here."
  • "Statue there."
Phase Runner
  • "We can use this Phase Runner." [GLITCH] Leigh: "Fools-- fools-- you really are fools."
Gravity Cannon
  • "Make use of that… Gravity Cannon. What an absurd piece of technology."
IMC Armory
  • "IMC Armory here."
  • "I see an Armory over there. It's IMC."

Quip[ | ]

Nice / Celebration
  • "Hmm. Impressive."
  • "Well done."
  • “An excellent selection."
  • "Hmm. Adequate."
  • [toPathfinder Icon or Horizon Icon] “This will suffice.”
  • [toPathfinder Icon or Horizon Icon] “An acceptable selection.”
  • [toLoba Icon] "Your ability to unearth hidden riches is remarkable."
  • [toLoba Icon] "Your skills have proven useful once again."
Thanks for first-aid
  • "Well done. This Squad is better for your efforts."
  • [GLITCH] Leigh: "Thank you."
  • [toPathfinder Icon] "Speaking is inessential to this task. MRVN."
  • [toPathfinder Icon] "You have accomplished your objective. Words are unnecessary."
  • [toRevenant Icon] "You will not touch me again, simulacrum."
You're welcome
  • "Hmph."
  • "Mmmm."
  • "Take note of this."
  • [toPathfinder Icon] "I can think of several compelling reasons."
  • [toPathfinder Icon] "This simple mind of yours is tiresome."
  • [toWattson Icon] "My function is optimal. And the result of my own efforts."
  • [toWattson Icon] "Yes. You reassembled me. It is impossible to forget in your presence."
  • [toHorizon Icon] "Your passive aggression is noted. And disregarded."
  • [to Valkyrie Icon] "Hmm... A mediocre pilot. Otherwise he would still be alive today.
  • [to Valkyrie Icon] "His death was a shame. Perhaps someone was holding him back.

Abilities[ | ]

Using Arc Snare Arc Snare
  • "Time to bind you."
  • "These bonds aren't easily broken."
  • "They will be bound."
  • "This will bind them."
  • "Not so fast. Time to bind you."
  • "Binding them."
  • "These ties bind."
  • "Bound by my hand."
Trapping a player with Arc Snare Arc Snare
  • "Caught. Like a rat in a trap."
  • "I have caught them."
  • "Caught them. [GLITCH] Leigh: They should've run faster."
Using Phase Breach Phase Breach
  • "Cutting a phase tear."
  • "Tearing through reality."
  • "Tearing away."
  • "Tear through."
  • "A tear to give us an edge."
  • "A phase tear. Use it."
  • "Phase tear ready."
Enemies scanned with Marked for Death Marked for Death
  • "Pinpointed our marks."
  • "Pinpointed the targets. Don't let them escape."
  • "Targets pinpointed."
    • "Targets pinpointed. Focus on the threat."
Incoming Rolling Thunder Rolling Thunder / Defensive Bombardment Defensive Bombardment
  • "Airstrike."
Silence Silenced
  • "My abilities are locked."
  • "I can't use my abilities."
  • [GLITCH] "Abilities locked."
Hit by Drone EMP Drone EMP
  • [GLITCH] Ash and Leigh: "Ugh, I've been EMP'd!"

Battle Royale Status[ | ]

First blood
  • "First blood has been taken."
  • "First blood. Let us begin."
New kill leader appointed
  • "A new kill leader. Surely you can take the title from them."
  • "A new kill leader. We have our target."
Appointed Kill Leader
  • "I'm the kill leader. They would do well to mark me."
  • "I'm the Kill Leader. I expect you to follow my example."
Teammate is Kill Leader
  • "Kill Leader. You have exceeded my expectations."
Kill Leader eliminated
  • "I had hoped the Kill Leader would be more impressive."
  • ”We ended the Kill Leader’s reign.”
Champion Eliminated
  • "The Champion has proved unworthy of the name."
  • "The Champion fell. They did not deserve the title."
  • (by your Squad) "Well done. We crushed the Champion."
  • (by your Squad) "The Champion lies at our feet."
Half the Squads remain
  • "Half of the Squads have been disqualified."
  • "Half the Squads remain. The field has been cleared and the true test begins."
Two enemy Squads left
  • "Two Squads stand between us and unquestionable supremacy."
One Squad left
  • "One Squad left. A pure test of superiority."

Arenas Status[ | ]

Round 1 prep
Match point prep - Winning

Match point prep - Losing
  • "Rally yourselves. We will not lose in my game."
Double Kill

Lobby[ | ]

Switching to Olympus
  • [GLITCH] "Ah… Olympus."
Switching to Storm Point
  • "Storm Point. It is mine to dominate."
  • "Storm Point. Promising."

Ranked Leagues[ | ]

New Ranked Season
  • "A new Ranked Season begins."
  • "A new Ranked Series begins."
New Split
  • "A new Ranked Split, a new chance to hone my skills."
Rank up
  • "I'm rising in the ranks. As predicted."
  • "My rank increases. A testament to my perfection."
Rank down
  • "I ranked down. This will not be tolerated."
  • "I ranked down. A rare miscalculation on my part."
  • [GLITCH] "I… ranked down." (Leigh laughs derisively.)
Silver Silver
  • "I have reached Silver. My ascent begins."
  • "Silver. A favorable start."
Gold Gold
  • "Gold is nothing compared to my perfection."
  • "Gold. A new rank in my grasp."
Platinum Platinum
  • I have reached Platinum. But I will not stop here."
  • "Platinum. Perfection."
Diamond Diamond
  • "Hmm. Nothing cuts like Diamond."
  • "Appropriate. No weapon can mark Diamond."
Master Master
  • "Master. A proper title."
  • "They will bow before a true Master."
Apex Predator Apex Predator
  • "I have always been an Apex Predator."

Arenas Announcer[ | ]

Round one prep
  • "Focus. Fight. Win."
  • "Go. Prove you're worthy."
  • "Let us begin, Legends."
  • "Put your opponents in their place."
  • "You have limited time to impress me, Legend. Now go."
  • "Victory awaits, if you are strong enough to claim it."
Round one, begin
  • "Round 1. Achieve victory at all cost."
  • "Round 1. Do not bore me."
  • "Round 1. Fight."
  • "Round 1. Your goal is simple. Win."
Next Round prep
  • "Always be prepared. Never let your guard down."
  • "Arm yourselves, Legends."
  • "Begin round preparations."
  • "I hope you are ready. Don't let them get the jump on you."
  • "Prepare or die."
  • "The victorious fighter is well-prepared."
Tiebreaker prep
  • "Tiebreaker. Focus, fight, win."
  • "Tiebreaker. Interesting. Let us see how this ends."
  • "Tiebreaker. It all ends now."
  • "Tiebreaker. Now the worthy will emerge."
  • "Tiebreaker. They are equally skilled."
Round two, begin
  • "Round 2. Do not falter."
  • "Round 2. I hope you have discerned their weakness."
  • "Round 2. Kill your marks."
  • "Round 2. You have your targets."
Round three, begin
  • "Round 3. Do not relent."
  • "Round 3. Expose their imperfections."
  • "Round 3. I'm beginning to enjoy this."
Round four, begin
  • "Round 4. Do not hesitate."
  • "Round 4. Push forward."
  • "Round 4. You're fighting smart. Maintain your strength."
Round five, begin
  • "Round 5. You all have some fight in you."
  • "Round 5. You do not fall easily. Good."
  • "Round 5. Victory beckons… for some of you."
Round six, begin
  • "Round 6. Earn your reward."
  • "Round 6. Do not hold back."
  • "Round 6. I enjoy a close fight."
  • "Round 6. Your enemy does not succumb easily."
Round seven, begin
  • "Round 7. This is not over yet."
Round eight, begin
  • "Round 8. One slip… and that's the end."
Final round prep
  • "Final Round. Finish this."
  • "Final Round. Take them down."
  • "Final Round. You are still very close."
  • "Final Round. This is what I've been waiting for."
Final round, begin
  • "Round 9. How resilient."
  • "Sudden death. Time to stop holding back."
Match point prep - Winning
  • "One win stands between you and victory."
  • "Victory draws near. But nothing is assured."
  • "Victory is close. Achieve it at all costs."
  • "Victory is within reach. Take it."
  • "Victory nears. Concentrate and finish this."
  • "Your enemies are on their knees. End them."
  • "You near victory. Do not let it slip away."
Match point prep - Losing
  • "Defeat draws near - But it is not imminent."
  • "Defeat is breathing down your neck. Force it back."
  • "Lose once more, and it ends."
  • "The enemy closes in. This round could seal your fate."
  • "The enemy nears victory. Do not give in to fear."
  • "The enemy's boot is on your neck. Remove it."
  • "The match nears its end. Do not surrender."
  • "Your enemy is about to win. Will you go quietly?"
Care Package Dropping
  • "Care Package arriving. Choose your next move quickly."
  • "Care Package inbound."
  • "Care Package. Could turn the tide for you. Could turn the tide for them."
  • "Care Package. I hope this makes things interesting."
  • "Sending a Care Package."
  • "Sending a Care Package. Now impress me."
  • "Care Package inbound. Strategize."
Double Kill
Triple Kill
Round Lost
  • "The enemy routed you. Don't let it happen again."
  • "You lost this round. How disappointing.
  • "This round is over. You lost."
  • "Round lost. Learn from that."
  • "(Unimpressed huff) Round lost."
Round Win
  • "This round ends in your favor."
  • "Well done. The round is yours."
  • "The round is complete. You are victorious."
Round Win - Clutch
  • "Numbers mean nothing against a true fighter. Well done."
  • "One of you overcame the odds. I'm impressed."
  • "Well done. You have proved your worth."
  • "Yes. The superior fighter is clear."
Round Win - Flawless
  • "A coordinated assault. Perfectly executed."
  • "This team stands together. Well done."
  • "Very impressive work, Legends. You have earned this."
  • "You all still stand. The mark of a superior Squad."
Round Win - Perfect
  • "It seems you are untouchable."
  • "Powerful. I've met Pilots with less skill than you."
  • "Not a single scratch. Your skills are unparalleled."
Match Won
  • "I do hope you planned this from the start."
  • "Impressive. Their blows meant nothing."
  • "Toying with your prey? I recognize the appeal."
  • "You gave no quarter. Well done."
  • "Impressive recovery… or you were having too much fun."
  • "It seems you were holding back before."
  • "They believed you were beaten. A clear misconception."
Match Won without losing a round
  • "Hmm. We must find you some worthy adversaries."
  • "Not a single loss. You have my attention."
  • "A shutout. It seems you are in need of worthy adversaries."
End of Match
  • "Inspired. You stand to rise above the rest."
  • "Our winners have been chosen. Who will face them next?"
  • "The winner is decided. I'd almost call this… impressive."
  • "The winner is decided. You may impress me yet. Legends."
  • "Well done, winners. Now, repeat."
  • ''Well done, legends. You live to fight another day
  • "We have a winner. But this is just a beginning."
  • "We have a winner. Enjoy this, Legends. You'll have to earn it again tomorrow."