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I am the master of my fate, and yours.
Incisive Instigator
Real Name Dr. Ashleigh Reid
Gender Female
Age ~46 (as a human)
~76 (as a simulacrum)
~122 (total age)
Homeworld Unknown
Legend Type Offensive Legend Icon Offensive
Tactical Ability Arc Snare Arc Snare
Passive Ability Marked for Death Marked for Death
Ultimate Ability Phase Breach Phase Breach
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Anna Campbell

Ash is a Offensive Offensive Legend introduced in Season 3 of Apex Legends Mobile that is locked from the base game. She can be purchased using Syndicate Gold 750 or 10 Ash Fragments.

Abilities[ | ]

Arc Snare[ | ]

Arc Snare Tactical Q/LB/L1/LB
Arc Snare
Description Throw a spinning snare that damages and tethers the first enemy that gets too close.
Cooldown 25 seconds

  • Throws a slow-moving projectile. Upon landing, creates a spherical snare trap with a radius of 4 meters.
  • The first enemy to enter the radius takes 10 damage and is snared for ~3 seconds.
    • Deals double damage to shields.
  • Lasts up to ~5 seconds if no target is snared.

  • A snared enemy still has a lot of room to dodge and weave within the radius. Since their movement will only be impaired if they try to escape, try to snare someone after they've taken some damage so you can finish them off.
  • Pair the snare with AoE attacks like grenades, Caustic's Nox Gas Trap Nox Gas Traps, etc.
  • Since it's a very slow-moving and obvious projectile, it's hard to hit at long range. Expect to use it more for area denial than actually trapping enemies from a distance.
  • Throw an arc snare at a doorway or corridor to block it for a few seconds, giving you a short time to heal.
  • Throw the snare at an enemy Octane's Launch Pad Launch Pad. It'll effectively disable them for a few seconds (for one enemy, at least).

Marked for Death[ | ]

Marked for Death Passive H/Down/Down on a deathbox
Marked for Death
Description Ash's map shows the location of recent deathboxes.
Press on a deathbox to mark surviving attackers (once per box).

  • Ash's map screen displays a marker over every Death Box that is less than 3 minutes old.
    • She can use these markers to ping them from any distance, by clicking on them in map view.
  • Ash can interact with the Death Box of any player (including your own squadmates) killed by another squad to find that squad's current location. If the attackers are dead, it will return "No Living Attackers".
    • You can use this ability on your own squadmates' death boxes to find their attackers.
    • The location of the attackers are marked on the map with the Ping Enemy Here Enemy Here ping for ~8 seconds.
    • For ~4 seconds, Ash is told the number of marked enemies. Those enemies are notified "POSITION REVEALED BY ASH" on their HUD.

  • Upon a teammate's elimination, the killer's location gets marked.

  • When combined with kill feed, the map-ping function can help to find fights, or to avoid places where fights occur.
  • You can help your teammate find loot by using the map-ping function to mark deathbox; this is especially helpful when the area is known to have intense firefights or in the last few rings.
  • Be cautious when marking death box: Some enemies are good at tracing their previous location, and as such marking deathbox may ended up exposing your own position instead.

Phase Breach[ | ]

Phase Breach Ultimate Z/LB+RB/L1+R1/LB+RB
Phase Breach
Description Tear open a one-way portal to a targeted location.
Charge time 2 minutes

  • Ash immediately enters the phase tear upon activation.
  • Maximum range is 62.5 meters.
  • Lasts ~15 seconds.

  • Any player who uses the portal will face in a predetermined direction.
    • Use this to your advantage by immediately walking backwards after exiting your phase to take any enemies who follow you by surprise.
  • This ability can be used through open windows. Use this to escape a building, or to surprise enemies.
  • Most "Can't Place Here" errors can be resolved by jumping while creating the portal.

Perks[ | ]

Ash has 3 Perks, 3 Finisher Perks, and 3 Ability Perks.

Perks[ | ]

  • Spoils of War: Death box icons appear on the map and as the color of the highest tier loot inside.
  • Red-Handed Reveal: The first time an enemy uses a scanned death box, their location will be pinged.
  • Enhanced Hunting: After 3 death box extractions, your Data Knife reveals more information. After 6, periodically see the killer's team on your map.

Finisher Perks[ | ]

  • Battle Adaptation: Using your finisher adds 100 points to your evo shield.
  • Deadly Momentum: Using your finisher reduces your Ultimate's cooldown by 30%.
  • Mag Subscription: Using your finisher refills the ammo of your active weapon and increases loading speed for 8s.

Ability Perks[ | ]

  • Enduring Trap: Arc Snare persists after being thrown but can be destroyed.
  • Instigator's Precision: You can adjust the thrown trajectory of Arc Snare but reduce its speed.
  • Shadow Step: Phase Breach can be reactivated within 7 seconds of its first use, but the ability's distance is halved.

Cosmetic Items[ | ]

Skins[ | ]

There are a total of 12 skins for Ash - 1 Eternal, 4 Legendary, 5 epic, 3 Rare, and 2 Common.

Finishers[ | ]

Emotes[ | ]

  • Season 3 (Mobile) Rat-crobatics - Level 15
  • Focus

Skydive Emotes[ | ]

Emoji Pack[ | ]

[ | ]

  • Season 3 (Mobile) Rodent's Heraldry - Season 3 Seasonal Currency 7,000
  • Crustacean Riches

  • Season 3 (Mobile) Unmasked - Level 17
  • Rats to Riches - Secrets of the Tomb
  • Season 3 (Mobile) Perilous Snare - Level 17

  • Infernal
  • Blood Moon

  • Holosprays[ | ]