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Ashes to Ash
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Release date Oct 18, 2021
Production The Sequence Group [1]
Length 3:22
Promotes Season 11

Ashes to Ash is a Stories from the Outlands animated short released on October 18, 2021, to promote Season 11 Season 11.

Synopsis[ | ]

In the past, Dr. Ashleigh Reid is at work at the Project Iris laboratory on Olympus. She tells their intern, Newton Somers, to take the night off, then gives the all-clear to a team of Apex Predators waiting outside to take the lab hostage. After a firefight, Reid is stabbed through the chest with a sword. In a medical bay, doctors consider salvaging her mind by turning her into a simulacrum, but others worry "the trauma would be unimaginable". Reid regains consciousness long enough to violently insist that they do it.

In the future, Horizon has found her way into the simulacrum Ash's compound and is now reading off a sequence which will reawaken the original human consciousness inside. This causes Ash to relive a series of moments from her past; being found in a dumpster by Pathfinder[2], being reassembled in a bunker underneath Kings Canyon[3], being crushed in battle on Typhon[4], and finally, leaving Horizon to drift into a black hole.[5] While this is happening, Ash has a conversation with the now-reactivated human mind of Ashleigh Reid. Ash insists that Leigh was the cause of every one of her failures, even when they were human; Leigh tries to refute this, but struggles to get any full sentences out.

With the code fully entered, Horizon expects the human personality to be Lillian Peck, but is horrified to find that Ash is Ashleigh Reid. Leigh gets a moment to speak freely; she claims to know what happened to Newton, and begs Horizon to stop Ash. Ash then assumes control again and thanks Horizon for giving her valuable information.

Details and easter eggs[ | ]

  • This short takes place concurrently with a series of comics released on Twitter. These comics show Ash's reawakening from Horizon's perspective.

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