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Assimilation Launch Trailer
YTtn s04 launch
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Release date Jan 30, 2020
Production The Mill [1]
Length 2:32
Promotes Season 4

The Assimilation Launch Trailer is an animated short released on January 30, 2020, to promote Season 4 Season 4.

Synopsis[ | ]

In his apartment on Olympus, assassin Kaleb Cross prepares for his day while a news broadcast about controversies surrounding Hammond Robotics' simulacrum program plays on his television. He receives a new message, containing information about a new bounty: Marcos Andrade, a conman and thief with reservations for dinner in town that evening. Cross accepts the bounty and arms himself only with a P2020.

Marcos arrives at the restaurant Tenmei, flanked on all sides by armed guards, and greets his wife Alanza and his nine-year-old daughter Loba. The three have a nice dinner, unaware that a robotic assassin is climbing the side of the skyscraper. Revenant bursts through the window, and panicked guests begin to flee. Marcos, remaining calm at first, sends his guards after the robot, but all of them are brutally killed with ease. Marcos carries Loba to the elevator while Alanza takes a shot at Revenant, which does nothing but provoke him into killing her too. As Loba descends on the elevator alone, Revenant grabs Marcos by the neck, smashes him through the glass, snaps his neck, and drops him down the elevator shaft.

Revenant walks past a mirror, and sees his reflection as that of human Kaleb Cross. He notices a shard of glass stuck in his neck, and when he yanks it out, the illusion breaks, and for the first time he sees himself as the simulacrum he is. Noticing the Hammond Robotics logo on the back of his hand, his rage grows and he smashes the mirror.

Meanwhile, at Tenmei's base, a heartbroken Loba grieves her father's body.

Details and easter eggs[ | ]

  • This short takes place in 2708, 25 years before Apex Legends' story begins.
  • This is the only seasonal launch trailer to take place entirely outside of any bloodsport.
  • This is also the only launch trailer to take place before the events of the Apex Games.

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