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August 22, 2022 Patch
Heartthrob Seer
Heartthrob skin for Seer.
Version number 14.0.1
Previous patch August 09, 2022 Patch
Next patch August 23, 2022 Patch

The August 22, 2022 Patch is a minor patch aimed at fixing some bugs.[1]

Bug fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed players occasionally being unable to upgrade weapons in Arenas Arenas.
  • Fixed collecting a banner when wearing Seer's Heartthrob and Rampart's Wastelander skin causing crashes.
  • Fixed Vantage unable to use Knockdown Shield KO shield when knocked while using her Echo Relocation tactical jump.
  • Fixed Vantage's range indicator disappearing after respawn.
  • A variety of other fixes.

References[ | ]