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Autumn Estates
S7 Olympus autumnestates
Autumn Estates in Season 7 Season 7.
Gamemode Battle Royale, Arenas
Location Olympus

Autumn Estates is a location found on Olympus. It was also briefly available as a standalone map in Arenas in the Rampart Arenas Takeover, during the Evolution Evolution event.

Gameplay[ | ]

Named for its fall-colored trees, Autumn Estates is a high tier loot zone composed of several residential houses in an oval arrangement. In the center is a three-story building with a Respawn Beacon to its southeast, behind a fountain. There are two two-story buildings arranged symmetrically on opposite sides of the oval, and the rest are simple single-room buildings. The whole neighborhood is slightly submerged in the ground compared to the Wildflower Meadow, which surrounds Estates on all sides. The field is mostly empty, with only a few scattered buildings and one small courtyard on the northwest side with a Jump Tower and another Respawn Beacon. The whole area is north of the western Phase Gateway, south of Velvet Oasis, and west of Hammond Labs.

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