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Son, if you're watching this, it means I'm dead. Or you went into my personal effects without permission... which is equally displeasing.
Real Name August Montgomery Brinkman
Nickname Heavy breathing weirdo (by Nathaniel)
Gender Male
Pronouns He/him
Age 63
Relatives Unnamed parents (deceased)
Sok Leng Phua (wife)
Kit Siang Phua (brother-in-law, deceased)
Nathaniel Phua (son)
Homeworld Gaea
Occupation Thunderdome competitor
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Appearances Encore

August Montgomery Brinkman, more famously known as Ballistic, is a Legend introduced in Season 17 Season 17 of Apex Legends. A famed Thunderdome combatant turned bitter hermit, Ballistic joined the Apex Games to prevent his son from following the same path that led to his ruin.

Lore[ | ]

August Montgomery Brinkman was born on Gaea in 2672 as the only child of the billionaire Brinkman family. His parents were killed during a shady deal gone wrong, leaving him an orphan at a young age.[1]

To channel his fury at being left alone, Brinkman entered the Thunderdome as a gladiator in 2707[2], with his flamboyant, selfish, and cocky style quickly making him the Thunderdome's first celebrity. Soon after entering, Brinkman met Sok Leng Phua and her brother, Kit Siang. The three teamed up, proving themselves as some of the Thunderdome's greatest talent. Brinkman and Sok Leng quickly fell in love as well, soon marrying and having a son, Nathaniel.[1] Brinkman cared greatly for his son, with the two often building models of Phantoms in bottles.[3]

Kit Siang death

Kit Siang Phua dies in the Thunderdome.

However, Brinkman's showboating would quickly lead to his downfall. During a fight in 2718[2], Brinkman's attention would stray from the battle to the roars of the crowd, leading to Kit Siang's death at the hands of their opponents.[1] Guilt drove Brinkman to withdraw from the world, descending into alcoholism and sluggishness in his mansion. This caused a divide between him and his family, and Sok Leng eventually separated from him, taking Nathaniel with her.[3]

During his seclusion, Pathfinder served as Brinkman's butler.[4] While in his service, the MRVN burned down the east wing of the Brinkman estate.[5]

At some point, Brinkman befriended Torres Silva, though he believed him to be his son, Eduardo, for most of their relationship.

Encore[ | ]

I want to break a sacred vow made to the dead, to save the living. You keep my boy out of the Games. He never sets foot upon your soil. Then I'm all yours. Do we have a deal?
— Ballistic, to Torres Silva

In 2735, Brinkman had spent another day staring at his television when an Outlands Television program about him aired. Enraged by the reminder of his past mistakes, he threw the bottle in his hand, shattering it and the monitor. Walking over to clean it up, he was shocked when the program then revealed that Nathaniel had qualified as a competitor in the Apex Games. Deciding this was the point to turn his life around, he quickly cleaned himself up and armed himself, departing for a Mercenary Syndicate facility.

Ballistic threatens Silva

Ballistic threatens Torres Silva.

Brinkman rampaged through the facility, massacring Syndicate soldiers until he reached the office of Torres Silva. Placing a gun against Silva's head, he demanded that he enter the Games in Nathaniel's stead in exchange for full control over Brinkman's career. Deciding this to be a great ratings opportunity, Silva agreed.

Soon after, the Syndicate called Nathaniel to tell him that he had been disqualified. Looking out his apartment window, he found a Phantom model left by his father.[3] Nathaniel later visited Brinkman during a media event, publicly smashing the model in front of him as a show of hatred toward his father.[6]

Season 17[ | ]

One night, Torres bypassed the security in the Brinkman estate, wishing to speak with Brinkman in his lounge. After dissuading Brinkman's instinctual threat of violence, Torres asked Brinkman how far he would go to protect his son. Recounting his efforts to save Eduardo's life, the two spoke about the troubles of fatherhood. Silva then left, revealing his true identity and thanking Brinkman for giving him the strength for what is to come.[7]

Appearances[ | ]

In-Game Videos & Trailers Online Media
Transition blurbs
  • Season 17 Boiling Point
  • Season 17 Looking Back to the Thunderdome

Trivia[ | ]

  • Ballistic's story was written by Sam Gill.[8]
  • Ballistic is English.[9]
  • Ballistic's red sunglasses previously belonged to Kit Siang.[3]
  • Ballsitic greatly enjoys tea. He owns a bespoke C.A.R. SMG nicknamed "Lady Grey", named after his favorite tea blend.[1] He additionally enjoys his tea with a hint of whiskey.[10]
  • Ballistic is the oldest human Legend.
  • Gibraltar stated that he was a fan of Ballistic while he worked at the Thunderdome.[11]
  • Ballistic eats his bread without the crust.[12]
  • Ballistic's official biography originally stated that the incident causing him to withdraw from the Thunderdome took place nearly 40 years prior to the present day, rather than 20. This was quickly corrected.
  • Ballistic, along with Horizon and Newcastle, are currently the only three legends known to be parents.

  • One of his voice lines while using Tempest Tempest, "Rage against the dying of the light," references the poem "Do not go gentle into that good night" by Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.

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