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I call him Jackie, but he’ll slap you sideways if you print that. Stick with Jackson. And he’s not gone. Always equip your Jump Kit first... That Pilot was a stickler for protocol, to the end. Not that it’s the end. I just hope he found some peace. Maybe settled down. He was always great with kids...taught me everything I know. He said sometimes you only have time to chamber a single round. So you have to know how to do it right. The last thing I said to him was he’s worried about nothing. Four and a half seconds later, I’m watching him-- he’s in skyfall. ‘Worried about nothing.’ Do you know how insufferable that boy will be, sitting on ‘I told you so’ for over a decade? I’ll never hear the end of it. Actually, know what? Print ‘Jackie’. It’ll drive him crazy. But this way, he’ll know it’s really me. Sometimes you only have time to chamber a single round. Got to do it right.[1]
— Bangalore talks about her brother Jackson
Professional Soldier
Real Name Anita Williams
Gender Female
Age 38
Weight 180 lbs (82 kg)
Height 6'0" (183 cm)
Home World Gridiron
Legend Type Offensive.svg Offensive
Tactical Ability Smoke Launcher.svg Smoke Launcher
Passive Ability Double Time.svg Double Time
Ultimate Ability Rolling Thunder.svg Rolling Thunder
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Erica Luttrell

Bangalore is a Legend that is free and unlocked in the base game.

Bangalore is a strategic Offensive.svg Offensive Legend. Her tactical ability Smoke Launcher.svg Smoke Launcher deploys a smokescreen that heavily reduces visibility in the affected area. Her passive ability Double Time.svg Double Time gives her a movement speed boost when fired. Her ultimate ability Rolling Thunder.svg Rolling Thunder drops several damaging and stunning missiles on the indicated area.


Smoke Launcher[]

Smoke Launcher.svg Tactical Q/LB/L1/LB
Smoke Launcher
Description Fire a high-velocity smoke canister that explodes into a smoke wall on impact.
Cooldown 33 seconds

  • Has two charges, allowing it to be used twice in a row.
  • The launcher allows Bangalore to fire canisters farther than grenades can be thrown.
  • Upon landing, the canister splits into three, which land in a line perpendicular to where it was launched from. Takes 23 seconds to evaporate.
  • The canister's explosion deals 10 damage to enemies.
  • Melee to cancel the launch.

  • The launcher can be used at the same time as other actions: firing, reloading, healing, etc.
  • Threat highlighters, such as the 1x Digital Threat.svg 1x Digital Threat, 4x-10x Digital Sniper Threat.svg 4x-10x Digital Sniper Threat, or Bloodhound's Beast of the Hunt.svg Beast of the Hunt, can see through the smoke.
  • Wattson's Interception Pylon.svg Interception Pylon can shoot down the smoke canisters.
  • Wattson's Perimeter Security.svg Perimeter Security fences can't be seen through the smoke.
  • The smoke residue can be tracked by Bloodhound's Tracker.svg Tracker.

  • The Smoke Launcher can be used both offensively and defensively; to ambush an unsuspecting squad by removing their ability to see you and respond, or as a weapon of escape to obscure yourself and your team from enemies.
  • Bangalore can also use the smoke canister while she is currently using a consumable item such as a Med Kit.svg Med Kit or Shield Battery.svg Shield Battery, as both only require one hand. Use this to your advantage to cover yourself while you heal.
  • The smoke can be seen by other teams from some distance and attract them.
  • The smoke should be on the enemy, not your team. The smoke can also be between you and enemy, effectively acts as a visual barrier between you and enemy.
    • If smoke is on your team, the enemy sees everywhere you cannot, but they know generally where you are.
    • Conversely, smoke on the enemy obscures their vision, forcing them to move out and possibly disperse to engage, while your team retains a wider range of movement and vision, giving your team an advantage.
    • Thus, using smoke to cover your team's revive can be considered a gamble, as your vision is just as obscured.
  • Throw a Frag Grenade.svg Frag Grenade or some explosive device into a smokescreen. This will either deal damage to enemies inside it, force them to come to you, or force them to retreat. You can also have Caustic's Nox Gas Grenade.svg Nox Gas Grenade in the smoke to obscure the enemies' vision and deal damage.

  • Crouching and hip-firing while the smoke launcher is primed will increase your accuracy.

  • Double Time[]

    Double Time.svg Passive
    Double Time
    Description Taking fire while sprinting makes you move faster for a brief time.

    • Double Time activates upon being hit, or when bullets/grenades barely miss you, giving you a 30% increase in run speed for 2 seconds.

  • The passive can activate if enemies shoot at you while inside Gibraltar's Dome of Protection.svg Dome of Protection.

  • Bangalore's passive is a reactive one that responds to enemies engaging you. Utilize the short term speed boost whenever you can either by running for cover or returning fire with the increased speed as it makes you a difficult target to hit.

  • Rolling Thunder[]

    Rolling Thunder.svg Ultimate Z/LB+RB/L1+R1/LB+RB
    Rolling Thunder
    Description Call in an artillery strike that slowly creeps across the landscape.
    Charge time 3 minutes

    • Bangalore throws a flare, and several rows of missiles land sequentially in front of the flare then stick for 6 seconds before exploding. Since they land in rows, this creates a sort of wave of explosions moving forward from the flare.
    • The missiles land in a 6x6 square, with the maximum distance of 70m ahead from the flare.
    • Each explosion deals 40 damage and slows enemies. This ability cannot damage squadmates, but it will still cause a slowing effect.
    • Rolling Thunder is referred as "Creeping Barrage" in death recap, obituaries and its corresponding stat tracker.

  • Wattson's Interception Pylon.svg Interception Pylon can shoot down both the missiles (before landing) and the initial flare.

  • Note that unlike grenades which can be held in the throw position by holding down the fire button, the flare will be thrown the instant you press the fire button.
  • Unlike Gibraltar's Defensive Bombardment.svg Defensive Bombardment, the missiles land in front of the flare instead of around it, so throw it between you and the area you want to bombard.
  • Rolling Thunder should be best saved for large team engagements or ambushes, or ultimately to cover your team while escaping. It can catch an unsuspecting enemy team off guard and have them running for cover.
  • A good time to use Rolling Thunder is right after downing an enemy in a long-range outdoor fight. It'll make it dangerous for their squad to try to revive them, and give your squad space to push into a 3v2 fight.
  • This ultimate ability isn't independently powerful enough to be fully effective on its own, so it is strongly recommended to chase the enemy down as they get bombarded.

  • Lore[]

    Born into a military family where she, her parents, and her four older brothers all served with the IMC, Bangalore has been an exceptional soldier her whole life. Dedicated to the IMC cause, she was top of her class at the IMC Military Academy and the only cadet who could take apart a Peacekeeper, equip it with a Precision Choke hop-up, and put it back together in under twenty seconds – blindfolded.

    In the months following the Battle at Gridiron, the IMS Hestia, with Anita and brother Jackson on board, was attacked by unknown assailants. A bomb on the outer hull blew out a chunk of the ship… but not before Jackson shielded her, sacrificing his own life to save hers. Anita watched helplessly, as Jackson was sucked out into the vacuum of space. After crashing on a Syndicate planet, Anita looked for both work, and the brother she refused to believe had died, so they could begin the decades-long trip back home. Now, she fights to raise money in the Apex Games, in the hopes of finding a pilot willing to take the epic trip back home to reunite with what remains of her family.


    Anita Williams was born on Gridiron in the year 2695. The Williams family was a military family, and she was raised with her four brothers to serve in the IMC armed forces, as did four generations before her. [2] Throughout childhood, Anita held a strong kinship and a friendly rivalry with her youngest brother, Jackson. The two created a lifelong game to see who would be better at even menial things. The pair kept a scorecard between them, including tasks such as “who said their first word first,” “fastest time to disassemble an R-201,” “who met Vice Admiral Graves first,” and “who spit on Vice Admiral Graves (post-betrayal) first.” [3]

    Anita and her brother were together during their time in boot camp. During one prank war, Anita spiked Jackson’s rations with laxatives, only for them to be eaten by their commanding officer. As punishment, both siblings were forced to clean an Essex-class cruiser with toothbrushes. [4]

    On the day of their graduation, the siblings’ score card was tied, with each side having completed 99 tasks. Jackson received his marching order a few days before Anita, seemingly cementing him as the better Williams sibling. She tore the card to shreds in anger after this. After their graduation, as Jackson approaches Anita to give her a gift, the destruction of Typhon by the Frontier Militia was announced. All of the hundreds of thousands of IMC personnel on the planet had perished - including Zeke, the oldest Williams sibling. Anita gained a burning hatred of the Militia from that day. [3]

    Jackson, not trusting Anita to go rogue after receiving the news, was granted a transfer, and was given the same deployment as his sister, joining the crew of the IMS Hestia 01. [3]

    Battle of Gridiron[]

    After the Battle of Typhon, the IMC’s resources became concentrated on Gridiron. During this time, losses continued to mount - the Apex Predators departed, as their contract had been fulfilled, and Vice Admiral Spyglass's Remnant Fleet deserted. With these losses and the loss of Typhon, the IMC became desperate, and the Militia eventually surrounded the planet. [3]

    Anita and Jackson both participated in the Battle of Gridiron, during which a Militia Cloak Pilot engaged the former. Despite her best efforts, she could not defeat the Pilot, being stabbed by their data knife. [5]

    During her recovery, Jackson, who was in command of the IMS Hestia-01, decided that Gridiron was lost and it was against the crew’s best interest to continue fighting. [5] Anita had to be sedated to prevent her from starting a coup. The item from Typhon, a powerful energy source possibly related to the Ark which powered Typhon’s Fold Weapon, was used to amplify the vessel’s drives, allowing it to travel from Gridiron to the borders of the Outlands in less than a year - far less than the twenty this trip would normally take. When the crew arrived in the Outlands, the power source was exhausted, and a return trip would take its normal length of decades[3]. Additionally, the Blackout had begun, extinguishing all sources of communication with the rest of the Frontier, including Gridiron.


    By the time Anita awoke, the IMS Hestia-01 had crash landed on the Gaean island of Storm Point. The survivors began creating a makeshift settlement at the crash site, with Jackson as their leader.

    Anita, perturbed by this perceived act of treason, sent an emergency signal for evacuation and confronted Jackson about his actions. Eventually, she received a response from Commander Scryer, a Pilot serving the IMC. Scryer arrived on his personal ship and attempted to execute Jackson for treason. Anita intervened, and the Williams siblings began to fight off Scryer.

    After indiscriminately bombing the settlement, Scryer, himself a Cloak Pilot, began to mock the siblings and engaged them in combat. After picking up Anita and flying around the settlement with her, she was able to disable Scryer’s jump pack with his data knife. Crashing into a nearby building, she recognized his tactics as similar to those used by the Pilot she fought during the Battle of Gridiron. Working together with Jackson, she was able to disarm him and fatally stab Scryer with his own data knife. She then took the knife as her own.

    After the death of Scryer, the crew commandeered Scryer’s ship, christening it the Hestia 02 and using it as their new home. Anita joins them, helping her brother to hide from the pursuing IMC leadership. [5]

    Over the next several years, the crew members of the Hestia-02 took odd jobs to get by. At one point, Jackson revealed to Anita the true reason behind their truancy: The ARES Division, an archeological unit of the IMC, was planning on using a device known as the Fold Weapon to decimate various planets across the Frontier to force the Militia into submission. [6] The Militia had killed hundreds of thousands of people to save billions. [3]

    Roughly a week after this revelation, a grenade [3] exploded on the outer hull of the Hestia-02 when it was above Solace. Jackson was lost during this incident, having shielded Anita and prevented her from flying out of the ship. As Anita watched helplessly as the most important person in her life was taken from her, she refused to believe that he had died. [7]

    Six months after the explosion, Anita decided to look through the possessions Jackson had left behind. With them, she found their scorecard, having been taped back together after she had destroyed it. Jackson had made one modification to it - he had added one last task, showing that Anita had won their competition because “A comes before J in the alphabet.” She also found a note from him, which said that “what’s been torn apart can always be put back together again.” [3] She then resolved to find a way to search for Jackson and find a way for them to return home to Gridiron. [7]

    In 2727, Anita worked as a security guard in the town of Little Mouse, Solace. An informant contacted her, claiming to have information regarding Jackson. Arriving at a facility on the island of Kings Canyon, she plugged in the drive to find a video message recorded by Jackson, who seemed to be still alive. Though she was overjoyed, this happiness was short-lived, as immediately after the drive was taken by the Voidwalker Wraith. [8]

    At some point, Anita was at a shooting range to celebrate her birthday when she was harassed by James “Forge” McCormick. [9] He later went on to describe the incident as the two “having a thing.” [10]

    Anita later joined the Apex Games to raise money to fund her return trip to Gridiron. [7]

    At some point, Angela Fazia, a reporter for the Outlands Journal tabloid, attempted to interview Anita regarding her past. She ignored the repetitive requests, eventually threatening Fazia if she was to continue. [11]

    Season 5 Launch Trailer[]

    Anita was present when Skull Town sank into the Duchess River and Loba Andrade arose from the wreckage. [12] She detained the intruder, keeping a Peacekeeper to her head. At that moment, two dropships arrived. One contained a platoon of Spectres sent by the Mercenary Syndicate, and the other contained Cheryl Amacci, the head of Hammond Robotics’ legal department. [13] Amacci announces Loba’s entrance into the Games as the newest Legend, much to the violent chagrin of Anita. [14] As she walks away, she overhears Loba having a conversation with Yoko Zepnewski, Amacci’s chief of staff. [15]

    The Broken Ghost[]

    After Loba joined the Apex Games, she solicited the assistance of the other Legends (sans Revenant) to hunt down pieces of an artifact on an alternate Kings Canyon, in the Shadowfall dimension. [16]

    When Octane reveals that he has a date scheduled with Yoko Zepnewski, Anita seizes the opportunity to obtain information regarding Loba’s true intentions. [17] Octane accidentally reveals the true purpose of the “date,” but Zepnewski reveals that Loba is working with Hammond Robotics to find something called a “source code,” or the biological remains of Revenant’s human mind. She gives this information on the condition that she receives Anita’s autograph. However, the “date” is cut short when Wattson is injured in the Shadowfall dimension. [18]

    While Wattson recovers from her injuries, Revenant arrives to harass and threaten the Legends. [18] Anita, Gibraltar, and Bloodhound suddenly return from the Shadowfall dimension to fend off their assailant. Anita states her belief that someone is feeding him information. Crypto offhandedly accuses her of being the mole, to which she dismissively brushes the comment off. [19] Eventually, Revenant returns in the form of Crypto’s drone and confirms that there is a mole amongst them. [20]

    After this incident, Octane haphazardly rushes into the Shadowfall dimension, leaving behind a note for Lifeline. [19] After reading it, she confronts Anita, placing some of the blame on her for turning his “date” into an intel-gathering mission. She refuses to send an extraction team to rescue Octane and leaves. An angered Lifeline, wanting to give some incentive for Anita to capitulate, abducts Yoko Zepnewski and forces Anita to give her an autograph. In return, Zepnewski gives Anita a transcript of her and Cheryl Amacci’s discussion with Loba. [21]

    Returning to the Legends, Anita reveals the truth about their “quest”: the “treasure” they have been gathering has been for Hammond Robotics the entire time. Despite the further mistrust this revelation sows, the Legends decide to complete the project to find out more of the truth. [22]

    After the “treasure” is completed, Anita secretly follows Loba to her ship, wary that Revenant will be waiting for her. [23] Hiding herself in an overwatch position to provide covering fire if necessary, she eavesdrops on Loba and Revenant’s conversation, where he reveals that he wishes to die. He points out that she is hiding, and Anita reveals herself after Revenant leaves. This helps to mend the bad blood between the two, and they begin to grow closer. [24]

    The Endorsement[]

    Anita visited Rampart’s shop with Gibraltar to share a drink. [25]

    Pathfinder's Quest[]

    Anita met with Pathfinder when the latter sought answers regarding his creator. They discussed family, Anita’s past on the Hestia, and her feelings about being an IMC soldier in a world that is so against them. [3]

    Season 8[]

    One day, Anita and Wraith were scheduled to fight together in an Apex Games match. During preparations on the drop ship, she asks Wraith to hand her her jump pack. When Wraith bent down to grab it, she found a Pilot’s data knife and pressed Anita for information. Anita reacted violently, grappling Wraith and telling her that “[she is] not taking anything else from [her].” [26]

    The Legacy Antigen[]

    Upon the arrival of the Icarus fleet to Olympus, the Legends went to investigate the mysterious ships. After some casual flirting between Loba and Anita, the former went to investigate the ship and fell through a weak part of the dock. [27] Though Anita was devastated to see someone else she loves fall to their certain death, Loba was luckily saved by Valkyrie’s intervention. However, this joy was short lived, as it was discovered that the massive vines protruding from the ship were carrying a potent disease-causing agent. Anita contracted this illness, and she had three days to live unless a cure was found. [28]

    Anita was quickly admitted to a local hospital on Olympus. However, she was agitated with the idea of simply sitting around waiting to die, wishing to assist the other Legends in finding a cure. Detonating one of her smoke canisters, she attempted to leave, but was stopped by Wraith. The two engaged in a vitriolic fight, where Anita revealed the reason she hates Wraith: she blames her for not being able to find her brother. Recounting her trip to Singh Labs to Wraith, the latter stated that she was not responsible; the true culprit was the Voidwalker Wraith. Excited to know what was happening for once, Wraith proposed a pact with Anita: Wraith would assist Anita with her search for Jackson, and Anita would help Wraith find out more about her past. Anita accepted these terms. [8]

    After the cure was developed, a recovering Anita was visited by Rampart and Gibraltar. When asked by Rampart for “a little bow-chika-mow-mow” regarding Loba, Anita replied that they were simply friends. Loba was waiting outside with flowers and overheard this conversation, crushing her. [29] However, Anita later expressed regret at having said this. [30]

    Season 10[]

    One day, an emergency capsule landed on the edge of Olympus. Anita seemed to recognize the capsule, and was in disbelief as to what she saw. Upon entering, she found a manifest containing data regarding the crew members of the IMS Hestia-01, as well as information pointing towards Storm Point. She additionally heard a recording of the message she sent after waking up on the island. [31]

    Season 11[]

    After the Mercenary Syndicate acquired Storm Point as an arena for the Apex Games, Anita seemed intent on surveying the wreckage of the IMS Hestia-01, despite her belief that there was nothing more to be found. Around this time, she had drafted a message to Loba about the site, but deleted it before she could send it. [32]

    During an expedition with Wraith, she recounted the story of how she obtained her data knife, as well as her landing on Storm Point. [5] On another occasion, Anita was attempting to repair a radio transmitter she once used to try to send a message to her family on Gridiron. Wraith approached her, stating that she was waiting for word from a contact in Solace City. After she leaves, she hears a thud and is met by Revenant, who says he wants to “have a little chat.” [33]

    Soon after, on the Apex Games dropship, Revenant engages with Anita once more. Positing that Jackson must be either dead or in hiding, he reiterates what he proposed in her apartment: the pair should pool their resources, allowing them to significantly shorten the length of the normally 20-year trip to Gridiron. After mentioning her aging parents, she begins to consider the offer. [34]

    Cosmetic Items[]


    There are a total of 74 Legend skins for Bangalore: 23 Legendary, 9 Epic, 26 Rare and 16 Common.


    1. Officer Williams was needed between March 7 and 8, 2020.
    2. Included in the Dame of Death Bundle.
    3. Story text as well as own reference symbol is missing ingame at the moment.

    Story of Bangalore:

    1. Decorated Line: Sergeant First Class Anita Williams was born into a military family, both parents veterans of the Titan Wars. This IMC soldier's first uniform was more than a badge of honor, it was a symbol of family.
    2. MIL-SPEC: Story text is missing ingame at the moment.

    • Air Raid - Apex Coins 1,000

    • PlayStation+ Pack Splashdown - November 2021


    Main article: Finisher


    Heirloom Set[]

    Main article: Heirloom

    Bangalore's Heirloom Set

    This set was made available during the Chaos Theory Icon.svg Chaos Theory Collection Event. Anyone who completed the Chaos Theory Collection set was be given this automatically.

    The set contains:

    • A Banner Pose: No Gun, No Problem
    • A Melee weapon skin: Cold Steel
    • An CosmeticIcon Quip.png Intro Quip: "Hope you're not afraid to get your hands dirty"


    Main article: Emote
    • Charge - Crafting Metals 1,200
    • Present Arms - Crafting Metals 400
    • No Sweat - Default

    Skydive Emotes[]

    Main article: Skydive Emote


    Main article: Holospray


    1. Originally its name and display text was Respect The Uniform
    2. Included in the Gridiron Bundle.

    Music Packs[]

    Main article: Music Pack

    Loading Screens[]

    Main article: Loading Screen

    Voice lines[]



    • Bangalore's abilities came from the gameplay need to have a character who could help their team advance on enemies through large open areas. The name 'Bangalore' comes from the Bangalore torpedo, as well as from the city in India, since Indian troops in World War I made use of creeping barrages to cross no man's land.[35]
    • Former Senior Game Designer Daniel Klein considers Bangalore to be the bar for what a balanced, healthy character should look like.[36]
    • She is hinted to be interested in women (As she is shown to have feelings for Loba while talking with Wraith about her brother Jackson). This has yet to be confirmed by the developers.
    • She makes multiple references to IMC grunt voicelines and/or actions from the previous Titanfall games.
      • Her hatred of Flyers may be a reference to the first Titanfall where IMC Grunts were forcibly taken away by Flyers.
      • Her quote for being attacked, "Third party! They're trying to corner us!" is a reference to the grunts from Titanfall 2, who would commonly say the same few voice lines due to the limited number of available quotes, with the aforementioned line being one of the most common (and infamous.)
    • Bangalore's favorite weapon is the G7 Scout.[3]
    • When she was growing up, her parents raised her on the P20 Series handguns, as hinted at when you ping a P2020 in the game.
    • Bangalore enjoys shooting guns on her birthday. [9]
    • Her Heirloom knife is confirmed to be a Pilot's Data Knife, taken from IMC Lieutenant Scryer after his defeat on Storm Point. [5] She claims to have already attempted, fruitlessly, to check the data on it herself.[37]
      • Additionally the overall appearance of the knife, especially the curve in the middle of the blade makes it closely resemble a Khukuri knife. A recurved machete that is still used almost exclusively by South Asian and Nepalese soldiers known as Gurkhas.
      • Wrapped around the blade's sheath is a bracelet of bottlecaps, made for her by her family as a memento before her first deployment. [3]
    • According to the manifest in the spherical pod on Olympus, she is considered AWOL, even though she considered herself as MIA.
    • If Bangalore reloads while simultaneously launching a smoke canister, the weapon's magazine will load by itself. Before being patched out, a third arm used to come into view.
    • Bangalore seems to be somewhat spiritual, and may be Christian or Catholic. [38]
    • Her autograph is seen as a rare collector's autograph, as she rarely does signings after matches. [39]
    • Bangalore wears her IMC patches in public, garnering some degree of public resentment. [3]
    • Bangalore can strike with a force of 775 PSI, and has a weapon draw speed of 0.7 seconds. [10]





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