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Character Select[edit | edit source]

  • ▶️ "Nothing like cold steel on a hot day."
  • ▶️ "Ruck up its time to move out"
  • ▶️ "Get ready to stitch 'em up"
  • ▶️ "Lock and load, rinse, repeat. It’s that simple."
  • ▶️ "Time to put some lead downrange."
  • ▶️ "I've put the time in, I've earned my stripes."
  • ▶️ "Pop the smoke make 'em broke."
  • ▶️ "(Sniff - Sniff) Spent gunpowder... smells like victory."
  • ▶️ "If you can't keep up you're straight out of luck."
  • ▶️ "We'll win this thing together. Semper Fi or die."
  • ▶️ "Real men use ironsights? Heh, I use heavy artillery”.
  • ▶️ "Clips are what civvies use in their hair, this is called a magazine."
  • ▶️ "Safety's off, weapon's free."
  • ▶️ "Time to see if all those drills have paid off."
  • ▶️ "Amateur hour's over, time for the big leagues."
  • ▶️ "Ready up, it’s go time"
  • ▶️ "I came here to party, let's rock."
  • ▶️ "Tap, rack, and clear. I'm ready."
  • ▶️ "No Cluster Foxtrots in my unit, let's run this."
  • ▶️ "We got this round squared away"

Intro[edit | edit source]

  • "Hope you're not afraid to get your hands dirty."
  • "Better find me before I find you."
  • "Come get some. Move it or die."
  • "Get ready for a light show."
  • "No such thing as auto-aim, ladies."
  • "You make contact, you better finish the job."
  • Fight or Fright Icon.svg "This isn't a costume, it's a uniform. It's who I am and you will respect it."
  • Holo-Day Bash Icon.svg "They say there's nothing harsher than a long winter, guess they never met me."
  • Season 1 Battle Pass "Opening season. No time for an FNG."
  • "Artillery sounds like music to me."
  • "I'm not hard to understand. Death is my language."
  • "Don't bring a pistol to an artillery fight."
  • "Don't matter what you run, just how you use it."
  • "Don't miss. I won't."
  • "Get ready for a world of hurt."
  • "Want a tip? Go back to boot camp."
  • "Heads up for a pucker factor."
  • "Pistols to artillery, I can do it all, your call."
  • "Name the weapon, I'll still beat you."
  • "I'm ready today... (laughs) I'm ready all month."
  • "Locked and loaded."
  • "Make each round count."
  • "Maybe this time I'll open both eyes."
  • "Shooter ready."

Kills[edit | edit source]

  • Fight or Fright Icon.svg "Show up on my door playing pretend soldier? Hmph, here's your candy."
  • Holo-Day Bash Icon.svg "Cold out? Gonna feel a lot colder in a second."
  • Season 5 Battle Pass "I didn't say I mended broken hearts, I said I ended them."
  • Season 7 Battle Pass "You call that a firearm? That's adorable."
  • Season 9 Battle Pass "Five generations of IMC military training in my blood and that's what you show up with?"
  • "Looks like aiming isn't your strong suit."
  • "Bad effect on target, rook."
  • "On this field you gotta be prepared for anything."
  • "You can't dodge heavy artillery. You know that right?"
  • "Did you think the trigger would pull itself?"
  • "Don't knock yourself. I put my time in long ago."
  • "Dropped, shocked, and rocked. Say hello to the four-oh first."
  • "First one through the door is usually the first one in a body bag."
  • "Good initiative, bad judgment. Try again."
  • "I got the best of you today."
  • "Here's a tip: know what you're doing."
  • "You need to hit the range more."
  • "Ever heard of a stock? Barrel stabilizer? How about skills? You might wanna find you some."
  • "Not gonna say this was too easy, but I may have had one eye closed."
  • "I said danger close. Weren't you listening?"
  • "I'm quicker than you think. Keep that in mind next time."
  • "You're just another KIA on my resume."
  • "You sure you didn't just make it out of basic training?"
  • "Kill confirmed. Gonna add you to the list."
  • "Like a deer in the headlights. And I'm the headlights."
  • "No substitute for real steel."
  • "You're not even worth the chalk to tally."
  • "Not your day, shooter."
  • "You played dead like a pro."
  • "Rate of fire means nothing when you miss all the time."
  • "What happened? Recoil hit you in the face?"
  • "[sniffs] So that's what fear smells like."
  • "Take a breather. You lost this one."
  • "First you lose your cool, then you lose your head."
  • "Too slow on the draw."
  • "Training dummies move faster than you."
  • "What are you? The FNG?"
  • "What happened? Your weapon malfunction? Or did you?"
  • ▶️ "This is what happens when your unit goes AWOL."
  • "You just got caught on the wrong end of my muzzle."
  • "I can tell from your shooting that you ain't no operator."
  • "You bleed. You sweat. You get what you put in."
  • "I'm gonna give you the bottom line upfront: You lost this one."
  • "You shooting blanks, or you just miss a lot?"
  • "Don't matter who you were back in the world. You're in my house now"
  • "Big, small, don't matter. You're just target practice to me."

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

I'm Jumpmaster
  • "Hey. I'm the jumpmaster. Ready up."
  • "Stay on me. I'm the jumpmaster."
Here we go / When dropping from Dropship
  • "Hold on tight! It’s time to drop, shock, and rock!"
  • "Hit the jets! We're dropping hot."
Skydive Emote
  • "Hey. Drop, shock, and rock!"
  • “Hell yeah!”
  • "Yeah!"
Opening fire on the enemy
  • "Putting lead downrange."
  • "Firing."
Damaging enemy from afar
  • "Confirmed hit on target."
  • "Good effect on target."
Damaged Cargo Bot
Throwing Arc Star.svg Arc Star
Taking damage
  • "Takin' damage."
  • "Taking fire!"
  • "Eating lead!"
  • "I'm hit!"
Down an enemy
  • "Downed a target."
  • "Tango down."
Another enemy down
  • "Another one. Dropping like flies."
  • "Downed another target."
  • "My sights. Downed another."
Multiple enemies down
  • "Knocked some targets."
Killed an enemy
  • "Confirmed kill."
  • "Tango killed."
Kill in Pathfinder's Fight Night
  • "(laugh) Everybody's got a plan until they get decked."
  • "That'll show you for trying to go hand-and-hand with the best around."
Kill with Cold Steel
  • "That's the sound of victory."
  • "Ready for bare."
  • "I came to party."
  • "I like gettin' my hands dirty."
Kill multiple enemies in a short time
  • "Multiple KIA's. Add 'em to the list."
I got you / Reviving Squadmate
  • "Hold tight, I got your back."
  • "You'll be alright. I got ya."
Another Squad attacking
  • ▶️ "Check your sectors! Another squad is incoming."
  • ▶️ "Ambush! Ambush! There's another squad!"
  • ▶️ "Third-party! They're trying to corner us!"
Being respawned
  • "Time to drop, shock, and rock."
  • "Let me at 'em."
I'm down
  • "I'm down, need a medic."
  • "They got me. I'm down."
  • "Don't put me on the list of casualties yet."
  • "Sergeant First Class Anita Williams - redeploying and not dead yet."
Whole Squad down
  • "Dusted the last one. Get some."
  • "That was the whole Squad. No quarter given."
    • "That was the whole Squad. (laugh) No quarter given."
  • "That was the last of 'em. Another Squad bites the dust."
  • "Whole Squad taken out. I like what I see."
  • [Solo] "I just dusted an entire unit. Hell yeah."
  • [Solo] “Whole unit KIA. Damn, I’m good.”
Pick up Vault Key
  • "I got a Vault Key."
Opened a Vault
  • "Popped open a Vault."
Dropping CosmeticIcon Holo-Sprays.png Holo-Spray
  • "Leavin’ my mark. Lettin’ em know I’m ready to tango."
  • "Dropping my mark. In case they wanna go toe-to-toe."
Exiting Trident
  • "That's it for me. I'm bouncin'."
  • "Far enough. Jumping out here."
Healing/recharging shields/Phoenix Kit
  • "Takin' a knee. Patching up."
  • "Healing. Watch my back."
  • "Using a medkit. One sec."
  • "Give me a sec. Recharging shields
  • "Giving my shields a recharge."

Battle Royale Status[edit | edit source]

First blood
  • "First blood. FNGs always go first."
  • "First blood. Tastes like victory."
  • "First blood, gotta be someone. Glad it’s not one of us."
  • [By Squad] "First blood is ours. Off to a good start."
  • [By Squad] "Nice first blood."
  • [By Squad] "Took first blood. Kicking things off right."
  • [By Squad] "We just took first blood. Kill Confirmed."
New Kill Leader
  • "New Kill Leader -- call 'em if you spot 'em."
  • "New Kill Leader -- if they're getting cocky, they're getting sloppy."
  • "New Kill Leader -- watch your six."
Kill Leader Eliminated by Squad
  • "Kill Leader's dust. That's how we do."
  • "We took out the Kill Leader. Rocked 'em, and dropped 'em."
Appointed as New Kill Leader
  • "Just got promoted to Kill Leader."
  • "I'm the Kill Leader. Ready to bear."
Squadmate appointed as Kill Leader
  • "Good work, Kill Leader. Hell yeah!"
Champion Eliminated
  • ▶️ "Nice, champion's out. Meat wagon is having one hell of a day."
  • ▶️ "Champion out."
  • ▶️ "Champion's out huh? Throne's ours for the taking."
  • [By Squad] “Champion’s toast. Nice work, team. Keep it up.”
Half the Squads remain
  • "Half the Squads left. Let's smoke 'em."
  • [Alone] "Half the Squads gone. Let's smoke 'em."
Only one Squad left
  • "Only one Squad left. It's gonna get loud."
Care package
  • "Care package incoming. Let's get to the LZ."
  • "Care package incoming. Y’all earned this. Just watch your backs."
  • "Care package touching down. They usually carry rare platforms."

Ring Status[edit | edit source]

Inside the Ring
  • “We’re inside the Ring. Got the positional advantage.”
  • “Good work. We’re inside the next Ring.”
  • “We’re inside the Ring. One less thing to worry about.”
  • [Solo] “Good, inside this next Ring.”
  • [Solo] “Inside this next Ring. Ready to win.”
Next ring far
  • "Ring's far, ladies. Oscar Mike."
  • "Ring's not close. Hustle up."
Ring moving
  • "Ring's moving. Oscar Mike, ladies."
  • "It's on. Ring's moving."
  • “Ring’s moving. Hustle up.”
60 seconds until ring closure
  • ▶️ [Close] “One minute. Ring’s nearby.”
  • ▶️ [Close] “Ring’s nearby. One minute 'till close.”
  • ▶️ [Close. Solo] “Ring’s nearby. One minute to go.”
  • ▶️ [Close. Solo] “One minute.”
  • ▶️ [Far] “Heads up. Ring’s closin’ in one.”
  • ▶️ [Far] “Ring’s closin’ in one.”
  • ▶️ [Far. Solo] “Ring’s closing soon.”
  • ▶️ [Far. Solo] “A minute left.”
45 seconds until ring closure
  • Far
    • "45 seconds. Ring ain’t close. Oscar Mike, ladies."
    • “45 seconds. Ring ain’t close. Double time, people.”
    • "45 seconds. Ring's far."
  • Near
    • "45 seconds. Ring's just ahead."
30 seconds until near ring closure
  • "Ring ain't far. Half of one."
  • [Solo] “Ring’s close. Easy 30.”
10 seconds until nearby ring closure
  • "Not too far from ring. Got 10."
Not everyone in the Ring, in squad
  • “Focus, people. We have to get inside the Ring.”
  • “We aren’t in the Ring. Check your stations.”
Final Ring closing
  • ▶️ "Last Ring's closing. Ready up."
  • ▶️ "Final Ring's closing in. It's gonna be FUBAR."
  • ▶️ [Solo] "Last Ring's closing. Gotta ready up."
  • ▶️ [Solo] "Final Ring. It's gonna be FUBAR."
  • ▶️ [Solo] "Last Ring's closing. You got this girl."

Arenas Status[edit | edit source]

Round one prep
  • "Arm up, ladies. We gonna win to take. "
Match point prep - Winning
  • "This one's for the championship. Don't go takin' any naps now."
  • "Win this match, win it all. Let's bring it home, Squad."
Match point prep - Losing
  • "They're a point away from winning. We're better than this."
  • "They're about to win. You okay with that? I'm not."
Double Kill
  • "That's a twofer."

Pings[edit | edit source]

Pinging location in Dropship
  • "Let’s touch down here."
  • "This is a good LZ."
Suggested a location / Pinging location
  • "Let's reposition here."
  • "Let's displace here."
  • "Let's check out this area."
  • "Let's go this way."
  • "Let's relocate here."
Enemy spotted
  • "Enemy in sight."
  • "Enemy spotted."
  • "Tango spotted."
  • "Tango spotted. Danger close."
  • "Hostile! Danger close."
  • "Hostile right here."
  • "Hostile spotted."
  • "Hostile! Right here."
  • "Target over there."
  • “Saw someone out there. Stay focused.”
  • "Contact!"
  • "Contact! On my marker!"
  • "Safety's off folks. Enemy's here."
  • "We got company, people."
  • “Got a live one out there!”
Enemy being revived
  • "Watch out. Tango's getting revived."
Attacking here
  • "Gonna lay some lead downrange."
  • "Gonna lay some lead. Right here."
  • "Gonna make a move - over there."
  • "Pushing on targets. Cover me."
  • "Pushing on targets. My marker."
  • "Pushing up on the enemies."
  • "Engaging Hostile."
  • "Going loud!"
  • "Pushing up! Need cover!"
  • "Pushing! Cover my six."
  • "Over there! Engaging!"
  • "Gonna light 'em up!"
Looting over here / Looting this area
  • "Looking for supplies here. I'll relay what I find."
  • "Possible loot here. Checkin' it out."
  • "Possible OSP there. Gonna check it out."
  • "Scouting ahead for gear."
  • "Scouting for gear here."
  • "Looting here."
  • "Near gear. Moving up!"
  • "Near gear. Scouting here."
  • "Recon run for gear! Moving!"
  • "Resupplying here."
  • "Scouting ahead. Checkin' for supplies."
Need help
  • "I need a medic over here."
Going here / Heading to a location
  • "Moving here."
  • "Gonna recon that way."
  • "Going over here."
  • "Heading out there."
Defending this area / Defending over there.
  • "Defending this area. Holding position."
  • "Gonna hold that position. Over there."
  • "Defending this area."
  • "Defensive position here."
  • "Laying defend here."
  • "Laying defend over there."
Watching this area
  • "I got eyes on this area."
  • "I want to keep a lookout here."
  • "Hold. Eyes on that spot."
  • "Keeping an eye on that area out there."
  • "Watching that vector."
  • "Covering my sector."
  • "Eyes on that sector."
  • "Keeping an eye on this place."
  • "Keeping lookout over there."
  • "Looking out here."
  • "Watching there."
  • "Watching this sector."
Location Compromised / Someone's Been Here
  • "Got a feelin' tangos have been {here/there.}"
  • "Looks like {this/that} area's been compromised."
  • "Someone's been here."
  • "We aren't the first ones there."
  • "Area compromised."
  • "Enemies have been {here/there}."
  • "Tangos have been over {here/there}."
  • "This area's been looted."
  • VK-47 Flatline:
    • "Flatline here. Kicks like a mule, but hits even harder."
    • "Flatline here. Hits harder than the 301, but harder to control."
  • G7 Scout:
    • "G7 Scout here. Handles like an AR. Good mid-range."
    • "G7 Scout here. Marksman rifle. High rate of fire."
  • Hemlok Burst AR:
    • "Hemlok here. Three round burst. Best AR at range."
    • "Hemlok here. One burst to break the shield, another to break the man."
  • R-301 Carbine:
    • "R-301 here. Accurate and easy to control."
    • "R-301 here. Standard issue. Very dependable."
    • "R-301 here. Versatile platform, from close to long-range."
    • "R-301 here. Comes stock with a fire selector."
  • HAVOC Rifle:
    • "HAVOC Rifle here. Takes a sec to warm up, but very powerful."
  • 30-30 Repeater:
    • "30-30 Rep-rep here."
  • Alternator SMG:
    • "Alternator here. Two alternating fire barrels. Easy to control."
    • "Alternator here. Super compact, easy to handle."
  • Prowler Burst PDW:
    • "Prowler SMG here. Five round burst. High rate of fire."
    • "Prowler SMG here. Hop up turns this baby full auto."
  • R-99 SMG:
    • "R-99 here. Crazy rate of fire, eats anything you run it."
    • "R-99 here. Spits lead, so grab an extended mag."
    • "R-99 here. Good recoil, but it empties fast."
  • Devotion LMG:
    • "Devotion here. Increases rate of fire over time."
    • "Devotion here. Eats up energy ammo, but weeds people out."
  • M600 Spitfire:
    • "Spitfire here. Good mid-range suppression."
    • "Spitfire here. Get the extended mag and you're a solid base of fire."
    • "L-STAR here. Plasma weapon."
    • "L-STAR here. Overheats, but what a beauty. Go ham with this thing."
  • Longbow DMR:
    • "Longbow here. Semi-auto DMR."
    • "Longbow here. A marksman's best friend."
  • Kraber .50-Cal Sniper:
    • "Kraber here. Rare sniper for you marksmen."
    • "Kraber here. This baby's got everything you need... if you can handle it."
  • Triple Take:
    • "Triple Take here. The horizontal spread makes it easier to hit running targets."
    • "Triple Take here. Very little projectile drop at range."
  • EVA-8 Auto:
    • "EVA-8 here. Ranged shotgun. Fully auto."
    • "EVA-8 here. Don't need to worry about short strokin' a pump."
  • Mastiff Shotgun:
    • "Mastiff here. Very rare. Strong incendiary rounds."
    • "Mastiff here. Aim down sight to choke the spread."
  • Mozambique Shotgun:
    • "Mozambique here. Three buckshot on a single trigger pull."
    • "Mozambique here. Two to the chest, one to the head. Solid shotgun pistol."
  • Peacekeeper:
    • "Peacekeeper here. Good for close combat."
    • "Peacekeeper here. Hop up chokes the spread."
  • RE-45 Auto:
    • "RE-45 here. High rate of fire, not much kick."
    • "RE-45 here. Nice auto-pistol for close combat."
  • P2020:
    • "P2020 here. Standard issue 'cause it's dependable."
    • "P2020 here. I grew up with one of these."
  • Wingman:
    • "Wingman here. Most powerful handgun on the Frontier."
    • "Wingman here. Slow, but it's got serious stopping power."
Barrel Stabilizer.svg Barrel Stabilizer
  • "Barrel Stabilizer here. Level 1/2/3. Good for ranged engagements."
    • “Barrel Stabilizer here. Level 4. Hides that muzzle flash.”
Close-range optic
  • "Optics here. Close range. Always better than iron sights."
Standard Stock.svg Standard Stock
  • "Standard stock here. Level 1/2/3. Improves handling speed."
  • "Standard stock here. Level 1/2/3. Helps keep that target centered."
Sniper Stock.svg Sniper Stock
  • "Sniper stock here. Level 1/2/3. Helps maintain that sight picture."
4x-8x Variable Sniper.svg 4x-8x Variable Sniper / 6x Sniper.svg 6x Sniper
  • "Optics here. Sniper. Makes your platform more versatile."
1x Digital Threat.svg 1x Digital Threat
  • "Optics here. Close range. Highlights your enemies."
Shotgun Shells.svg Shotgun Shells
  • "Shotgun ammo here. Good for the sure-shot."
  • "Shotgun ammo here. Spread's just right."
Arc Star.svg Arc Star
  • "Arc Star here. Stop 'em in their tracks."
Frag Grenade.svg Frag Grenade
  • "Frag grenade here. Highly effective indoor."
  • "Frag grenade here. Solid area of effect."
  • ▶️ [to Fuse] “Frag grenade here. Fitzroy, need a few more of these for your collection?”
Syringe.svg Syringe
  • "Syringe here. Best in a tight spot."
  • "Syringe here. When you need a quick patch up."
Med Kit.svg Med Kit
  • "Medkit here. Slow to roll, but they work the best."
Phoenix Kit.svg Phoenix Kit
  • "Phoenix Kit here. Patches you up good. Shield and health."
Body Shield.svg Body Shield
  • "Body shield here. Level 1/2/3/4. You need one if you don't have it."
Evo Shield.svg Evo Shield
  • "Got an Evo shield here. Level 1/2/3/5."
Helmet.svg Helmet
  • Helmet here. Level 1/2/3/4. Mind those headshots."
Treasure pack
  • "Treasure pack here. Eyes on the prize, ladies."
Amped Cover.svg Amped Cover
  • "We've got a barrier deployed here."
Emplaced Minigun -Sheila-.svg Emplaced Minigun "Sheila"
  • "Turret right here, people."
Nox Gas Trap.svg Nox Gas Trap
  • "Friendly trap deployed."
Perimeter Security.svg Perimeter Security
  • "We've got fences over here."
  • "Enemy fence here. Careful. Don't want to cross those."
Silence.svg Silence
  • "Spot a Silence Bomb over there."
Black Market Boutique.svg Black Market Boutique
  • "Black Market here. Hopefully the good arty isn't gone yet."
Amped Cover.svg Amped Cover
  • "We've got a barrier deployed here."
Emplaced Minigun -Sheila-.svg Emplaced Minigun "Sheila"
  • "Turret right here, people."
Gravity Lift.svg Gravity Lift
  • "Got a Gravity Lift right here."
Black Hole.svg Black Hole
  • "Spot a Black Hole here."
Charge Tower
  • "Charge Tower there, if you can use the juice."
  • "Hey, Charge Tower there if you need a hit."
  • "Charge Tower there if you need a hit."
Extended Supply Bin
  • [Closed Extra Component] "Extended Supply Bin here. Fools left behind the extra loot."
Vault Key
  • "Got a Vault Key here."
  • "Spotted a Vault here."
    • [Has a vault key] "No worries. I've got the key."
Deployed Heat Shield.svg Heat Shield
  • [Far] "Got eyes on a Heat Shield deployed there."
Loot Bunker
  • "I see a Loot Bunker here. Might be something good inside."
  • "Got a Loot MRVN here."
  • [Looted] "This MRVN's been looted already. Damn."
Icarus's Bridge
  • "Spotted the ship's bridge over there."
  • "Ship's bridge confirmed here."
    • [Squadmate has the keycard] "And we have the keycard. Hell yeah."

Quip[edit | edit source]

Nice / Celebration
  • "Come get some! Doesn't get better than that."
  • "Dropped, shocked, and rocked. Like the good 'ol days."
  • "Hell yeah! Makin' me proud squad."
  • "YES! That was on point, shooters!"
Thanks Squadmate for first-aid
  • "Thanks. Good looking out."
  • ▶️ [to Octane] "Call me lady again, and I'll break your jaw."
  • ▶️ [to Octane] "Lighten up, Silva. Not everything's about the military."
  • ▶️ [to Octane] "That's not what Oscar Mike me- know what? Nevermind. Oscar Mike la- Damn it."
  • [to Revenant] "I owe ya one. Or two. Though, you went a little overboard with Forge, don't ya think?"
  • [to Revenant] "Thanks. FYI - I was looking forward to getting McCormick by the short hairs. You beat me to the Punch."
You're Welcome
  • "Don't mention it."
  • "I got you."
  • ▶️ [to Revenant] "Yeah, jackass. You made that clear."
  • [to Revenant] "(sigh) I can't believe this guy is actually making me side with Forge."
  • [to Revenant] "Ugh, I can't believe this guy is actually making me side with Forge."
  • [to Revenant] "Ugh, I can't believe this guy is making me side with Forge."
  • [to Revenant] "Can't believe this guy is making me side with Forge."
  • [to Revenant] "(chuckles) Don't go losin' your head about it."
  • [to Loba] "Don't worry about it, girl."
  • [to Loba] "Hey, this Squad needs you. No thanks necessary."

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Double Time.svg Double Time activated
  • "Oscar Mike. I'm spotted."
  • "Spotted. Double Timing it."
Smoke Launcher.svg Smoke Launcher fired
  • "Popping smoke!"
  • "Smoke out."
  • "Popping the chimney."
  • "Giving 'em the chimney."
The second charge of Smoke Launcher.svg Smoke Launcher fired
  • "Make it two!"
  • "Repeat on last."
Calling in Rolling Thunder.svg Rolling Thunder
  • "Arty on my mark. Firing for effect."
  • "Heads up. Dropping the pain."
  • "Come on in. Ol' Painless is waiting."
  • "Ol' Painless knocking at the door."
Calling out enemy Rolling Thunder.svg Rolling Thunder or Defensive Bombardment.svg Defensive Bombardment
Recalled back to Death Totem.svg Death Totem
  • "Back at the Totem. And back to myself. Thank you, God."
  • "Totem brought me back. Thought I'd seen it all. I was wrong."
Silence.svg Silenced
  • ▶️ "Abilities are offline."
  • ▶️ “Abilities are silenced. No drop, no shock, no rock.”
  • ▶️ “That’s a negative on abilities.”

Lobby[edit | edit source]

Map[edit | edit source]

Switching to Kings Canyon
  • "Headed to Kings Canyon. Time for another round of target practice."
  • "Next stop, Kings Canyon. Snagged my first win there."
Switching to World's Edge
  • "Pack it up. We're off to World's Edge."
  • "Off to World's Edge. Get your gear in order."
Switching to Olympus
  • "Enough standing around. We're headed to Olympus."
  • "Heads to the skies. Next stop, Olympus."

Ranked[edit | edit source]

New Ranked Season
New Split
Rank up
Rank down
Ranked Tier2 Silver.png Silver
Ranked Tier3 Gold.png Gold
Ranked Tier4 Platinum.png Platinum
Ranked Tier5 Diamond.png Diamond
Ranked Tier7 Apex Predator.png Apex Predator

Lore[edit | edit source]

When at ARES Capacitor, Kings Canyon
  • "Word on Gridiron was that Charge Towers were meant to to supply power to multiple planets one day. Guess we'll never know now."
When Loba and Bangalore are at Gardens, Olympus only before Fight Night Update
  • L: "I said I don't to talk about it, but… the demonio. I'm going to get what I want by giving him what he wants. The thought of it makes me sick."
  • B: "Mama used to say, Do your business or get out of the Latrine. Make the call soon 'cause stalling's not a good color on you."
When Loba and Bangalore are at Crashed Ship, Kings Canyon from Season 8
  • B: "All this feels like a big joke. Heh, and right around April Fool's Day. Jackson's favorite holiday. He'd get a sick kick out of these guys."
  • L: "Haha. He sounds like your worst nightmare."


  • B: "Jackson loves this time of year. April Fool’s. Always down for a good prank. Seems these Salvo types feel the same."
  • L: "I can see where you get your sense of humor."