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Barrel Mods are a category of attachments that improve the accuracy of many weapons. There are two kinds of barrel mod: the Barrel Stabilizer Barrel Stabilizer, which reduces recoil for heavier, long-range weapons, and the Laser Sight Laser Sight, which reduces spread while hipfiring for smaller, close-range weapons.

Barrel Stabilizer[ | ]

Barrel Stabilizer

Barrel Stabilizers can be equipped on the Hemlok Burst AR, R-301 Carbine, M600 Spitfire, Rampage LMG, Devotion LMG, L-STAR EMG, G7 Scout, and Longbow DMR.

Overall value reductions
Statistic Barrel Stabilizer Barrel Stabilizer Barrel Stabilizer Description
Base Viewkick -5% -10% -15% Base recoil from each shot.
Random Pitch Viewkick -20% -25% -30% Random vertical recoil.
Random Yaw Viewkick -10% -15% -20% Random horizontal recoil.

Laser Sight[ | ]

Laser Sight

Laser Sights can be equipped on the Alternator SMG, Prowler Burst PDW, R-99 SMG, Volt SMG, and P2020.

Overall value reductions
Statistic Laser Sight Laser Sight Laser Sight Description
Hipfire Spread -20% -40% -60% Amount of random spread while hipfiring.
Moving Spread Acceleration -10% -15% -20% Rate that spread increases while moving.
Spread Decay Rate -10% -15% -20% Rate that spread returns to normal.

History[ | ]