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Bloodhound's Trials
Theoldways 1
Bloodhound in front of Trials.
Gamemode Battle Royale
Location World's Edge

Bloodhound's Trials is a Bloodhound-themed Town Takeover found on World's Edge. It was added to World's Edge as part of The Old Ways The Old Ways event, underneath Sniper's Ridge.

Gameplay[ | ]

Bloodhound's Trials is a high tier loot zone positioned on the northwest corner of World's Edge, west of Skyhook and east of the Uncharted Territories. It is a large cave inside a mountain, accessible either through the open hole in the roof or via the tunnels on the east and west sides of the mountain. In the center of the cave are three small vaults containing loot, each with a panel beside it; interacting with the panel begins a round of the trials. During a round, Prowlers will be released from the walls to fight the players inside. When all prowlers have been killed, the round ends and the vault opens. Each round releases more prowlers, but also rewards higher tier loot.

Lore[ | ]

After the Apex Games was moved to World's Edge, larger predators native to the region vacated the area, allowing the Prowler population to rise. Their nest was discovered in a cavern west of Skyhook, and here, Bloodhound opted to build an arena, controlling the prowler population and giving competitors a challenge at the same time.[1] The arena is adorned with art and artifacts from Bloodhound's home village.

While playing as Bloodhound, players can interact with exhibits in the area to trigger a quote:

Exhibit Quote
Charge Rifle hologram
▶️ Through this weapon, I learned the truth of the old ways and the new. They are two vǫrr that propel us onward. I taka this journey without fear.
Flyer skull
▶️ The skull of a flyer - The second creature slatra by my hand. It is traditional to claim the skull of the first, but... That is lost to the winds.
Artur's helmet and shield
▶️ This helm and shield were borne by my uncle, Artur. He now dines in Valhalla as his memory guides our felagi people. I wish I could speak with him today. About Boone. The óséður . The promise that drew me to these games.

References[ | ]