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Boosted Launch Trailer
YTtn s06 launch
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Release date Aug 06, 2020
Production The Mill [1]
Length 1:12
Promotes Season 6

The Boosted Launch Trailer is an animated short released on August 06, 2020, to promote Season 6 Season 6.

Synopsis[ | ]

This trailer shows a large battle in reverse. At the Dome on World's Edge, Rampart fires Sheila from a rooftop at Caustic, puncturing one of his gas tanks as he hits Pathfinder with another tank. Lifeline and Bangalore are firing at something, the latter standing behind one of Rampart's Amped Cover Amped Covers. Revenant attempts to sneak up on Bangalore, but gets mowed down by Sheila. Gibraltar smashes Octane head with a blow from his arm shield; Octane then drops a Frag Grenade which blows up right beside Mirage.

The reverse stops when Rampart finishes off working on Sheila, asking the Legends if they're ready. Mirage is all enthusiastic, then asks who's Sheila, much to Rampart and the other Legends amusement.

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