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Horizon holding branthium

Horizon with a sample of Branthium.

Branthium is a chemical element in the universe of Apex Legends. Branthium takes the form of a bluish-black crystal, and can be refined into a potent source of energy.

Lore[ | ]

Branthium was discovered in the early 2640s by Dr. Mary Somers, as part of her research for Project Iris. The first samples of branthium were obtained from the accretion disc of black hole 2427-SR, where she had correctly hypothesized the element could be found.[1] Over the following 12 years, the scientists at Project Iris worked to find a way to refine the element into a stable energy source. When they succeeded in 2658, their laboratory was attacked by Apex Predators, and their branthium supply was distributed throughout the Outlands via Phase Runner to keep it out of the mercenaries' hands.[2]

Although most branthium ended up with businesses and charitable organizations, a large amount of branthium was found under the molten surface of Talos. The IMC established several outposts on the planet to harvest and refine the element, including World's Edge and Hephaestus Station.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The chemical symbol for branthium is Bn.[1]
  • Branthium has an atomic number of 150 and atomic mass of 310.[1]
    • In real life, the hypothetical element 150 is referred to as Unpentnilium, and if it were possible to synthesize, its half-life would likely be less than one millionth of a second.

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