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Broken Moon
Upheaval Broken Moon
Map of Broken Moon.
Gamemode Battle Royale
Location Cleo
Codename mp_rr_divided_moon

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Broken Moon is a map released in Season 15 Season 15 located on Cleo, the moon of the planet Boreas.

Lore[ | ]

In 2708, a comet collided with Boreas's moon Cleo, shattering its surface. Many blamed this catastrophic event on a "cursed child" that was born at the same time and had therefore fulfilled a local folktale.[1] This impact had catastrophic effects on Boreas's environment, such as regular meteor showers, tidal irregularities, and drastic temperature changes at the poles and equator. Many scientists agreed that a lack of action would result in Boreas becoming uninhabitable by 2778.[2]

In order to prevent this, the Cleo Recovery Council was founded under the sponsorship of the Boreas Science Division. The CRC began a terraforming operation in an attempt to reverse the damages, primarily using ferrofluid to patch the moon's surface. To reach this end, the colony of Hope was established in 2712. They were able to restore Cleo's habitability by 2715. A variety of useful structures were erected to support the settlement, including greenhouse arrays, research facilities, and a ferrofluid refinery. Additionally, a stasis net array was used to deflect falling debris from Boreas and Cleo, and Atmostations were erected to create a breathable atmosphere. A memorial garden was also developed in memory of the Lymantria Fallout Collision, where debris from Cleo's surface destroyed the cities of Asteria and Nku on Boreas.[3][4]

In 2734, after declining funding and public interest, as well as the actions of Obi Edolasim after a disastrous interview, the National Alliance of Boreas entered into an agreement with the Mercenary Syndicate to use Hope as an arena for the Apex Games in order to bring in further funds for colonization and restoration.[3] The services of the CRC were terminated as a result.[5] Edolasim had not intended for this, however, as his intention was for the arena to be constructed on Boreas's surface.[6]

In 2735, YingLing Lui teleported a copy of Olympus from an alternate universe to Cleo. Olympus Crashes into Cleo's Stasis Array, causing parts of the broken moon on path to collide with Boreas.

Map Changes[ | ]

Season 21:[ | ]

Promenade East was replaced with Quarantine Zone.

Backup Atmostation was replaced with New Breaker Warf

Broken Moon

Map of broken moon from Season 15-20

Old Breaker Warf was replaced with Space Port

Promenade West was replaced with Cliff Side

Solar Pods was added east of The Foundry

Underpass was added east of The Production Yard

Experimental Labs was added south of The Foundry

Several New rotations were added

Map features[ | ]

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Layouts[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Early concepts of Broken Moon had Cleo's atmosphere maintained using a machine that sucks up the moon's oceans to convert it into breathable air.[7]

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