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Bunker Pass
Screenshot (3882)
Located on Kings Canyon
Loot Tier High Tier
Supply Bins Yes
Respawn Beacons No

Bunker Pass, or Bunker for short, is a location in the center of Kings Canyon.

Gameplay[ | ]

Bunker Pass is a tunnel in the middle of Kings Canyon that connects the Destroyed Cascades and River Center to the village in High Desert and the far west of the map. It has some supply bins on the outside of each entrance, but most of the loot is located inside, where two adjacent floors connected by one staircase. Entering from the west, the user is greeted with two long rooms on the with two doors and several loot spawns each. Entering from the east, two smaller rooms are present with less loot spawns.

It is recommended to drop on the location approaching from the west, if possible, as doing so will not only net your team more loot spawns than the eastern side, but a height advantage on any teams who dropped opposite to you. Approaching from the west will also provide access to a Survey Beacon.

It should be noted that only the inside area of Bunker Pass has High Tier loot; the outside bins contain Mid-Tier loot.

Gallery[ | ]