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Adaptable SMG. Uses light and heavy ammo.
Icon C.A.R. SMG Icon
Type Sub machine gun
Ammo HeavyLight Rounds Heavy/Light Rounds
Fire modes Auto Icon Auto
Manufacturer Siwhan Industries Siwhan Industries
Attachment Slots
Accepts either Extended Light Mag or Extended Heavy MagOpticsStandard Stock
12 15 (1.25×) 10 (0.8×)
RPM 930
DPS 186
Magazine 19 / 21 / 23 / 26
Tac reload time 1.7 / 1.64 / 1.59 / 1.53
Full reload time 2.13 / 2.06 / 1.99 / 1.92

The Combat Advanced Round SMG (shortened C.A.R. SMG), C.A.R., or CAR, is a fully-automatic submachine gun introduced in Season 11 Season 11 that utilizes both Heavy Rounds Heavy Rounds and Light Rounds Light Rounds.

The C.A.R. is compatible with two Extended Mags, Extended Heavy Mag Heavy and Extended Light Mag Light, although only one of them can be equipped at any given time. The magazine however gets extended regardless of the ammo type currently in use.

When a C.A.R. spawns, it is always surrounded by Heavy Rounds Heavy Rounds, its primary ammo type.

Stats[ | ]

Attachments[ | ]

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Damage Profile[ | ]

Target Modifiers Damage Damage Shots to kill
100 HP 150 HP 175 HP 200 HP 225 HP
- 15 7 10 12 14 15
Helmet LV.1 14 8 11 13 15 17
Helmet LV.2 14 8 11 13 15 17
Helmet LV.3/4 13 8 12 14 16 18
Body - 12 9 13 15 17 19
Fortified Fortified 10 10 15 18 20 23
- 10 10 15 18 20 23
Fortified Fortified 8 13 19 22 25 29

Advanced Stats[ | ]

Variable Value Description
fire_rate 15.4 Rounds fired in one second.
projectile_launch_speed 18500 Speed at which projectiles travel.
Expressed in hammer units per second, equals to 469 meters per second.
headshot_distance 1500 Distance at which shots can no longer deal headshots.
Expressed in hammer units, equals to 38 meters.
spread_stand_hip 2 Hipfire spread radius while standing.
spread_stand_hip_run 3 Hipfire spread radius while walking.
spread_stand_hip_sprint 5 Hipfire spread radius while sprinting.
spread_crouch_hip 1.6 Hipfire spread radius while crouching.
spread_air_hip 7 Hipfire spread radius while in the air.
deployfirst_time 1.1 Time before the weapon can be fired after picking it up for the first time. Expressed in seconds.
deploy_time 0.35 Time to bring out the weapon. Expressed in seconds.
holster_time 0.3 Time to holster the weapon. Expressed in seconds.
raise_time 0.3 Time to bring out the weapon after performing an action. Expressed in seconds.
lower_time 0.2 Time to holster the weapon before performing an action. Expressed in seconds.
zoom_time_in 0.22 Time to enter ADS with the weapon. Expressed in seconds.
zoom_time_out 0.2 Time to exit ADS with the weapon. Expressed in seconds.
ads_move_speed_scale 0.75 Multiplier applied to the Legend's movement speed while ADS with the weapon.
spread_stand_ads 0.35 Spread radius when standing and ADS.
spread_crouch_ads 0.25 Spread radius when crouching and ADS.
spread_air_ads 5 Spread radius when in the air and ADS.

Weapon Mastery[ | ]

Level Trial Name Requirements
20 Heavy Duty Down an enemy while in Heavy Ammo mode with [Extended Light Mag] equipped. 25 times
40 Lightweight Down an enemy while in Light Ammo mode with [Extended Heavy Mag] equipped. 20 times
60 Switch Hitter Kill at least 2 enemies with the weapon using different ammo type for each kill in one match. 15 times
80 Stand Strong Kill at least 3 enemies without being knocked down in one match. 5 times
100 Start Fresh Down an enemy within 20 seconds of swapping ammo types. 3 times

Lore[ | ]

The C.A.R. SMG was developed by Lastimosa Armory to leverage the existing success of the company's R-101 platform. A smaller barrel, lighter alloys, and other weight reductions improve the weapon's handling, while smaller ammunition affords low recoil and a higher rate of fire. Traditionally, weapons with a high rate of fire tend to jam when used for extended durations - to remove this limitation, the R&D team at Lastimosa Armory created a "shoot by wire" system where the trigger is linked to the firing mechanism via an internal CPU. This system can detect overheat conditions, adjust rate of fire, and clear jams without operator intervention - often faster than the operator can realize a jam has occurred.

Skins[ | ]

There are a total of 68 skins for the C.A.R. SMG: 19 Legendary, 13 epic, 20 Rare, and 16 Common.

  1. Daemon Hunter: Inspired by MAKINAYT, Designed by VONHEXA

History[ | ]

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Part of the C.A.R. SMG icon appeared in an UI asset showing the weapon's stock in the buy menu for Arenas Arenas, indicating that the weapon might've already had an icon stylized in the Apex style in Season 9 Season 9.[2] The icon can be seen in a video showing how to upgrade weapons in Arenas that got posted on the official website.
  • The C.A.R. had a defined recoil pattern way before its release.[3][4]
  • The Heaven Piercer skin likely references the anime series Gurren Lagann.
  • A bespoke C.A.R., nicknamed "Lady Grey", was owned by Ballistic.[5]
  • The C.A.R. Is one of two weapons (Bocek) to have a unique inspect animation when out of ammunition.

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