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Carthage Spider
Health 40
Appears on Storm Point

Carthage spiders are a species of giant spider. In-game, they are NPC enemies found on Storm Point.

Behavior[ | ]

Scattered around Storm Point are several Spider Nests, clusters of spider eggs lining the walls. Shooting an egg cluster spawns two spiders. Spiders will run towards players and fire venom projectiles at them, dealing 5 damage per hit. Each spider has 40 health, and drops a few items of loot upon death. Killing all spiders in a nest rewards each squad member Materials30.

Spiders also appear in Shadowfall and Shadow Royale. In these gamemodes, they spawn inside of random Supply Bins and jump out when the bin is opened. However, they will not move or attack players. Killing them drops three loot items.

Lore[ | ]

The Carthage Spider (Scarabaeidae arachnia) is a species of Mammoth-class, forest-dwelling spider[1] which can be found only in Gaea's Amelia mountain range and New Antillia archipelago. When in danger or when hunting, the spider releases an extremely toxic gas that can kill people in seconds. They also have "extendable striking necks" that are used to attack and inject humans with their venom.[2] The spiders can be very large, ranging from the size of a cat to well over the height of a human. They are easily capable of webbing, capturing, and killing humans.

Notably, carthage spiders seem to be adapted to dark environments and therefore have a complete lack of eyes, as well as having six legs instead of eight, uncommon characteristics of what we currently classify as true "spiders" on Earth. This seems to be supported by the use of "Scarabaeidae" as their genus name, a word which refers to scarab beetles rather than any arachnid.

The agatoxins produced by carthage spiders are used by Caustic as part of the formula for his Nox Gas. They also produce an enzyme which Caustic uses to immunize himself to his own gas; the same enzyme was used to produce a cure for The Legacy Antigen.

Since they can also be found in the Shadowfall and Shadow Royale gamemodes, it seems that Shadow Revenant intentionally brought several spiders onto Solace in his dimension.

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