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Adolescents can be so headstrong. Was it too much or not enough? And even though sometimes it felt like all the forces of the universe were working against us... we had each other. I would do anything for my coven. I still would.
Defensive Conjurer
Real Name Tressa Crystal Smith
Gender Female
Age 30
Homeworld Boreas
Class Controller Class Controller
Tactical Ability Piercing Spikes Piercing Spikes
Passive Ability Barricade Barricade
Ultimate Ability Dark Veil Dark Veil
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Meli Grant[1]

Catalyst Icon Solid Catalyst is a Controller Controller Legend. She was introduced in Season 15 Season 15 and is locked from the base game. She can be unlocked using digital currency: either Legend Tokens 12,000 or Apex Coins 750.


Piercing Spikes

Piercing Spikes Tactical Q/LB/L1/LB
Piercing Spikes
Description Throw out a patch of ferrofluid which turns in to spikes when enemies are near. Catalyst remains immune to enemy spikes.
Cooldown 25 seconds

  • Has 2 charges. Can create a maximum of 2 patches. Catalyst can pick up their patch to regain a charge, so long as the patch hasn't been activated.
  • Holding Tactical button delays the launch. Melee cancels the launch.
    • Has a throw distance of ~15 meters when launched horizontally (trajectory can be increased by aiming higher, increase distance to ~40m if target area are at same level as catalyst)
    • Can be thrown simultaneously with other actions (firing, reloading, healing, etc.) without interrupting them.
  • Creates a 2m x 11m patch perpendicular to the point of view.
    • Spikes will start moving when enemy player in line-of-sight to the center gets within 10m from the center. It will be considered activated at that stage.
    • When an enemy walks over activated spikes, it slows them and deals 15 damage every second. Unactivated spikes will slow enemies, but do not deal damage.
    • In the middle of the patch is a glowing orb with 300 HP that appears when enemies get close. Destroying this dissipates the patch. The orb also takes double damage from all sources.
    • Patches last until destroyed, either by the Catalyst who created them with the Utility Action button, or enemies by shooting the orb in the middle of the patch.
  • Patch can travel under closed doors
  • Catalyst can pick up her spikes and get a charge refund, as long as no enemy player got inside the detection range of the spikes.
  • Can be destroyed by punching the orb 1 time.
  • Catalyst is immune to all Piercing Spikes, regardless of who created it.

  • Starts with only 1 charge; can still bank 2 charges.

  • When using it to trap a door, aim next to the hinge of the door, so that the core can be protected by the opened door and the wall.
  • The Piercing Spike also function as an proximity alarm. In tight quarter area, pay attention to your/teammate's spike reacting.
  • As Opponent: destroy the spike strip as soon as possible, as it will linger until Catalyst death - and it is easy to forget its existence due to tunnel vision. Get close to it, but do not step on it, and destroy it.


Barricade Passive Hold X/X/Square/Y
Description Reinforce doors, strengthening them and locking them to enemies. Spaces where doors have been destroyed can also be reinforced.

  • Hold the "alternative action" button near doorways for 0.5s to reinforce either existing doorpanes, or build a ferro-barrier if doorpanes are gone
  • Can reinforce up to 2 doorways.
  • Reinforced doors takes 4 melee hits to destroy; ferro-barriers takes 2 melee hits to destroy
  • Doors can still be operated by Catalyst and her teammates.
  • The ferro-barrier can be broken by Catalyst and her teammates by pressing "interaction" key; Catalyst will need to rebuild the ferro-barrier if needed.
  • Abilities still damage doors/ferro-barriers as normal.

Dark Veil

Dark Veil Ultimate Z/LB+RB/L1+R1/LB+RB
Dark Veil
Description Raise a permeable wall of ferrofluid. Enemies who walk through it will be slowed and partially blinded for a brief time.
Charge time 2.5 minutes

  • Create a permeable wall of 40m in length and 8m in height in line of Catalyst's reticle.
  • Takes 1 second before the first veil section rises, and takes additonal 3 seconds maximum to build the complete veil.
  • The veil will keep travelling until one of the following:
    • It reaches a wall that is greater than a climbable height
    • Its height reaches 2x a climbable height.
  • The Dark Veil lasts 15 seconds.
  • Enemies that try to cross through the wall will be slowed by 15% and blinded for 7 seconds.
  • Does not block bullets, ordnance, or abilities.
  • Most scanning abilities will not apply scans to players on the other side of the wall.
  • Catalyst is immune to the blind effect and slow of the Dark Veil, regardless of who created it.

  • It can be deployed horizontally to acts as cover or when holding a choke point.

The veil can currently be built on top of Gibaltar's Dome of Protection Dome of Protection, Mirage's decoy, Crypto's Surveillance Drone Surveillance Drone, and Vantage's Echo. For the latter three, a section of the veil will be on top of them as they move around.

Legend Upgrades

Main article: Legend Upgrades

Legend Upgrades are special perks introduced in Season 20 to all Battle Royale modes. These add upgrades to a Legend's abilities as you level up your Evo Armor. Only one option may be chosen per level-up for a maximum of two perks total.

Level 2 Upgrades
  • Sister Spikes Increase max number of active Piercing Spikes Piercing Spikes to three
  • long cast Increase Piercing Spikes Spike throw distance by 40%. (Season 20) ||| Long Veil moved to Level 2 Upgrades and "long cast" integrated into base kit in Season 21
Level 3 Upgrades
  • resilient veil Increase Dark Veil Dark Veil length to 180 feet
  • long veil Increase Dark Veil Dark Veil duration to 20 seconds (Season 20) ||| NEW Upgrade : Ferro-Door - Fully build and reinforce missing doors with Passive


Main article: Catalyst (character)

Tressa Crystal Smith isn’t everyone’s cup of tea–an elegant, standoffish woman, she likes crystals more than she likes most people. She grew up on Boreas, a faltering planet with a deteriorating moon. Conformity and efficiency were necessities there, but that never suited Tressa. Instead, she was more at home with fellow misfits who spent their time on crystal readings, moon rituals and personal witchery–they made her turbulent teenage years (and simultaneous gender transition) easier and less lonely. But when her closest friend went to extreme lengths to save their moon from corporate encroachment, Tressa was caught in the middle. Ultimately, she ran away from home, finding solace in the one place her friend cared about most: their moon, Cleo.

There she joined the terraforming crews hired to repair and rejuvenate the celestial body. She learned to work with ferrofluid, and use it with a certain witchy flair. She grew attached to her new community and, when the heat on Boreas died down, brought some of her old friends back into the fold. She found a place to call her own–just in time for the Apex Games to arrive and sweep it out from under her new family. But Catalyst won’t disappear so easily. If the Games are going to get in her way, she’s going to turn them to her advantage, putting the prize money to use supporting her family. She sees a win in her future, and she’ll rise to the occasion.

Cosmetic items


There are a total of 48 Legend skins for Catalyst; 9 Legendary, 8 epic, 15 Rare and 16 Common.




  • Lunar Lounge - Crafting Metals 1,200
  • Fit For a Queen - Crafting Metals 400
  • Season 19 To Your Health - Level 12
  • Go With a Smile - Default

Skydive Emotes


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Music Packs

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Voice lines



  • Catalyst was created to be "inescapably" transgender, with the help of transgender employees at Respawn, a transgender representative at GLAAD, and the character's voice actor Meli Grant, who is transgender herself. Her neopaganism also comes about from research regarding the community.[2]


  • On October 13, 2022, the Apex Legends Twitter account posted an image that showed Catalyst's Tablet.[3]
  • On October 17, 2022, "Last Hope" was released.
  • On October 20, 2022, the Season 15 Launch Trailer was released, which confirmed Catalyst being released for Season 15.

Datamined and Leaked Data

Catalyst Icon

Catalyst was leaked as a Defensive Defensive Legend whose character subtitle was "Creative Builder" on March 22, 2022. Her concept art is a copyright-free placeholder titled "The Witch".[4] A low-resolution holospray that might possibly be Catalyst was datamined after the release of Season 14 Season 14. Her abilities revolve around ferrofluid, noticeable especially when using her Ultimate.

Among these, the finalized version retains her neopaganism, the use of ferrofluid, and her passive.


  • Catalyst is transgender.[5]