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It's Pride Month with Fandom, and Apex Legends' colorful cast of characters includes plenty of LGBTQIA+ representation: Bangalore, Bloodhound, Fuse, Gibraltar, Loba, Mirage, Seer, and Valkyrie. A big thank you to everyone who has helped make those articles and the whole wiki what they are!

There will also be three roundtable discussions in the Fandom Discord server over the month: Discussing LGBTQIA+ video games and characters on June 15, LGBTQIA+ icons and activists on June 22, and a discussion with LGBTQIA+ wiki admins on June 29.


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; I'm Jumpmaster
; I'm Jumpmaster
* "As admin, I'll lead us to where we claim the most lives..."
* "As Jumpmaster, I'll lead us to where we claim the most lives..."
* "As admin, I will decide on a course of action."
* "As Jumpmaster, I will decide on a course of action."
* "I'm the admin. Follow me."
* "I'm the Jumpmaster. Follow me."
; Dropping as admin
; Dropping as Jumpmaster
* "I feel most alive when rapidly approaching my death!"
* "I feel most alive when rapidly approaching my death!"
* "Prepare for certain death!"
* "Prepare for certain death!"

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Character Select

  • ▶️ "Death is not mercurial. It's patient... unlike life."
  • ▶️ "Science is unapologetic. As am I."
  • ▶️ "I do not care who makes the kill. As long as I can observe it die."
  • ▶️ "Entropy is the natural order of the universe. I simply catalyze the process."
  • ▶️ "Don't be fooled, I'm a man of science."
  • ▶️ "I enjoy many things but death is what inspires."
  • ▶️ "Ineptitude is the true killer."
  • ▶️ "Death finds a way."
  • ▶️ "If I may be honest, I find death fascinating."
  • ▶️ "I quantify skill by the evidence."
  • ▶️ "The pull toward disorder is relentless, I embrace it."
  • ▶️ "This fight will result in death for the weak. So be it."
  • ▶️ "This experiment will sort out the capable from the incompetent."
  • ▶️ "My thesis: the willing will survive."
  • ▶️ "One thing is certain. Someone will die."
  • ▶️ "Death stalks the ignorant, intelligence will guide us to survival."
  • ▶️ "I wish for one thing: results."
  • ▶️ "Science rules all. With its help, we will too."
  • ▶️ "You must understand, death is the true test."
  • ▶️ "It's a fine line. Avoid death as closely as possible."


  • ▶️ "I look forward to getting my hands on you."
  • "I don't relish the title... I relish the kill."
  • "It all ends the same way... with me observing."
  • "Join my experiment below."
  • "Life is meant to die. Accept your fates."
  • "Marvelous! So many willing test subjects."
  • Season 1 "Opening season... Very well."
  • Fight or Fright Icon.svg "I find these insipid celebrations of the macabre... amusing."
  • Holo-Day Bash Icon.svg "I enjoy the winter months. Everything dies."
  • "A deterministic end will find you below."
  • "Close combat gets messy."
  • "I have no regrets. It's not in my DNA."
  • "Don't rush to your ends. I linger on those final moments."
  • "I will not apologize for simply expediting the inevitable."
  • "Intelligence is a dying breed... But not today."
  • "Know your place. I know mine."
  • "My methods are only controversial to those who lack imagination."
  • "Patience. Just... patience."
  • "Science is precise. As am I."
  • "Test me. I encourage this."
  • "The kill is more important than the prize."
  • "Watch for my traps. I'll be watching you."
  • "You and I are not equals. Remember this."
  • "If our paths cross, you'll wish the end came sooner."


  • Fight or Fright Icon.svg "What's your costume? Sub-average intelligence?"
  • Holo-Day Bash Icon.svg "You're about to face the longest winter of them all."
  • Season 5 "I think you misunderstood my intentions when I asked for your heart."
  • Season 7 "This is for posterity, so be honest; how do you feel?"
  • Season 8 "There it is. The final evidence that you are not special."
  • Season 9 "If only my younger self had delighted more in those first kills. (sigh)"
  • "I observe the field from a plateau you cannot even comprehend."
  • "Accept the process. It is, after all, well tested."
  • "Another trial, another test subject."
  • "Being fundamentally better sours the taste of victory."
  • "You made an attempt on my life. Brave, perhaps, but ill-conceived."
  • "Death is a paradoxical quest. It ends, but never truly begins."
  • "Don't look for sympathy. You won't find it."
  • "Humanity. It's just a word."
  • "I don't consider death cruel, but life... (coughs)"
  • "I thank you."
  • "It's simple really. (coughs) I'm just better than you."
  • "In the end, everything dies."
  • "It's a miraculous thing."
  • "Just a taste is all you need."
  • "Know your place, (coughs) at the bottom of the food chain."
  • "Life ends with death. I am simply expediting the process."
  • "My intelligence should not be underestimated."
  • (Laughs) "One more."
  • "In the end, one's life is measured by those we've changed."
  • "Science demands a repeatable outcome to any given experiment. Hence why I am here, and you are there."
  • "Remarkable. Simply remarkable."
  • "Some compounds are inert, having little to no effect on the outcome... Like you."
  • "Take notes. I am."
  • "I don't concern myself with the ambitions of insects."
  • "The biggest trap is your own mind."
  • "The distance between life and death is measured by suffering."
  • "The rabbit's cries bring the wolves."
  • "The results have come in. You lose."
  • "In time, the strong will filter out the weak."
  • "To say your death is a waste is the understatement of the century."
  • "There is a process to everything, and also a conclusion. This is yours."
  • "This is my favorite part."
  • "This was a failure... for one of us."
  • "This was an inevitable outcome."
  • "Victory is delicious."
  • "Without pain, the body suffers in silence, omitting the entertainment."
  • "Take comfort in the fact you are now a part of something grander."
  • "You thought we were equals. Foolish."
  • "You're welcome."
  • "Perhaps if I wasn't one of the variables, your outcome would have been different."
  • "I must confess, your skills were inadequate."

*Season Pass and event icons shown below indicate Legends says the lines during corresponding season pass/event. It is not necessary to purchase/complete season pass or challenges.


I'm Jumpmaster
  • "As Jumpmaster, I'll lead us to where we claim the most lives..."
  • "As Jumpmaster, I will decide on a course of action."
  • "I'm the Jumpmaster. Follow me."
Dropping as Jumpmaster
  • "I feel most alive when rapidly approaching my death!"
  • "Prepare for certain death!"
Skydive Emote
  • "Bird's eye view."
  • "Yes!"
Taking Damage
  • "Getting shot at."
  • "Taking damage."
  • "Taking fire."
  • "Sustaining injuries."
Damaging enemy from afar
  • "I've wounded them."
  • "Subject damaged."
Opening fire on the enemy
  • "Firing on subjects."
  • "Firing."
Downed an Enemy
  • "I have downed an enemy."
  • "Subject down."
  • "Downed a subject."
Another enemy down
  • "Took down another."
  • "Downed another subject."
Multiple Enemies Downed
  • "Taking out more than a few."
  • "Multiple subjects down."
Killed an enemy
  • "Killed one myself."
  • "Subject deceased."
Multiple kills in a short time
  • "Like ants burning under a lens."
  • "That was magnificent!"
  • "Can't argue with those results."
  • "Test complete."
Kill in Pathfinder's Fight Night
  • "I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was."
  • "I am not a god, but I am something similar."
Kill with Death Hammer
  • "Any thrill I appear to have is purely scientific."
  • "Note to self: extrapolate damage output data. Need subjects, living."
  • "Even I have to admit that one was just for fun."
  • "I'm beginning to enjoy this."
Squadmate killed
  • "We lost one. Pity."
  • "We're downed one. What a waste."
Squadmate gets a kill
  • "I confess-- that kill was pleasant."
  • "That kill was... satisfying."
  • "Remarkable kill."
    • "An admirable kill."
  • [when Gibraltar Icon.svg gets a kill] "Nice job. I knew you had that killer instinct."
Healing Up/recharging shields/Phoenix Kit
  • "Administering medical aid."
  • "Healing my wounds."
  • "Shields are recharging."
  • "Recharging shields."
  • "Administering a Phoenix Kit."
I'm down
  • "They downed me!"
  • "I am down."
  • "I am incapacitated."
I got you/Reviving Squadmate
  • "Death will have to wait."
  • "You are fortunate we are on the same team."
  • Season 6Season 7 before Fight Night Collection Event [to Crypto Icon.svg] "I'd let you rot, but, she'd never forgive me."
  • Season 7(Fight Night Collection Eventonly)[to Crypto Icon.svg] "Think carefully as I save your life. What did you say to Ms. Paquette?"
  • Season 7(Fight Night Collection Eventonly)[to Wattson Icon.svg] "I've got you. But why is Crypto forgiven, yet I am not?"
  • Season 7(Fight Night Collection Eventonly)[to Wattson Icon.svg] "You forgive Crypto. But, not me…?"
  • Season 8[to Crypto Icon.svg or Wattson Icon.svg] "Stand. I have no further time to deal with you."
  • Season 8[to Crypto Icon.svg or Wattson Icon.svg] "Every moment I spent on you distracts me from a greater purpose."
  • Season 8(from Chaos Theory Collection Event) [to Crypto Icon.svg] "How does it feel, knowing you're nothing without someone else picking you up?"
  • Season 8(from Chaos Theory Collection Event) [to Crypto Icon.svg] "Dragged from gutter once again. Perhaps you should stay there."
  • Season 8(Chaos Theory Collection Event only) [to Wattson Icon.svg] "Too many distraction. I must return to my research."
  • Season 8(Chaos Theory Collection Event only) [to Wattson Icon.svg] "The battle continues. Stand if you desire."
  • [to Fuse Icon.svg] "Get up, before I'll deliver your extremities to the warlord."
  • [to Fuse Icon.svg] "You will die when it suits me, Salvonian. No, sooner."
Being Respawned
  • "I control death… it does not control me."
  • "That was… enlightening."
Got our Squadmate's banner
  • "I have the banner. Respawning is imminent."
  • "The banner is in my control, along with their life."
Whole Squad down
  • "Last one down. That completes the triumvirate.
  • "That was the last one. Subtracted from the equation."
  • "This kill signaled the end of that entire squad."
  • "Whole squad wiped. One less variable to consider."
Squad split up
  • "We're spread wide, consult your maps."
  • "Consult your maps. We are spread out."
Another Squad attacking
  • "We're being attacked by two different squads!"
  • "A second squad is firing at us!"
Throwing ordnances
Grenade nearby
  • "Grenade!"
  • "Incoming grenade!"
Deploying Heat Shield.svg Heat Shield
  • "I'm deploying a Heat Shield."
    • "Deploying a Heat Shield."
Opening the Vault
  • "I, and I alone, have opened the Vault."
  • "The vault has been opened. I accept your gratitude."
Shooting a Cargo Bot
  • "Firing on that cargo bot."
  • "I struck the Cargo-Bot."
Flyer killed
  • "Killed the Volaticus locustodraco. Or flyer, in layman's terms."
  • "Removed the flyer from the equation."
Dropping Holo-Spray.svg Holo-Spray
  • "So they know their killer."
  • “(scoffs), vanity. Pure vanity.”
Entering Trident, driver
  • "Hurry up. Get in."
  • [with Crypto Icon.svg] "Enter the vehicle. My victory will not be stolen by your ineptitude."
Entering Trident, passenger
  • "I'm getting in."
  • "This will suffice, but we drive in silence."
Exiting Trident
  • "Bye."
  • "I'm done."
Opening Explosive Hold
  • "Rupturing this hold."
  • "Stand back. Rupturing this hold."
  • "I have achieved resurrection."
  • "Not even death can prevent me from completing my work."
Fight or Fright Icon.svg Shadowfall kill
  • "Trick or treat."
  • "Trick or trick."
Fight or Fright 2020 Icon.png Dropping during Shadow Royale
  • "Two Revenants… two lives that will not end."
Fight or Fright 2020 Icon.png Killed Shadow but its enemy living Squadmate is still alive
  • "Killed their remaining living, then, the Shadows will return to dust."

Ring Status

Far next Ring closure
  • "Next Ring is distant."
  • "Next Ring is far. Victory is further still."
  • [with Wattson Icon.svg] "Next Ring is distant. You created these things, Ms. Paquette. You didn't create a backdoor to work around it?"
  • [with Wattson Icon.svg] "Next Ring is far. You think you can give us an advantage, Ms. Paquette. But you still believe in rules."
Final Ring closure announcement
  • "The final Ring timer has begun."
  • "The last remaining Ring timer has commenced."
  • [Alone] "The final Ring timer, my experiment reaches its end."
  • [Alone] "The last Ring timer, counting down to my victory."
Final Ring closure in progress, in squad
  • "The final Ring has begun diminishing."
  • "It would be... tragic to fall to this final Ring."
  • [Alone] "Final Ring is closing."
  • [Alone] "The final Ring closes, death awaits."
One minute until nearby Ring closure
  • "Ring is in close proximity. One more minute."
  • "One minute until the nearby Ring closes."
  • [Alone] "One minute until Ring closure. Fortunately, I don't have far to go."
  • [Alone] "One minute until the Ring changes."
  • [Alone] "The Ring is within walking distance, and I still have a minute."
  • [Alone] "The Ring retracts in one minute."
One minute until far Ring closure
  • [Alone] "I only have a minute to get to the Ring."
  • [Alone]"Quite the distance to the Ring, and a minute to go."
Forty five seconds until nearby Ring closure
  • "The Ring's close, forty-five seconds. The pressure is exhilarating."
  • "The Ring isn't very far, forty five second remain before closure."
  • [Alone] "The Ring is within sight, and I still have forty-five seconds."
  • [Alone] "Ring is within close proximity. Forty-five seconds left."
Forty five seconds until far Ring closure
  • "Forty-five seconds. The Ring is some distance."
  • "The Ring is distant, forty five seconds before closure."
  • [Alone] "Quite the distance to the Ring, and only forty five seconds."
  • [Alone] "I must get to the next Ring within forty five seconds."
Thirty seconds until far Ring closure, in squad
  • "Thirty seconds until the Ring closes."
  • "Only thirty seconds remain. The Ring moves."
  • [Alone] "Thirty seconds until the Ring closes."
Thirty seconds until nearby Ring closure, in squad
  • "Thirty seconds. The Ring is near."
  • "Thirty second, we're close."
  • [Alone] "Thirty seconds, the Ring is near."
Ten seconds until far Ring closure
  • [Alone]"Ten seconds. I must get inside the Ring."
  • [Alone]"Ten seconds. I mustn't wait any longer."
Ten seconds until nearby Ring closure, in squad
  • "We are close to the Ring, ten seconds."
  • "Ten seconds remain, the Ring is close."
Inside the Ring
  • "We find ourselves inside the next Ring. How serendipitous."
  • [Alone] "I'm inside the Ring. My odds are… satisfactory."
Squadmates outside of the Ring
  • "Not all of us are inside this next Ring. Not all of us are worthy of continuing, either."
Full squad outside of the Ring
  • "We are all outside of the Ring."
  • "Dying outside the Ring would be (coughs) pointless."
Outside the Ring
  • "Death outside the Ring is slow and painful. Perhaps you should remain there."
  • [Alone, far] "Quite the journey to the next Ring."
Ring Flare Opening
  • [Far] "We're fine. There are no Ring Flares near us."
  • [Close] "Watch where you stand. Ring Flare's opening nearby."
Ring Flare Closing
  • "Look. The Ring Flare is closing."


Pinging location in dropship
  • "Landing in this area yields a high probability for success."
  • "This landing area will prove beneficial."
Go/Suggested a location
  • "I suggest we do some research in this area."
  • "I suspect we will find something here."
  • "Let's move to this sector."
  • "Let's go to this area."
  • "We should conduct a search right here."
  • "We should go here."
Location compromised/someone's been here
  • "I do not believe we are the first ones here."
  • "I believe others have been here."
  • "We are not the first ones here."
  • "Others have passed through this area."
Retracting Ping
  • "Never mind."
  • "I retract that."
  • "Forget that."
Going here
  • "Going to examine that area."
  • "That area calls for further exploration."
Looting here
  • "Researching for loot in this area."
  • "Excuse me, inspecting that area for loot."
  • "Surveying for loot here."
  • "Searching for loot here."
  • "Inspecting this area for loot."
  • "Probing for loot here."
  • "Seeking for loot over there."
  • "Searching for loot over there."
  • "I need loot. Checking over there."
Pinging Area to Attack
  • "Planning the attack over there."
  • "Advance on them {here/over there}."
  • "Moving in to attack {here/there}."
  • "Attacking here."
Defending this area
  • "Planning a defense position here."
  • "If you need me, I'll be defending this location."
  • "Preparing to defend this area."
Watching here
  • "Monitoring this area."
  • "Observing this area."
  • "Paying close attention to this area."
  • "Watching here."
  • "Watching that area."
  • "Watching that way."
Pinging Enemy
  • "Enemy spotted."
  • "Enemy spotted. Close."
  • "Enemy spotted. Far."
  • "I have a subject in view."
  • "I have a subject in view. Far off."
  • "I have a subject in view. Right here."
  • "Spotted a subject."
  • "Spotted a subject over there."
  • "Spotted a subject right here."
  • "Spotted one."
  • "Spotted one. Distant."
  • "Subject spotted."
  • "Subject spotted here."
  • "Subject spotted. There."
  • "Target spotted."
  • "Target spotted. There."
Pinging Enemy being revived
  • "The enemy are reviving their weak, hurry!"
  • "The enemy is reviving here!"
Pinging Enemy taking off with Skyward Dive.svg Skyward Dive
  • "That enemy Squad's about to launch. Fascinating."
Need Help
  • "I could use some help."
  • "I need medical aid."
  • "I require assistance."
  • "Understood."
  • "Very well."
  • "Yes."
  • "I don't think so."
  • "No."
  • "No thank you."
  • "I will take that."
  • "That's mine."
  • [to Revenant Icon.svg] "I will take this, simulacrum."
Hold Up
  • "I will need some time."
  • "Be patient."
  • "Wait."
  • "One moment."
On My Way
  • "I'm en route to assist you. Or maybe watch you die. I haven't made up my mind yet."
  • "I'll help you on one condition: you quit that incessant whining."
  • "I'll be right there. But only because it benefits me."
Ultimate [Nox Gas Grenade.svg Nox Gas Grenade]
  • 0~84% charged
    • "Patience, amoeboid; my Ultimate isn't ready."
    • "My Ultimate requires more time."
    • [In combat] "My Ultimate isn't ready!"
    • [In combat] "My Ultimate is still preparing!"
  • 85~99% charged
    • "My Ultimate nears, the anticipation is exhilarating."
    • "My Ultimate is almost prepared."
    • [In combat] "My Ultimate is almost ready!"
    • [In combat] "My Ultimate nears!"
  • 100% ready
    • "My Ultimate is ready, let the experiment begin."
    • "Beware: my Ultimate is ready."
    • [In combat] "Ultimate's ready!"
    • [In combat] "My Ultimate's ready!"
Heat Shield.svg Heat Shield
  • "Heat Shield here. She had a means to subvert the Ring all along."
Deployed Heat Shield.svg Heat Shield
  • [Near] "There's Heat Shield deployed here."
Vault Key.svg Vault Key
Friendly Trap
  • "Friendly trap deployed."
Launch Pad.svg Launch Pad
  • "There's a Jump Pad here."
Perimeter Security.svg Perimeter Security
  • [to Wattson Icon.svg] "I spot one of your previous fences, Ms. Paquette."
Death Totem.svg Death Totem
  • "I've discovered a Totem here. Be on the lookout for Shadow Squads."
Black Market Boutique.svg Black Market Boutique
  • "I don't concern myself with frivolities like shopping, but there's a Black Market here."
Amped Cover.svg Amped Cover
  • "A barrier has been placed here."
Emplaced Minigun "Sheila".svg Emplaced Minigun "Sheila"
  • "There's a turret set up over here."
Teammate's Banner
  • "Our colleague's banner could be used for their recovery."
Ring Flare
  • "Ring Flare over there. Truly marvelous."
Charge Tower
  • "Charge Tower here. Good. I approve of anything that contaminates the air more quickly."
Closed Explosive Holds when doesn't have ordinances / Can anyone open it?
  • "Can anyone open it? I cannot."
Cargo Bot
Dropped Cargo
  • "I found a valuable dropped cargo here."
  • "How fortuitous. Somebody left behind dropped cargo over there."
  • "I detect lava over there."
  • "Lava over there. Interesting addition."
  • "This Loot Vault could prove invaluable."
    • [has Vault Key] "And indeed, I possess the key."
Pathfinder's Boxing Ring
  • [Far] "There's a boxing ring. Can't think of a better petri dish to observe."
  • [Near] "A boxing ring's here. Fit for animals to claw and scratch in a cage."
  • "I've noted a Loot MRVN here."
  • [Looted] "Be wary. This MRVN's been looted."
Icarus's Bridge
  • "The bridge is here."
    • [No Keycard] "We need the keycard."
Pathfinder Icon.svg Pathfinder's statue
  • "Pathfinder's statue here."


Nice / Celebration
  • "Congratulations on an optimal conclusion."
  • "Excellent. Could not have asked for a better outcome."
  • "My hypothesis is correct. I am unstoppable."
  • "Success!"
Thanks to Squadmate
  • "Thanks."
  • [to Rampart Icon.svg] "Thank you. And if I might add, modding… not an actual word."
  • Season 6Season 7 before Fight Night Collection Event[to Revenant Icon.svg] "We should teach Loba to stay out from our affairs."
    • "I tire of Loba inserting herself into our business."
  • Season 7(Fight Night Collection Event)[to Revenant Icon.svg] "Thanks. (Tongue-clicking) Placing trust in someone who wants you dead. (chuckle)"
  • Season 6Season 7 before Fight Night Collection Event[to Crypto Icon.svg] "This changes nothing, boy."
  • Season 6Season 7 before Fight Night Collection Event[to Crypto Icon.svg] "Traitors don't deserve gratitude."
  • Season 7(Fight Night Collection EventOnly)[to Crypto Icon.svg] "Considerate. An olive branch, for Ms. Paquette forgiving us?"
  • Season 8[to Crypto Icon.svg] "Paying tribute won't save you."
  • Season 8[to Crypto Icon.svg] "You should choose whom you parley with more carefully."
Thanks for First-aid/Revived
  • "I nearly experienced death. So much to notate... once I eliminate the others."
  • "Interesting sensation. Thank you."
  • [to Wattson Icon.svg] "You didn't have to do that. Your grace is incalculable."
  • Season 7(Fight Night Collection EventOnly)[to Crypto Icon.svg] "Thank you. I've noticed something's different with you and Ms. Paquette."
  • Season 7(Fight Night Collection EventOnly)[to Wattson Icon.svg] "It doesn't make any sense. I have no motive."
  • Season 8 [to Crypto Icon.svg or Wattson Icon.svg] "Leave me. I must attend to a matter of significant importance."
  • Season 8 [to Crypto Icon.svg or Wattson Icon.svg] "I have no time for placid civilities. My final experiment awaits."
  • Season 8(Chaos Theory Collection Event) [to Wattson Icon.svg] "You madam, are no actor."
    • "You, madam, are no actor."
  • Season 8(Chaos Theory Collection Event)[to Wattson Icon.svg] "Do not patronize me, child."
You're Welcome
  • "I've noted your appreciation."
  • "Your gratitude is acknowledged."
  • [to Fuse Icon.svg] "I'm not here to make friends."
  • [to Fuse Icon.svg] "Indeed. We understand each other then."
  • [to Revenant Icon.svg] "Very well."
  • Season 5[to Revenant Icon.svg] "Very well. I'll remember this when you're looking for allies against Ms. Andrade."
  • Season 5[to Revenant Icon.svg] "Careful, simulacrum. You've touched death so often - It would be a joy to dissect you."
  • Season 6[to Revenant Icon.svg] "After all I did for you - this is my thanks? You'll regret this."
  • Season 6[to Revenant Icon.svg] "I hope you oxidize… and corrode into dust."
  • Season 6[to Revenant Icon.svg] "You rush to her aid, yet reject me? You rue this day."
  • Season 7(Fight Night Collection EventOnly)[to Crypto Icon.svg] "I don't want your thanks. I want to know the lies you're spreading."
  • Season 7(Fight Night Collection EventOnly)[to Crypto Icon.svg] "Tell me... or every one of your secrets shall be laid bare for all to see."
  • Season 7(Fight Night Collection EventOnly)[to Crypto Icon.svg] "Don't play coy. I know you tricked her."
  • Season 7(Fight Night Collection EventOnly)[to Wattson Icon.svg] "I never alerted the simulacrum to Ms. Andrade's affairs."
  • Season 7(Fight Night Collection EventOnly)[to Wattson Icon.svg] "I can only say it so many times. I was never Revenant's spy."
  • Season 7(Fight Night Collection EventOnly)[to Wattson Icon.svg] "Ms. Paquette. Wattson! Natalie!"
  • Season 8 [to Crypto Icon.svg or Wattson Icon.svg] "Engaging with you is a worthless pursuit."
  • Season 8 [to Crypto Icon.svg] "Fools like you make the best test subjects."
  • Season 8 [to Crypto Icon.svg] "Don't test me. Or perhaps I'll test you."
  • Season 8(from Chaos Theory Collection Event) [to Crypto Icon.svg] "A little rich… coming from you…"
  • Season 8 [to Wattson Icon.svg] "How strange that you would engage with me now."
  • Season 8 [to Wattson Icon.svg] "My actions are not of your concern."
  • Season 8 [to Wattson Icon.svg] "Pholcid venom. A lie devoured by simpletons…"
Get in Trident
  • "Get in. I won't ask nicely next time."


Activating Nox Vision.svg Nox Vision
  • "(coughs) I still see everything."
  • "I still see everything!"
  • "(coughs) My vision is clear."
  • "My vision is clear."
Deploying Nox Gas Trap.svg Nox Gas Trap
  • "Gas trap deployed."
  • "Independent variable added."
  • "Placing an independent variable."
  • "Placing gas trap."
  • "Leaving a gas trap behind."
  • "Deploying a variable."
  • "Trap set… and waiting."
  • "Adding another gas trap."
  • "Introducing a new variable."
  • "Beware. I've added a variable."
  • "Another variable for the lab rats."
  • "The trap is set. Data soon to follow."
Throwing Nox Gas Grenade.svg Nox Gas Grenade
  • "Breathe it in. (inhales)"
  • "Gas cloud-deployed."
  • "Noxious gas deployed."
  • "Take a deep breath."
  • "Take a deep breath. (inhales)"
Enemy Surveillance Drone.svg Surveillance Drone destroyed
  • "Drone obliterated."
  • "Enemy drone has been decommissioned."
Inside Drone EMP.svg Drone EMP area
  • "Incoming electromagnetic pulse!"
  • "Incoming EMP."
Affected by Drone EMP.svg Drone EMP
  • "Incoming electromagnetic pulse!"
  • "Struck by an electromagnetic pulse!"
Airstrike nearby
  • "There is an airstrike inbound."
  • "Watch out: an airstrike is falling."
Silence.svg Silenced
  • "I've lost my abilities, but not my intellect!"
  • "My abilities don't work!"
Recalled back to Death Totem.svg Death Totem
  • "I'm back at the Totem. This adds a whole new component to my work."



Switching to Kings Canyon
  • "Kings Canyon... doesn't matter where I go; death will follow."
  • “Kings Canyon... where there are no kings; only fools thinking they can rule over me.”
Switching to World's Edge
  • "World's Edge... it'll do."
  • "World's Edge... let's stand on the precipice of life and death."
Switching to Olympus
  • "Olympus... once the epicenter of scientific discovery, now a playground for these simpletons around me."
  • "Olympus, where money and opulence went to rot."


New Ranked Season
  • "A new ranked season has begun. When it ends, all those left is the spell of the rot."
New Split
  • “The latest Ranked Split commences today. Outstanding.”
Rank up
  • "I have moved up in the ranks."
  • "I have ranked up."
Rank down
  • "My rank has slipped. I blame my insipid squadmates."
  • "My rank fell! Clearly, there is a flaw in the system."
Silver.svg Silver
  • "Silver rank achieved."
  • "I am officially ranked Silver."
Gold.svg Gold
  • "I have achieved the rank of Gold."
  • "I am now ranked Gold."
Platinum.svg Platinum
  • "Was there any doubt that I'd make it to Platinum?"
  • "Platinum rank. Not that I'm surprised in the slightest."
Diamond.svg Diamond
  • "I have achieved Diamond rank."
  • "I have ascended to the rank of Diamond."
Apex Predator.svg Apex Predator
  • "Apex Predator. I shall do the rank justice."
  • “I am an Apex Predator. A perfect specimen.”

Battle Royale Status

Care Package inbound
  • "The rewards in that Care Package could be a deciding variable."
  • "Those care packages likely shift the delta in our favor."
Champion Eliminated
  • "The champion was weighed, and found wanting."
  • "All things die, even champions."
  • [By Squad] "The Champion has been.. dealt with."
First Blood
  • "Aah, first blood. And so it begins."
  • "Aaaaahhhh... First blood. And so it begins..."
  • "First blood. The cycle has begun."
Getting first blood
  • "A first kill. Euphoric, yet fleeting."
  • "We made the first kill. Savor this moment."
New Kill Leader appointed
  • "New kill leader. I must confess, it's what I long for."
  • "There is a new kill leader. Just another insect if you ask me."
  • [Squadmate] "Impressive. You have become the Kill Leader."
  • [Squadmate] "You are our new Kill Leader.. For now."
Becoming the Kill Leader, in Squad
  • "I'm the Kill Leader; a foregone conclusion, really."
  • "I am the Kill Leader. Predictable perhaps, yet still admirable."
    • "I am the Kill Leader. Predictable, perhaps, it's still admirable."
Becoming the Kill Leader, alone
  • "I've become the new Kill Leader. How serendipitous."
  • "I've become the Kill Leader. Such a crass term. Appropriate, but crass."
Squad Eliminates Kill Leader
  • "We've simply removed the Kill Leader from the equation."
Half the squads remain
  • "The participants have reduced by 50%."
  • [Alone] "Half the Squads have expired. I still alive."
Two Enemy Squads Remain
  • "Two final squads."
  • "Two squads remain. The probability of victory rises."
One Enemy Squad Remains
  • "One squad left. I shall finish this."

Arenas Status

Round 1 prep
  • "Kill them all. Simple as that."
Match point prep - Winning
  • "We draw closer to the inexorable conclusion. Victory."
  • "We stride towards victory. Predictable and yet… satisfying."
Match point prep - Losing
  • "They believe their victory is inevitable. Prove them wrong."
Double Kill


Spotted Lake (Not available)
  • "Fascinating. The lethal effect of these toxins, so heavily dispersed is astronomical. I must see if these result can be… replicated."
Water source somewhere near Creature Containment (Not available)
  • "The toxin has permeated this water source to an almost irreparable degree. Its potential fatality is… tremendous."
Water source somewhere near Watchtower South (Not available)
  • "Hmm… Another lethal pitfall. I must procure samples and determine a means of harnessing its potential."
Caustic's Treatment
  • "Huh. I wonder how many test subjects I'll catch with this trap."
  • "This subterfuge is genius. Simply genius."
The Icarus
  • "Killing is in nature's… nature. (grinning through coughs) Fascinating."

Audio Log (No longer available)

Audio Log File 1 - Crash Site, on top the briefcases near large Waste Container
  • The erupted gas pocket and fuel have combined to create a gargantuan supply of toxin. If there's a way to refine it, I could mold it into something spectacular.
Audio Log File 2 - Echo Tent at South of Creature Containment, on the desk
  • The best way to test this would be human subjects. Luckily, there's an ample supply of lab rats right here.
Audio Log File 3 - Echo Tent at Watchtower South, on the desk
  • The water treatment facility will not purify this toxic spill. If I could convince them I could handle it, well… that would open some real possibilities…


Caustic Treatment Announcer

When draining toxin
  • "My test has been paused. Feel free to enter the Experiment Chamber at your leisure."
  • "My experiment has been interrupted. For those responsible, please continue to my Experiment Chamber."
  • "Test paused. My marvellous gas has been extracted from the room. Please enter."
  • "Gas deactivation has begun. Please enter the Experiment Chamber. I assure you, it is safe."
When time is almost up
  • "Your time is almost up. Hahaha."
    • "Your time is almost up. Hmhmhm."
  • "Tick tock. The true experiment is about to begin."
When toxin starts refilling
  • "Greetings, rats. I'd like to introduce you to my new abundance of toxins. I look forward to you all getting acquainted."
  • "Fools. Welcome to my experiment. Take a deep breath. It may be your last."
  • "Such gullible test subjects. All I had to do was offer a bit of cheese. Now, let the real experiment begin."
  • "You are all so utterly predictable. Let's hope the results of this experiment are much less mundane."