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Caustic Treatment
CausticTreatment 01
Gamemode Battle Royale, Control
Location Kings Canyon

Caustic Treatment is a Caustic-themed Town Takeover found on Kings Canyon. It is also used as a standalone map in Control. It was added to Kings Canyon as part of the Chaos Theory Chaos Theory event, replacing Water Treatment.

Gameplay[ | ]

Caustic Treatment is a massive processing plant on the south end of Kings Canyon. The bottom layer of the interior is filled with a layer of toxins, which deals tick damage similar to lava on World's Edge. Within the toxin pools, there are four glass containers with high-tier loot inside of them. There is a panel in the control room which will temporarily deactivate the toxins and open the containers for 30 seconds. On the exterior, there are several Supply Bins, a Jump Tower, and a Respawn Beacon, as well as four exhaust towers which cause an updraft effect above them.

Lore[ | ]

After the IMS Thermopylae crashed on the north end of Kings Canyon, its toxic fuel began to leak into the island's water supply. Caustic took the opportunity to commandeer the island's water treatment plant under the guise of waste disposal, while actually collecting it with the intent to unleash its toxins on Solace City.

At the top floor of the building, behind a door only accessible by Caustic or Wattson, is Caustic's laboratory. Inside is a video log from Caustic:

Just a few modifications and this plentitude of gas has the potential to expand my field experiments well beyond this trite game. A larger sample size, such as Solace City, would yield more reliable, compelling results. The only snag is Maldera… but let him find me. Now that Ms. Paquette knows the truth, this charade has lost its luster.

Wattson later confronted Caustic in this facility, nearly succumbing to the gas trying to stop him. When he shut off the gas, she electrocuted him and blackmailed him into cancelling his plot.[1]

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References[ | ]

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