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Celestial Sunrise
Celestial Sunrise
Type Collection
Start date January 24, 2023
End date February 7, 2023
Duration 14 days
During Season 15 Season 15
Gamemode Hardcore Royale
Mythic Set Reactive Peacekeeper Skin Set

Celestial Sunrise is a Collection Event during Season 15 Season 15 of Apex Legends that began on January 24, 2023 and ended on February 7, 2023.

Challenges[ | ]

Challenge Reward
Deal 35,000 damage in Any Mode during the Celestial Sunrise event Badge Badge: Celestial Sunrise Crusher
Get 50 Kills or Assists in Any Mode during the Celestial Sunrise event Badge Badge: Celestial Sunrise Collaborator
Place in the Top 5 in Hardcore BR 10 times Badge Badge: Celestial Sunrise Top Tier
Earn all other Celestial Sunrise badges Badge Badge: Celestial Sunrise Master

Challenges Rewards[ | ]

Badge Badges

Prize Track[ | ]

Points Reward
250 Badge Celestial Sunrise
Holospray Bamboo Bunny
500 Stat Tracker Kills as Octane
750 Stat Tracker Kills as Ash
1000 Apex Pack Apex Pack
1250 Stat Tracker Wins as Octane
1500 Charm Lucky Ingots
2000 Stat Tracker Damage Done as Octane
2500 Stat Tracker Wins as Ash
3000 Holospray Year of the Rabbit
3500 Charm Lucky Money
4000 Stat Tracker Damage Done as Ash
5000 R-99 SMG Icon Floral Fireshow

Prize Track Rewards[ | ]

Weapon Skins
Charm Weapon Charms
Holospray Holosprays
Badge Badge

Celestial Sunrise Collection[ | ]

The Celestial Sunrise Collection is a set of 24 cosmetics exclusive to the event. The collection cosmetics could be obtained by:

  • Purchasing event-exclusive Celestial Sunrise collection packs for Apex Coins 700 which will give out one collection cosmetic and two cosmetics from the normal loot table.
  • Unlocking using Crafting Metals 2,400 for Legendary items and Crafting Metals 800 for epic items.
  • By direct purchase from the Store: Apex Coins 1,800 for Legendary items and Apex Coins 1,000 for Epics.

Completion of the Celestial Sunrise Collection allowed the player to unlock the reactive Jadeite Retribution Peacekeeper skin, Happy New Year Holospray, and Crystal Sigil Charm.

Weapon Charms

Collection Cosmetics[ | ]

Legend Skins
Weapon Skins
Weapon Charms
Banner Frames

Store Sale[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • This is the only Collection Event to not have a Mythic reward for completing the collection.
    • It is also the only time a reactive weapon skin has been obtainable outside of a Battle Pass.