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Challenges are in-game tasks that players can do to earn certain rewards such as Stars Stars, Battle Pass Level Battle Pass Levels and Cosmetic Items.

Challenges were first introduced during the Legendary Hunt Legendary Hunt event and were then added in Season 2 Season 2 as a way to progress faster in the Battle Pass. They are in-game tasks that a player can do to earn certain rewards such as Stars, Battle Pass Levels, or Cosmetics.

There are three different types of Challenges: Daily, Weekly and Event Challenges. Some challenges are done exclusively in Arenas while others are done exclusively in Battle Royale.

Daily Challenges[ | ]

Daily Challenges must be done before the daily reset at 03:00 AM PST. These challenges are mostly simple tasks that can be done in a couple of matches and reward 1 to 3 Stars Stars. There are five different challenges per day, with the first one always being "Play 2 games in any mode" and the second one being able to be completed in any mode.

These challenges can be rerolled for free on the first reroll, Legend Tokens 200 the second reroll, Legend Tokens 500 the third, and Legend Tokens 1000 for subsequent rerolls. The cost resets along with the new daily challenges.

When rerolling a mode-specific challenge, players can choose either an Arenas-specific challenge or a Battle Royale-specific challenge.

Possible daily challenges include:

  • Play 2 games as [legend] in any mode
  • Deal 250 damage as [legend] in any mode
  • Deal 125 damage with [type of weapon]
  • Get 2 knockdowns with [type of weapon]
  • Get 2 knockdowns as [legend]
  • Deal 500 damage in (Battle Royale/Arenas)
  • Open 10 supply bins
  • Get 2 kills in (Battle Royale/Arenas)
  • Get 5 knockdowns
  • Get 5 kills or assists in (Battle Royale/Arenas)
  • Outlive 200 opponents in Battle Royale
  • Deal 200 damage in a single match
  • Deal 400 damage with [specific weapon]
  • Deal 250 damage with [type of weapon]
  • Collect 200 Materials for Replicators in Battle Royale
  • Perform 1 finishing move in (Battle Royale/Arenas).
  • Deal 1500 damage in Battle Royale
  • Use Crafting Harvester 10 times in Arenas

Weekly Challenges[ | ]

Weekly Challenges are added every Wednesday at 08:00 PM PST and can be done within the season the challenges were added. These challenges are much harder to do and some have different levels that can only be done once the previous levels have been completed. Three challenges each week reward a full Battle Pass Level Battle Pass Level, while the other five reward Challenge Stars 1-5.

Possible challenges include:

  • Play [X] games as [legends]
  • Deal [X] damage as [legend]
  • Deal [X] damage with [type of weapon]
  • Deal [X] damage in a single match
  • Get [X] kills
  • Get [X] kills as [legend]
  • Get [X] kills with [type of weapon]
  • Get [X] kills in a single match
  • Get [X] kills with [type of weapon] in a single match
  • Get [X] knockdowns as [legend]
  • Get [X] knockdowns with [type of weapon]
  • Get [X] headshots as [legend]
  • Get [X] headshots with [type of weapon]
  • Outlive [X] opponents
  • Get a Top 3 finish [X] times
  • Finish in the top 3 as [legends]
  • Loot [X] epic items
  • Loot [X] legendary items
  • Loot a legendary [piece of Gear] [X] times
  • Deal [X] damage with Bangalore's Rolling Thunder
  • Scan [X] enemies as Bloodhound
  • Scan [X] traps as Bloodhound
  • Get [X] kills while Beast of the Hunt is active as Bloodhound
  • Have [X] gas traps activated as Caustic
  • NOX: [X] damage dealt as Caustic
  • NOX: Kill [X] enemies as Caustic while they are gassed
  • Neurolink: Scan [X] enemies as Crypto
  • Block [X] damage with Gibraltar's Gun Shield
  • Get [X] kills with Gibraltar's Bombardment
  • Heal [X] health with Lifeline's healing drone
  • [X] items looted by squadmates from Lifeline's care package
  • Create [X] decoys as Mirage
  • [X] successful bamboozles as Mirage
  • Regenerate [X] health as Octane
  • Launch [X] squadmates off jump pads as Octane
  • Scan [X] survey beacons as Pathfinder
  • Pathfinder's zipline used [X] times by squadmates
  • Rift: Phase [X] squadmates as Wraith
  • Travel [X] meters in a vehicle

Event Challenges[ | ]

Event Challenges are added and can only be done within the span of a Themed or Collection Event. These challenges mostly reward Event-exclusive cosmetics.

"A Wee Experiment" also offered challenges, but it was separate from the main Event challenges slot. The main Event slot remained empty. This is presumably because A Wee Experiment is a minor event, and not a Themed or Collection Event.

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