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Subsidiary of AI Logic
Leader Darion Che
Headquarters Psamathe
Industry Defense, electronics
Founded Prior to the 2650s

Chevrex Incorporated is a weapons and drone manufacturing company and subsidiary of AI Logic, and currently is partnered with Kodai[1]. Its owners are Darion Che and Cherisse Che, Lifeline's parents.

History[ | ]

AI Logic, an electronics company specializing in drones, was founded in Angel City, Angelia in 2445. Initially the company focused on repairs, but soon became dominant in the field and expanded throughout the Frontier. At some point, Chevrex Inc. was founded as a branch of the company servicing the Outlands. The earliest mentions of Chevrex are in 2658, when it provided funds for Project Iris' research into branthium.[2]

At some point the Che family came to own Chevrex, and became a powerful influence on Psamathe thanks to heavy investments into supplying armed conflicts around the Outlands. Darion Che, as CEO of the company, keeps up appearances with charity events and galas, while his wife Cherisse Che handles the shadier side of business, such as making deals with Salvonian warlord Sandringham Kelly.[3] The Che family, and by extension Chevrex, also presumably has a seat in the Psamathe Planetary Council owing to the company's power and influence.

Products[ | ]

Specializing in drone manufacturing, one of its most popular products is the Security Monitoring Systems Drones (SMS Drones) which act as security cameras, motion detectors, and communication and recording devices.

D.O.C., the drone used by Lifeline in the Apex Games is a heavily modified version of the SMS Drone.

References[ | ]