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Club was a social feature released in Season 7 Season 7 that makes it easier to build a community and squad up for battle. More than just a secondary friends list, clubs were a way to keep in contact with clubmates, see what they’ve been up to, and send club-wide party invites. The amount of club members was limited to 30 people. Players could only be in one club at the same time.

Club Information[ | ]

The player can set requirements to join a club, such as minimum level and rank. They can also set it so that new members will either automatically join the club or will have to request to join it. Players can also be invited to join clubs. Once the player made or joined a club, the club tab will become the new club lobby. All club members have access to the member list, where they can invite individuals to party up or broadcast an invite to everyone online via the “Invite All to Party” button. Clubs also have a club tag and it is displayed next to the player's username.

The “Timeline” is a space where players can see recent events within the club, such as people joining/leaving, or placing within the top 5 in a match.

In “Chat” players will have a dedicated space to chat with clubmates.

Admins and Owners can post announcements that will create a pop-up message the next time clubmates enter the lobby. They can also invite new club members. Captains can only invite new members.

Clubs will also be able to gain Club Badges that will demonstrate their capabilities on the battlefield.

History[ | ]