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Conduit's voice actor is Frankie Kevich, speaking English and Tagalog.

Character Select[ | ]

  • "Ang buhay ay weather weather lang. But I'll bring the sun.
  • "Hoy, fam' Are you watching? This one's for you But only if I win"
  • "Time to rise and shine, mga kapatid."
  • "Relax kalang, I've got this! Been going over strategy all day!"
  • "I can make you shine!"
  • "Laban lang!"
  • "Get up, get ready, something-something, make it happen!
  • "And fighting as Conduit....Rowenna Valentina Coffey Divina....wow....oh it's my turn!"

Intro[ | ]

  • "Everyone's got a place in the Games, but I've got first place."
  • "I've got my eye on you - and so does everybody else."
  • "Shine bright or fizzle out. Bahala ka."
  • "Welcome to the Apex Games, Legend."
  • "What's everyone's game plan? Hot drop, turtle, rat, or what?"
  • "Better see GG's when that final ring closes. That's my ate voice."
  • "Remember, we're live so don't forget the coolness factor."
  • "I know these arenas inside and out. My facts? Fun."
  • "Whatever you need, I'll keep you charged."
  • "I've energy to spare."
  • "I've got a lot of Games experience with my cousins, so watch out. Ha ha."
  • "It's my time to shine."
  • "Mabuhay. It means 'live long' but that won't be happening for 96% of us."
  • "My Squad's shields will outlast yours - even if I don't."
  • "Hit the ground and pick up a weapon. No time for favorites."
  • "On the field, we're not friends. But after, potluck at mine?"
  • "This is a game, but this is my game."
  • "This old thing? Lastimosa original."
  • "We've got the heart of a Titan - well, battery, same thing."
  • "You better bring your best moves because I... want to see them."
  • "Yeah, I'm a ray of sunshine but you'll feel the burn."

Kills[ | ]

  • Season 19 "One step closer to the champion's circle, many steps to go."
  • "And player of the game is Conduit! [Woo! Yeah!]"
  • "And that's a +1 for my stats."
  • "Didn't your ate tell you not to stare at the sun?"
  • "Excellent play for me, maybe less so for you."
  • "GG, GG."
  • "Hey, getting here is a big deal. Be proud of that."
  • "Sorry, kapatid. Gotta up my stats."
  • "Had to outlast you. I've got Monarch in me. Literally."
  • "Hope my little cousins at home had their eyes covered."
  • "Sa totoo lang? I didn't think that would work."
  • "I got you this time, at siguro you'll get me next time. Maybe."
  • "For the viewers at home, I hope that looked as cool as it was."
  • "I knew that strategy would work, 'di ba?"
  • "I'll have to watch that back."
  • "You should see me with a foam dart. I'm deadly."
  • "I'm surprisingly hard to kill, aren't I? Emphasis on surprise."
  • "If you need tips, I have a podcast. I know, everyone has a podcast these days."
  • "Kinda jealous everyone gets to watch the instant replay for that."
  • "Lahat ng sumusuko ay hindi mananalo."
  • "Good game, let's do this again sometime."
  • "Life is short, but yours is shorter."
  • "Living the dream! Well, not specifically you like this."
  • "Match your weapons to your strategy - that's what I do."
  • "Matulog na ka lang."
  • "No friendships in a match, but can I help you move or something?"
  • "No sacrifice, no victory."
  • "One for me, but also one for the team."
  • "Cells, batteries, whatever - rule one is keeping your shields charged."
  • "Big fan, but rules are rules, kapatid."
  • "Should've left the kiddy gloves on. Sorry."
  • "Sorry. No, I'm not sorry. Sorry."
  • "Your stats, abilities, and weaknesses? Know them by heart."
  • "Order: sunny side up. Hm, maybe scrambled."
  • "Taking you out almost took me out. Woo."
  • "That must've hurt. I'm stronger than I think in the suit."
  • "Time for some new moves, kapatid. I've studied all your old ones."
  • "Toasted. It's tough, but that's the game. And I love this game."
  • "We are killing it, and by it, I mean you."
  • "Yes! Go me. Worth it if the team wins."
  • "You should practice with my tita and cousins. They don't hold back."
  • "Just because you're down now doesn't mean you're down forever."

Gameplay[ | ]

I'm Jumpmaster
  • "I'm the Jumpmaster, let's stay together, mga kapatid."
  • "I'm the Jumpmaster. Are we feeling a hot drop or...?"
Taking damage
  • "Getting shot at."
  • "Taking shots here."
  • "Taking damage."
  • "I've been hit."
Enemy shield broken
  • "Enemy shield broken."
I'm down
  • "I'm down."
  • "Aray. Been downed."
  • "Downed. And this battery's not helping."
Whole Squad down
  • "A whole team wipe--now, mga pinsan, matulog na keyo."
I got you/Reviving squadmate
  • "Not today kapatid. You've got people depending on you."
Recharging shields
  • "Recharging shields. Don't worry about me."

Battle Royale Status[ | ]

First blood
  • "Someone got first blood. And that someone was not me."

Pings[ | ]

Pinging location
  • "Rethinking our strategy--how about moving there?"
  • "I think we should go here."
  • "It'd be a good idea to go there."
Location Compromised/Someone's Been Here
  • "Mag ingat ka. Another Squad's been there."
  • "There--another Squad rifled through that area."
Avoid this area
  • "Let's avoid there."
Cancel Ping
  • "Never mind."
  • "Oo--yes."
I'll join/Me too
  • "Let's go together."
  • "Calling dibs."
  • "Dibs. Everyone's got favorites and that's mine."
On my way
  • "Hold on, I'm coming to you."
Need Help
  • "Some help?"
Death Box
  • "There's a death box by me."
Ultimate [Energy BarricadeEnergy Barricade]
  • 100% charged
    • "Hoy, my ultimate is ready."
Shotgun Ammo
  • "Shotgun Ammo here."
Shield Cell
  • "Shield cell here--for when I can't get to you."
Shield Battery
  • ”Shield battery here-—Aww, it’s like a mini me.”
Mobile Respawn Beacon
  • "Hoy, Mobile Respawn Beacon here."
Phoenix Kit Phoenix Kit
  • "Phoenix Kit here."
  • "Lava here. For you at home, yes, it's real."

Ring Status[ | ]

Outside ring moving
  • "We're outside of the Ring and it's moving. Alis."

Ranked[ | ]

New Ranked Season
  • "New Ranked season, new strategies to learn. Let's do this."
New Ranked Split
  • "New Ranked split starts today and I'm ready. Tara na!"
Rank Up
  • "Ranked up! Hard work pays off."
  • "Uy, I ranked up. Good job me. Yeah."
Rank Down
  • "I ranked down. That's okay, that's fine. Sometimes things slip."
  • "I ranked down. There's a learning curve, pero hindi tayo susuko."
Silver Silver
  • "Ranked to Silver. My legend begins today."
  • "I'm Silver rank now–need to keep this momentum."
Gold Gold
  • "Gold rank with the medal to prove it."
  • "Gold really suits me, 'di ba?"
Platinum Platinum
  • "Made it to Platinum–I have to tell everyone back home."
  • "I made it to Platinum–but I won't stop there. Laban lang!"
Diamond Diamond
  • "I rose to Diamond. I worked for this, I did it."
  • "Diamond. I knew I could shine."
Master Masters
  • "Made it to Master. Worth it, all the pain is worth it."
  • "Officially a Master at these Games."
Apex Predator Apex Predator
  • "'I am the Apex Predator.' Hahaha!"
  • "Apex Predator? Living the dream, now I have to defend it."

Abilities[ | ]

Using Radiant Transfer Radiant Transfer
  • "Amping your shields!"
  • "Amping shields."
  • "Amped up, ramped up."
  • "I'll get you amped up."
  • "Amping you up."
  • "Getting your shields amped."

Quip[ | ]

Thanking teammate
  • "Salamat po."
    • "Salamat."
  • "Thank you, thank you."
  • "Thanks."
  • [To Gibraltar Icon] "(Coughing laugh) Right where I want to be. Salamat."
  • [To Gibraltar Icon] "Aray, yeah, quite the welcome. Thanks, Gibraltar."
You're welcome
  • "Walang anuman."