Apex Legends Wiki

This page lists all default controls for both mouse + keyboard and controller inputs.

All keyboard controls can be rebound in the settings; all actions listed may have two keys bound, and some actions are unbound by default. For controllers, some inputs may be rearranged via the controller settings.

Action Keyboard Xbox One PS4/PS5 Switch Notes
Move W/A/S/D Left Stick Left Stick Left Stick
Sprint ⇧ Left Shift (hold) Left Stick (Toggle) Left Stick (Toggle) Left Stick (Toggle) Press while aiming down variable scopes to change zoom level
Jump Space A X B
Crouch (toggle) C B Circle A
Crouch (hold) Left Ctrl Circle
Tactical Ability Q LB L1 LB
Ultimate Ability Z LB + RB L1 + R1 LB + RB
Interact/Pickup E X Square Y
Alternate Interact X X (hold) Square (hold) Y (hold)
Inventory (toggle) Tab ↹ Menu Options +
Map (toggle) M Windows Touch Pad -
Attack Left RT R2 RT Also hold to activate Knockdown Shield Knockdown Shields while downed
Toggle Fire Mode B Left Left Left
Aim Down Sight (toggle) Right
Aim Down Sight (hold) LT L2 LT
Melee V Right Stick (press) Right Stick (press) Right Stick (press)
Reload R X Square Y
Cycle Weapon Middle (scroll) Y Triangle X
Equip Weapon 1 1
Equip Weapon 2 2
Holster Weapons 3 Y (hold) Triangle (hold) X (hold) You run faster while weapons are holstered
Equip Grenade G Right Right Right Hold to open grenade wheel
Use Selected Health/Shield Item 4 Up Up Up
Use Syringe
Use Med Kit
Use Shield Cell
Use Shield Battery
Use Phoenix Kit
Health Wheel 4 (hold) Up (hold) Up (hold) Up (hold)
Extra Character Action H Down Down Down
Inspect Weapon N Left (hold) Right (hold) Left (Hold)
Open Quip Wheel / Thank You F1
Ping Middle RB R1 RB Hold to open ping wheel
Ping (Enemy Here) F 2x tap RB 2x tap R1 2x tap RB
Ping (Going Here)
Ping (Looting Here)
Ping (Defending Here)
Ping (Watching Here)
Ping (Someone's Been Here)
Push to Talk (Hold) T
Text Chat ↵ Enter