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It's Pride Month with Fandom, and Apex Legends' colorful cast of characters includes plenty of LGBTQIA+ representation: Bangalore, Bloodhound, Fuse, Gibraltar, Loba, Mirage, Seer, and Valkyrie. A big thank you to everyone who has helped make those articles and the whole wiki what they are!

There will also be three roundtable discussions in the Fandom Discord server over the month: Discussing LGBTQIA+ video games and characters on June 15, LGBTQIA+ icons and activists on June 22, and a discussion with LGBTQIA+ wiki admins on June 29.


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The subject of this article appears in Apex Legends.

Cosmetics are contents that can be acquired to further customize the player's experience. These items are entirely cosmetic and do not grant any competitive advantage.

Cosmetics can be acquired from Apex Pack.svg Apex Packs, purchased directly with Crafting Metals.svg Crafting Metals or Heirloom Shards Heirloom Shards through their specific sections, or sometimes purchased from the Store with Apex Coins.svg Apex Coins or Legend Tokens.svg Legend Tokens.


Cosmetics come in 5 rarities, each of which has a different cost associated with it:

  • Common cosmetics cost Crafting Metals 30.
  • Rare cosmetics cost Crafting Metals 60 or Apex Coins 500 when purchased from the Store.
  • Epic cosmetics cost Crafting Metals 400 or Apex Coins 1,000 when purchased from the Store.
  • Legendary cosmetics cost Crafting Metals 1,200 or Apex Coins 1,800 when purchased from the Store.
  • Mythic cosmetics cost Heirloom Shards 150.

Themed events may come with cosmetics that can be purchased with Crafting Metals Crafting Metals, these however come with increased initial prices, to be potentially reverted to their normal prices after two seasons.[1]

  • Rare cosmetics cost Crafting Metals 120.
  • Epic cosmetics cost Crafting Metals 800.
  • Legendary cosmetics cost Crafting Metals 2,400.

This is a table showing the available rarities for each cosmetic category:

Category Common Rare Epic Legendary Mythic
Weapon Skin
Melee Weapon Skin
Legend Skin
Legend Finisher
Banner Frame
Banner Pose
Banner Stat Tracker
Music Pack
Skydive Trail
Weapon Charm


  • Legend and Weapon Skins: skins that change the appearance of Legends or weapons. Common skins have flat coloration, Rare and Epic skins have more complex patterns and may slightly alter the model, and Legendary skins completely alter the model. Legend Prestige Skins have three versions or 'Tiers'; the latter two can be unlocked by completing challenges after unlocking the Tier 1 skin.
    • Some Legendary weapon skins are reactive. These skins gradually become more animated as players are killed with the weapon. The animation will level up when the weapon has killed one, three, and five players.
  • Melee Weapon Skins: unique melee weapons that are only available as Mythic-rarity and can be equipped through the skins menu for the Legend whose Heirloom has been unlocked.
  • Charm.svg Weapon Charms: small trinkets that can be attached to the side of a weapon.
  • Skydive Emote.svg Skydive Emotes: emotes that can be performed while skydiving. They can be equipped on the Skydive Emotes menu for the Legend and can be performed by selecting them through the emote wheel in-game. If a Legend only has one Skydive Emote, the emote wheel won't appear.
  • Skydive Trails: trails that change the particle the jetpacks equipped on every Legend emit when skydiving. These are only obtained as rewards for Diamond and above Ranked Leagues Tiers.
  • Finishers: animations that change the way a Legend finishes an opponent.
  • Banner cosmetics: alter the appearance of the banner that appears after the Legend selection, the Champion announcement, and the stands appearing in various points of the maps.
    • Banner Frame.svg Banner Frames: change the background of the banner. Common and Rare frames stay inside the frame, Epic frames stick out of the frame, and Legendary frames have dynamic animations.
    • Banner Pose.svg Banner Poses: change the Legend's pose. Common and Rare poses are static while Epic and Mythic poses are animated.
    • Badge.svg Badges: diamond shaped icons that show the player's personal achievements. Up to three can be equipped.
    • Stat Tracker.svg Stat Trackers: counters that display Legend-specific statistics. Common trackers are available for any legend, while Rare trackers are Legend-specific or seasonal.
  • Quip.svg Quips: voice lines played by a Legend on certain occasions or when manually selected through the emote wheel.
    • Intro Quip.svg Intro Quips: voice lines played by a Legend when announced as the Champion. Rare Intro Quips also produce a sound related to the Legend's abilities.
    • Kill Quip.svg Kill Quips: voice lines played by a Legend when killing an opponent.
  • Transitions.svg Transitions: images displayed when the player is loading into a match.
  • Music Pack.svg Music Packs: change the music that is played in the lobby and while dropping into an arena.
  • Holo-Spray.svg Holo-Sprays: holograms that can be used by throwing them on the ground to taunt other players. Legendary Holo-Sprays also have a dynamic animation.
  • Emotes: short animations a Legend can perform, upon which the camera turns into third person until the animation has finished, with the Anti-Peek system preventing the player from seeing enemies that can't normally be seen in first person. While Rare Emotes are simple animations, both Epic and Legendary ones are more complex and usually involve the Legend's abilities.

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