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Crashed Ship
Crashed Ship
Located on Kings Canyon
Loot Tier High Tier

Crashed Ship is a location in Kings Canyon. It was added in Season 8 IconSeason 8.

Lore[ | ]

Crashed Ship is the wreckage of the IMS Thermopylae, an Essex-class[1] warship controlled by the IMC during the Frontier War's climactic Battle of Typhon. The ship was a part of the fleet charged with escorting the IMS Draconis, a transport vessel which carried the experimental power source known as the Ark.[2]

After the Frontier War, the Thermopylae was acquired by the Mercenary Syndicate, who refurbished the vessel and used it in a ceremony commemorating Salvo's admission to the Syndicate Alliance of Free Worlds. Fuse, the first Salvonian to compete in the Apex Games, stood atop the ship during the ceremony until it was attacked by Mad Maggie, warlord of the Cracked Talon and Fuse's old friend. In protest toward Salvo losing its sovereignty in favor of becoming a Syndicate world, Maggie detonated explosives embedded in the mountains of Kings Canyon. Rubble from the explosions struck the ship, causing it to crash on the surface of the island.[3]

Fuel from the destroyed Thermopylae quickly began to seep into the island's waterways. ECHO, an environmental organization, soon set up a base of operations in the area surrounding the wreckage and began to extract the fuel from Kings Canyon's water. Caustic eventually gained clearance to convert the water treatment plant at the southern tip of the island into a personal base of operations under the guise of assisting with the cleanup operation.[4]

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