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There are many types of Creatures in Apex Legends.

Some can be met and interacted with while in-game while some serve as a way to flesh out the game's lore.

In-Game Creatures[ | ]

Flyers[ | ]

Flyer anatomy

Flyer Anatomy.

Flyers, scientific name Volaticus locustodraco, are dragon-like creatures flying or nesting around Kings Canyon and Storm Point. Along with the Prowler, it is considered an invasive species on planets where they are located, with their homeworld being Leviathan, they can be found on Solace, Typhon, and multiple other unnamed planets.

Added into the game in the weeks leading up to Season 2 Season 2, they hover or nest around certain spots in the map and when shot drops a death box of a player from the shooter's friends list with Rare or epic or Legendary loot. They do not attack when shot but they can be killed.

Leviathans[ | ]


A Leviathan.

Leviathans are giant 400-meter tall creatures that hail from the eponymous planet of Leviathan.

Although classified as omnivores by the IMC's Animal & Wildlife Research Division, they mainly consume fruits and vegetables as their primary diet. They are hardly aggressive; considered only dangerous when near highly populated areas due to the overwhelming power of their movements. They build their nests with bones.[1] To protect research facilities, cities, and colonies near Leviathan territories, the IMC developed Repulsor Towers (Dog-whistle towers) to emit high-frequency sounds that only Leviathans could hear, which kept the creatures at a safe distance.[2]

A pair of Leviathans, named Lola and Rosie, are currently located offshore from Kings Canyon. From Season 2 Season 2 until Season 5 Season 5 they were located inside the arena, standing in the destroyed remnants of Cascades and Bridges in Kings Canyon. They were essentially harmless, but could crush the player if the player was standing under their feet when they came back down.

Bin Spiders[ | ]

Bin Spider

A Bin Spider.

Bin Spiders are an arachnoid like creature that hide in Supply Bins during the Shadowfall and Shadow Royale game modes. They will hide in Supply Bins and when killed, drop supplies. They can also be pinged by Legends for unique quotes.

Bin spiders are most likely native to Solace, as they are only seen in Kings Canyon. Although, during one inspect animation of Caustic's heirloom, a very small one will crawl on his hammer before being flicked away.

Bin spiders seem to be quite similar to Carthage spiders in physiology, though they have never been seen to attack, and don't inflict damage in game.

Prowlers[ | ]


A Prowler.

Main article: Prowler (creature)

Prowlers are medium-sized, lion-like creatures believed to be native to the planet Leviathan that can now be found on various planets throughout the Frontier and the Outlands.

Carthage Spiders[ | ]


Carthage spiders, scientific name Scarabaeidae arachnia, are a type of Mammoth-class, forest-dwelling spider found primarily in the Amelia Mountain Range on the planet Gaea, as well as on Storm Point.

When in danger or when hunting, the spider releases an extremely toxic gas that can kill people in seconds, with the gas' composition being very similar Caustic’s Nox Gas, due to him using their venom in its creation. In lore, the spiders are very large, ranging from the average size of a Bin spider to well over the height of a human. They are easily capable of webbing, capturing, and killing humans. In game, found in caves full of large egg sacs, they always spawn at the same size of Bin spiders, and may even share models with them simply with different textures. Instead of emitting their famous gas, they simply attack players by pouncing on them or by spitting their venom.

Both the Carthage and Bin spiders have "extendable striking necks" that are used to attack and inject humans with their venom.[3] Notably, both seem to be adapted to dark environments and therefore have a complete lack of eyes, as well as having six legs instead of eight, uncommon characteristics of what we currently classify as true "spiders" on Earth.

Creatures in Lore[ | ]

Goliath[ | ]


A Goliath.

Goliaths are, true to their name, huge, horned creatures believed to be native to the planet Leviathan, although they have currently only been seen on Talos. Their appearance is very menacing, towering over most humans, they seem to have an almost Gorilla like body structure, but are much larger than earth gorillas. They have two yellow eyes on each side of their face, with its nose seeming to have multiple nostrils, and have multiple sharp teeth, as well as a horn on its nose, and two others on each side of its head. Goliath behavior is peculiar, as they seem to be solitary creatures, and will try and find places to live in, like caves or even artificial structures, like abandoned tunnels.

Bloodhound's uncle Artur was killed by one after the young Bloodhound accidentally found its lair while conducting their rite of passage.

Óséður[ | ]

The óséður ("unknown one") is a mysterious creature native to the forests of Talos. Described as having "the sinew of a feline and an amphibian's slippery film," it was known to be very fast and stealthy, seldom leaving tracks in its wake.

An óséður was once hunted by Bloodhound and Boone, the latter of whom captured the beast and intended to sell it at the Thunderdome on Solace. However, the óséður escaped, killing Boone and wreaking havoc in the surrounding crowd before being slain by Bloodhound. [4]

Unknown 045[ | ]

S13 stormpoint downedbeast2

Unknown 045

Disambig For the location of its remains, see Downed Beast.

Unknown 045, also called the Downed Beast, is a large, crustacean-like creature that came ashore on and attacked Storm Point during what was supposed to be Bangalore's final Apex Games match. It has a thick, resistant carapace and is capable of unleashing a strong breath attack.

Prior to coming ashore, the creature killed the two Leviathans that frequented the coast of Storm Point.[5] Through the combined efforts of the Legends, the Downed Beast was felled before it could cause any significant damage.[6] After its death, the Beast was integrated into the arena by the Mercenary Syndicate as a new organic battleground, and ECHO arrived to assist in the cleanup efforts.[5] Its meat was additionally salvaged and sold as "Storm Point lobster."[7]

Gallery[ | ]

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Trivia[ | ]

  • If the shooter has no one on their Friends List, a Dev's box will be shown on the deathbox that comes down after shooting a Flyer.
  • The Flyer's binomial name, (Volaticus locustodraco), is latin for "winged crustacean-like dragon".

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