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Crypto's Map Room
MapRoom 01
Map Room in Season 5 Season 5.
Gamemode Battle Royale
Location Kings Canyon

Crypto's Map Room is a Crypto-themed Town Takeover found on Kings Canyon. It was added to Kings Canyon as part of the Lost Treasures Lost Treasures event, replacing Landing Pad.

Gameplay[ | ]

Crypto's Map Room is a high tier loot zone positioned on the southeast corner of the map, just south of Repulsor. It is composed of one large multi-level cylindrical building surrounded by an industrial yard on all sides. In the center room is a map of Kings Canyon and a console; interacting with the console reveals the locations of all enemies on the map, as well as the next ring location, similar to the effects of a Survey Beacon and Ring Console. Throughout the building there are also monitors displaying a counter of how many enemy squads are nearby. To the north of the building there is a Respawn Beacon, a Jump Tower, a Charge Tower, and an Explosive Hold.

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