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Grandsoiree 4
Health 120
Wields Hemlok, Peacekeeper, L-STAR
Appears on Firing Range

DUMMIEs (Digital Utility Mock Man Intelligent Example) are recurring stand-ins for legends used in various parts of the game.

Appearances include:

  • Preview animations for Finishers, as the recipient
  • Preview animations for weapons at the end of a Battle Pass, where they are killed to demonstrate the weapon skin's visual effects
  • In the Training mode, one is used to demonstrate how to revive teammates, use Lifeline's drone, and grab respawn banners.
  • In the Firing Range, DUMMIEs can be spawned and available for target practice. The range owner can adjust DUMMIE's Body Shield strength, their agressiveness, and their movement.

DUMMIE's Big Day[ | ]

In the Grand Soirée Grand Soirée game mode DUMMIE's Big Day, all legends are replaced with eight different colors of DUMMIE. The DUMMIE's portrait and character select color are similar to Bangalore's portrait and character select color. DUMMIEs uses various animations, such as Bangalore's character select and Reversal of Fortune execution animations. The DUMMIE's banner card uses Bangalore's Rookie Card frame and At Ease pose, as well as the Account Level badge without any Stat Trackers equipped. Although DUMMIEs can't talk, they use text chat as communication during gameplay. Playing as DUMMIE does not count towards its own stats, unlike all of the Legends in the game, but it does count towards the account stats.

Abilities[ | ]

The DUMMIE is a Disposable Hero. Their abilities are:

Loot Spawner Tactical Q/LB/L1/LB
Loot Spawner
Description Summon a random loot item for testing purposes.
Cooldown 34 seconds

  • Throws a single loot item in front of you.

  • This can be useful if you need something that can help you or your teammates. Note that an enemy can take it when using it. Try to drop one at a safe place.

Pathfinder Icon Passive
Good Hustle
Description We're really proud of you, sweetie!

  • Unknown effect, if any.

  • No tips needed. Nuff said.

Panic Button Ultimate Z/LB+RB/L1+R1/LB+RB
Panic Button
Description Buckle up.
Charge time 3 minutes

  • Can cause one of three effects, chosen at random:
    • Emergency Dance Party: Spawns five decoys, similar to Mirage's, which mirror your actions.
    • Emergency Loot Piñata: Drops a big cluster of loot from the sky.
    • Emergency Area Heal: Heals all players nearby, including enemies.

  • The DUMMIE's Ultimate Ability can be a usual do or die situation when it comes to a tight match.
  • The Emergency Dance Party is perfect for bamboozling other DUMMIEs. (Sorry, Mirage. You're not the only one that can bamboozle enemies.)
  • The Emergency Loot Piñata can help your team increase their chances of becoming the Apex Champions or might be able to turn the tide of battle. Remember: Any loot dropped can be acquired by enemies. Using it in a safe place is a recommended option.
  • The Emergency Area Heal is perfect for when your team is on the verge of defeat. Be warned when using it. It could even allow the enemy team to win. It's always best to use it in a safe place.

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