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Darion Che
Che Family Portrait
Portrait of the Che family, with Darion on the right
Real Name Darion Che
Alias The drone guy (by Gibraltar)
Gender Male
Relatives Cherisse Che (wife)
Ajay Che (daughter)
Homeworld Psamathe
Occupation CEO of Chevrex
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Appearances Family Business

Darion Che is the CEO of Chevrex and Lifeline's father.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Darion Che was born on Psamathe. At some point, he became CEO of the drone manufacturing company Chevrex and married his wife, Cherisse, who gave birth to their daughter, Ajay, in 2709. While she was growing up, Darion often made sugar cookies with his daughter.[1]

In 2728, at a Chevrex gala in celebration of the opening of a new factory, Ajay discovered that her father was a cold, cruel war profiteer. She then left her family for good.[2]

Family Portrait[ | ]

In 2733, Darion and Cherisse hosted a Chevrex benefit event at a museum in Malta, Psamathe. Ajay arrived, attempting to retrieve an antique MRVN battery for Pathfinder. Darion refused to give his prodigal daughter the battery, but their reunion was interrupted by a terror attacked launched by Creighton Sawtelle.[3] After Ajay and the other Legends in attendance stopped the attack, Darion handed over the battery.[4]

Appearances[ | ]

In-Game Publications
Transition Blurbs
  • Season 7 Icon "Pas Me Dat Suga" Cookies (mentioned)

Trivia[ | ]

  • Darion collects old robot parts.[5]

References[ | ]

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