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Date Night is a Limited Time Takeover introduced in Season 15 Season 15's Valentine's Day Sale Valentine's Day Sale.

Due to being a Takeover, Date Night directly affects the Duos game mode rather than being in a separate mode selection.

Availability[ | ]

  1. Valentine's Day Sale February 7, 2023 - February 14, 2023

Details[ | ]

Whenever a Regen item is used, a magenta-colored circle is cast around the Legend using the item. If a squadmate of the Legend that is using the item is within the circle once the item is consumed, they also get the same effects. Note that using a Shield Cell Shield Cell or Syringe Syringe with a Body Shield Body Shield equipped does not apply the Improved Minor Heal Perk to other teammates, unless they are also wearing a Body Shield Body Shield.

In this mode, the Bocek Compound Bow Icon Heart Stealer can spawn, replacing the Bocek Compound Bow in Care Packages. On Broken Moon, the Heart Stealer can also spawn in Loot Ticks. Care Packages and Loot Ticks containing the Heart Stealer are marked by a magenta-colored beam.

Maps[ | ]

Maps available for Date Night are dependant on the Battle Royale rotation for when the mode is available.

History[ | ]